Opti-Build update

We’re 20 days in…and Opti-Build is definitely heating up!  Indeed, nearly 10,000 new affiliate sign-ups have already been awarded to affiliates participating in the new program!  If you’re not aware of our powerful new Opti-Build program, you can get all the details HERE and HERE.

Build it!

Now, as you may realize, Opti-Build is a highly complex programming undertaking…and when it’s operating as part of a database as large and as active as SFI’s, it’s a real “beast!”  Because of this, we’ve had to tweak a few things and eliminate a couple features that were proving to be unfeasible—things that could not be determined during our pre-launch, non-live testing.

Here are the changes:

1. If your sponsor is not a Designated Diamond (DD), you cannot receive Opti-Build spillover. HOWEVER, with the new Active Sponsor policy announced HERE, you may be rolling up to a NEW sponsor soon that WILL allow you to benefit from Opti-Build upline spillover.  And be sure to carefully digest the below Q&A section, which explains how Opti-Build can still be highly beneficial for you even without the “icing on the cake” of an active upline.  Remember, as always, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”

2. In our original announcement, we stated that once you reached the rank of PTL (Platinum Team Leader), participation in Opti-Build was no longer allowed.  PTLs can now fully participate…until they attain the rank of DTL (Diamond Team Leader).

3. If you’re not a DD, you cannot participate in Opti-Build to have your sign-ups automatically flow into the Opti-Build stream.  However, you can still manually reassign all your sign-ups as needed, which can accomplish the exact same results, it’s just not automatic. See this Knowledge Base article to learn about how to do reassignments and why it’s a highly valuable strategy. And/or search on the keyword “reassignment” from the Affiliate Center’s search engine.

One more thing…

We are continuing to refine some of the automatic reassignment algorithm code.  Reassignments starting in May should be “smoother” and more consistent.  We appreciate your patience as we make these refinements!


Q: My sponsor, nor my sponsor’s sponsor, is active or qualified as a DD. Does that mean I can never receive Opti-Build spillover?
NO. Opti-Build is just getting started. Lots of formerly inactive affiliates are becoming active now due to Opti-Build and we expects thousands more to do the same in the coming months. So, your sponsor and/or sponsor’s sponsor could join in the fun soon. To help that along, be sure to let your sponsor/upline know that you’re a Designated Diamond and committed to becoming a DTL via Opti-Build, and you’d like to see their participation in the program so you can work together for mutual gain.  There’s also the new Active Sponsor policy now that will eliminate many layers of inactive sponsors, starting on May 1st.

In the meantime, it’s very important that you always think about Opti-Build for what it can do for you from you on down (and not about potential upline spillover for you).

Think about it this way: Most every affiliate joining SFI is going to be aware of Opti-Build. And of these that you’re recruiting, who are they going to look to you? You (their upline) of course! Same with all your existing group members. If you’re participating, a LOT of them are going to become Team Leaders and commit to Opti-Build, too, to get part of the spillover you’ll be generating…and then the people under them will likely do the same…and on down the line it can go. We’re certainly seeing a lot of such activity right now companywide.

So, as you can see, this is all potentially very big for you. In other words, whether or not there is spillover involved for you right now, Opti-Build can still be a VERY powerful business-building tool for you. Keep your focus on THAT!

Q: I’m utilizing a Builder Bundle to supplement my production of POAs (Personally Originated Affiliates) for my team’s Designated Diamonds.  What is the keycode for sign-ups generated by Builder Bundle?
For now, 1101 is the keycode for both S-Builder Co-op and Builder Bundle…because the latter is essentially a subset of the former, using the same advertising sources, etc. We may, however, be able to give Builder Bundle its own code at a later time.

Q: Should I be receiving PSAs from my Builder Bundle subscription by now?
If you bought your Builder Bundle unit in March, you’re receiving PSAs currently (see keycode 1101s in your Genealogy). If you bought your Builder Bundle unit in April, it would start in May for you…and so on. That is, Builder Bundle is set up to start delivering the PSAs to you in the month following your purchase (though delivery of all 8 PSAs may take longer than one month).

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