New Eager Zebra PTP Leaderboard and Badge!

Our popular Pick The Price (PTP) game now has its own leaderboard and a brand new Top PTP Picker badge!


The PTP leaderboard rankings are determined through a point system. The leaderboard keeps track of all top PTP winners in one column and the countries with the most accumulated points from PTP winning residents in the other column. Each PTP exact prediction gets 100 points, while the closest prediction (if no exact picks) gets 20 points.


You’ll also want to let the world know that you’re a top PTP player! That’s why the new PTP Leaderboard also comes with a great new badge:

  • Earn the basic TOP PTP PICKER badge by being in the top 500
  • Earn BRONZE trim by being in the top 200
  • Earn SILVER trim by being in the top 50
  • Earn GOLD trim by being in the top 10

And of course, this new badge counts toward your Badge Quest play, in which you can win prizes and recognition!


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