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We’re excited today to debut a brand new tool for team building, the Visual Genealogy.  The Visual Genealogy performs many of the same functions as the regular Genealogy, but it’s much simpler…it uses the account photos of your team members!…and, most importantly, it’s designed to align precisely with the objectives of The Diamond Plan.

That is, the Visual Genealogy is designed to help you visualize, manage, and build a 5-wide organization, just as The Diamond Plan recommends (and also what Opti-Build and Builder Bundles were created to support).


If you’re new in SFI, the new Visual Genealogy can help you identify your five future Diamond Team Leaders.  Or, if you’re a more experienced SFI Team Leader, and you already have one or more Designated Diamonds on your first generation (identified by the diamond icon in front of their name), they will automatically populate the up-to-five first-generation slots on your Visual Genealogy (with your other top PSAs—selected by rank/activity—automatically filling in any slots not occupied by Designated Diamonds).

Special Note: A non-Designated Diamond occupying one of the five slots does NOT mean they’ll become a Designated Diamond.  Similarly, it does not mean they’re persons you must embrace as your future stars.  Rather, we’re simply using an algorithm here to identify for you your most active persons (as we do on your Movers tab) to help you see who could be a top-five person.  Ultimately, this will be up to you and them if they become one of your actual Designated Diamonds.  In fact, one or more of your future five Designated Diamonds could be persons who haven’t even joined your team yet.

The initial screen of your Visual Genealogy will display YOU at the top of your team and up to five PSAs (your top five Personally Sponsored Affiliates).  From here, you can “step down” generation by generation by clicking on any person’s name.  When you click on a name, the screen will automatically redraw and now display that person’s front line.

TIP: To see a person’s Affiliate Snapshot, click on their photo.

You’ll find the new Visual Genealogy listed on your My Account/Reports index. Or go to it direct at:

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