SFI Milestone: 1 MILLION Posts at new Forum!

Wow! The SFI Forum now has more than 1 MILLION approved posts from SFI Affiliates covering 79,007 SFI-related topics!  Obviously, this is an extremely popular source of information among Affiliates, and the Forum is sure to continue to be one of our most powerful resources for Affiliates all over the world.

At the SFI Forum you can:

– Brainstorm with your fellow SFI affiliates.
– Get your questions answered 24-hours a day.
– Discuss business strategies and ideas.
– Find a mentor.
– Help other affiliates.
– Share concerns.
– Become a forum guru.
– Learn about exciting new corporate developments.
– Search, using keywords, to find information on almost anything related to SFI.

The SFI Forum is a perfect place to get the education, encouragement, and inspiration you need to help you make your SFI business into a true success.

Learn more about the Forum HERE.

Get tips about using the SFI Forum HERE.

Are you an SFI Team Leader? Consider creating your own private forum…accessible only to you and your team! Just click the “Create Private Forum”button at the SFI Forum.

But don’t forget to share your SFI success tips, experience, and wisdom with ALL your fellow affiliates at the Forum! Remember, 40% of all CV in commissions come from the TripleClicks Executive Pool–which EVERY affiliate contributes to. The stronger the Forum is, the higher your income can go. By sharing your insights and tips with the entire affiliate base, you can indirectly grow your own income!

If you’re not already posting at the Forum, what are you waiting for?! Take a moment right now and check it out!

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