Special Promo: $.99 CSAs + FREE PSAs!

Once again, we’ve got some extra unassigned CSAs currently looking for a co-sponsor.  AND, we’ve also invested in some special extra advertising that will be generating hundreds of fresh, new PSAs looking for a sponsor!

$.99 CSAs!

Would you like to boost your team with some new CSAs?  Now, until the end of the month, we’re making available 25,000 unassigned CSAs for just $.99 apiece (minimum order of 5, limit of 100 total CSAs per affiliate).

Just place your order HERE anytime between now and the end of September.  But don’t wait too long…because once the 25,000 are gone, this very special offer is over.


For every 5 CSAs you purchase, we’ll add one free PSA!  And as a special bonus, if you order 100 CSAs (in a single order), we’ll add TEN MORE…free.  That is, Max out with a $99 order for 100 CSAs and get TEN ADDITIONAL BONUS PSAs–thats a total of 30 PSAs (20 PSAs + 10 bonus PSAs) and 100 CSAs for only $99!

Note: CSAs are awarded immediately.  Allow several days to receive all your PSAs.

TIP: This is a great opportunity to advance to the rank of Bronze Team Leader!  An order of 25 CSAs gets you 5 free PSAS, meeting the PSA requirement for this rank.  Now combine this with 3000 VersaPoints by the end of September…and you’re in!

Place your order HERE now.

Bitcoin signSpecial Tip: You can make this special offer even sweeter if you choose Bitcoin as your payment method when buying your CSAs.  That is, if you order your CSAs with Bitcoin, you can receive up to 50 FREE TCredits (a $21 value) in addition to the CSAs and PSAs–at no additional cost!

To learn more this special offer and using Bitcoin at TripleClicks, see this June 22nd announcement.

Place your order HERE now.

Be an awesome Sponsor/Co-Sponsor!

You’ll find a plethora of great tips and ideas in this key training article:


You’ll of course want to warmly welcome your PSAs.  When you receive your CSAs, it’s also important that you let them know right away that you’ve been assigned as their Co-Sponsor and that you’re there to assist and support them.  Note: Though some of the CSAs you receive may have signed up during the past few weeks, they have never been assigned a co-sponsor.  YOU will be their first.

To send your welcome message, go to your Genealogy and use the “CSA Assign Date” filter with the appropriate date to pull up just the CSAs you’ve just been assigned. Then click the “Send an e-mail/team mail to this group” link.

For sample welcome letters and other helpful ideas on supporting your new CSAs, see:




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