Special FREE book offer!

In December, we’re moving our shipping facility.  But what we don’t want to move is several thousand extra books we have in stock!

So we’re offering our affiliates this special deal:

Take as many books as you want for FREE; pay only for shipping.

Why would you want dozens or hundreds of copies of these books?  Here are a few ideas:

1. Sell them…for any price you want (and potentially turn a nice profit).

2. Use them as marketing aids! That is, you could offer free copies of these books for learning about becoming an entrepreneur and joining your SFI team.

3. Offer them as incentives or rewards for your team members.

Here are the books available:

Greatest Entrepreneurs, Volume 1 
By Gery Carson, with Jan Wallen
1,656 books available (23 cases, 72 books/case)
Order your free copies HERE.

Greatest Entrepreneurs, Volume 2
By Gery Carson
9,316 books available (137 cases, 68 books/case)
Order your free copies HERE.

Internet Income
By George Little
2,604 books available (31 cases, 84 books/case)
Order your free copies HERE.

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