Update for Localvantia merchant referrers

With Localvantia going live later today, we wanted to clarify and update some things pertaining to merchants that you’ve pre-registered:

1.  The “Close Letter” (as discussed here) that you’ll print out to begin the closing process is a key component.  To accommodate merchants around the world, we are developing versions of this letter in several popular languages.  We hope to make these available by the end of December.  Watch for the announcement.

2. Within a few days we will be making available versions of the recently-announced Localvantia brochure and Rewardical brochure…that you can print yourself from your own printer.  A little later, these will be made available in multiple languages, too.  These new, optional flyers can accompany the Close Letter to provide more information to your merchants on Localvantia and Rewardical.

3.  If you’ve wondered how merchants will learn how to get started and how the whole Localvantia and Rewardical programs work, we are pleased to let you know that, with today’s launch of Localvantia, we are also rolling out an extensive “getting started” guide for merchants.  Similar to LaunchPad’s role for SFI affiliates, the Localvantia Merchant Guide will provide complete information on all aspects of Localvantia and Rewardical so merchants can get started quickly and easily…and can maximize their participation in our program.  Additionally, we’ll be distributing regular updates, newsletters, tips, and more, via email, to all Localvantia merchants.

4. As discussed in this earlier announcement, we are developing a variety of promotional aids for merchants that they can use to attract new customers and and create new sales from existing customers.

We are developing signs, flyers, X-Cards, table tents, window stickers, and more.  Many will be customized for the merchant and the feature he/she might want to spotlight.  For example, merchants can get signs highlighting that their customers can now earn free rewards in the form of  Bitcoin with every purchase. All items will be available free to the merchant (pay only for shipping).  We will be advising all new merchants of the availability of these items, but you may wish to mention it too it if you are discussing the Localvantia with your merchants.  And, yes, we also plan to make signs, flyers, and more available that they can print themselves (making them 100% free and available instantly).  And, yes, we’ll make these items available in multiple languages, too.

That’s it for now.  Be watching for the official notification of Localvantia’s official launch later today…and then let’s get the party started!

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