Important ECA program update

In line with our growing development of the Rewardical program, in January 2018 we plan to have in place a new platform that will allow all ECAs to participate in the Rewardical program and have Rewardical Tokens automatically dispensed to their customers on purchases.

To prepare for this change in our system, we’re no longer accepting new ECA applications, effective immediately. Additionally, no new ECA product listings will be accepted.  Existing listings can be updated if the update is critical, but only by request, and only via a Support ticket.

Similarly, we are also discontinuing acceptance of new Member Listings, effective immediately.

Please bear with us as we make this transition.

More details on the changes coming will be provided in the next few weeks, please watch for further announcements.


Q: I’m an existing ECA.  Will you continue to process orders at TripleClicks, pay me sales commissions, etc.?
Q: Can I make a product listings inactive if needed?

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