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New Time Machine contest has started!

Time Machine gameZack is back…with the latest edition of our highly popular Eager Zebra game, Time Machine!

The new question is:

How many total points will be scored in Super Bowl 52?

Enter your new prediction at:


TIP: Make sure you head over to our blog at blog.eagerzebra.com (or click the TIPS button at the top of the Time Machine page) to get some valuable tips for winning the new Time Machine contest.

TIP: You can enter a prediction daily to win a share of what will, no doubt, become a HUGE Zackpot.  And with each Time Machine entry, you also can get a free entry for the  Daily Crown and a chance to win a share of over 35,000 Rewardicals!  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

GOOD LUCK to all our players!

Have you qualified for this month’s Badge Quest Bounty?

December’s Badge Quest Bounty pot currently contains 100,000 Rewardicals….and with only two weeks to go, you’ll want to get yourself qualified NOW to join the quest and win your share of the bounty! Just achieve a new level in Badge Quest or be at Grand Master or Grand Master Elite status before the end of the month (Sunday, December 31st). Check your Badges tab now, and see what badges are available to you to qualify. On January 1st, we will draw 40 winners to receive an equal share of the bounty pot! Will you be one of them?