2018 message from Gery


To: All SFI Affiliates
From: SFI Founder & President Gery Carson


Yes, a brand new year has arrived, and with it, fresh opportunity!  We finished up 2017 in strong fashion; now it’s time to grab that momentum and turn it into a BIG, BIG 2018!

Leading the way will be our powerful new Rewardical program.  So far, we’ve only shown you the tip of the iceberg.  But there is much, much more to come, including lots of new ways to earn and win Rewardicals.

Of course, Localvantia will also be a big part of 2018.  Already dozens of merchants from all over the world have officially signed on, but we’re just barely getting started!  If we all work together, we can be celebrating thousands of merchants in the Localvantia network one year from now!

We know you love our Eager Zebra games, and we know you want more and different games.  Well, our next great game is on the way…and if everything comes together like it should, it’s just the start of  a big expansion of the Eager Zebra universe.

Bitcoin was one of the most talked about things in the world in 2017. Well, not only can you make purchases at TripleClicks with Bitcoin, you’ll soon be able to get paid in (receive your commissions) in Bitcoin, too!  Tip: Until this is officially available, you can set your commissions to accumulate on account.  Then, when Bitcoin is available, you can simply change your settings and receive all of the commissions you’ve accumulated into your Bitcoin wallet!

And, of course, the “Ideas Machine” at SFI (empowered by suggestions from our awesome affiliates around the world) is PROLIFIC, and the current Projects Pipeline is burgeoning…so there’s no doubt we’ll be surprising and delighting you with many other great developments throughout 2018!  Tip: Subscribe at news.sfimg.com and you’ll receive an email of each new development the second it’s announced.


Even though it was one of THE biggest new developments in 2017, Opti-Build sort of got lost amongst many, many other big developments.  Well, we’d like to see a whole lot more people discover the power of Opti-Build (learn more) in 2018.  And what better way than to introduce some new badges!

Effective January 10th, we’ll be rolling out two prestigious new badges (with four levels each) for those participating in the Opti-Build program and generating POAs (Personally Originated Affiliates).

Generating 25 POAs earns you the basic “Opti-Builder” badge.  Upon generating your 500th POA for your downline, you’ll be awarded the prestigious “500 Club” badge.  Become an Opti-Builder PRO with 750 POAs.  And 1000 POAs puts you in truly rarified air with the gold Opti-Builder ELITE badge:


In addition to the above four badges, we’re also introducing an Opti-Build leaderboard that recognizes our top Opti-Builders. You’ll sport the basic leaderboard badge by being in the top 200.  Move up to bronze with a leaderboard ranking of 51-100.  Advance to silver with a ranking of 11-50.  Sport the highest leaderboard badge (gold) by making the top 10.


Watch for full details on our eight new Opti-Build badges (including Badge Quest point values) next week.

That’s it for now.  Time to get to work!

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