New rank badge policy

Effective February 1st, 2018, we are implementing a new rank badge policy designed to reduce continuing confusion about one’s actual rank.

Unless your rank was Affiliate, until you requalify at your previous month’s rank (or advance to a higher rank), you’ll now display a gray rank badge that denotes that requalification is pending.


You were a GTL (Gold Team Leader) in January.  As of February 1st, if you do not meet the qualifications for GTL, your badge will look like this until you requalify:


Tip: You can quickly regain your previous month’s rank badge by requalifying on the first day of each month.  The easiest way to achieve this would be to set up a 1st-day-of-the-month Auto-Delivery for the amount of VersaPoints needed and making sure all of your qualifying PSAs do the same.  In lieu of an Auto-Delivery, a manual order for the amount of VersaPoints needed on the first day of each month can also achieve the same result.

Why this new policy?

For years we’ve been attempting to determine the most effective policy for rank badges.  We tried 30-day grace periods (allowing everyone to keep their badges, qualified or not, for an extra month).  The big problem with that policy is that thousands of affiliates then didn’t understand they needed to requalify, literally until after the month ended.  This would cause many to do little to no work during the month and many would forfeit their CSAs and so on.  It also created a LOT of hard feelings and caused many to quit SFI.

We then tried a 10-day grace period.  Results were better, overall, but there was still considerable confusion with that policy.

…which brings us to our new policy.  We think it’s the fairest and clearest for all.  Your previous month’s rank is still there (for the entire month), but it’s clearly denoted that you need to requalify.  As soon as you requalify, your regular, “pretty” rank badge returns automatically.

Isometric paper plane, leadership
Tip: Get yourself requalified as early in the month as you can each month and set a good example for all your team members and SFI peers!

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