New Opti-Build feature

Effective immediately, we’ve expanded participation options for Opti-Build.

If you are a STL (Silver Team Leader) or higher in rank, and you have been blocked from participating in Opti-Build due to not being amongst your sponsor’s top five Team Leaders (and, hence, acquiring Designated Diamond status), you can now put Opti-Build to work for you and your team!

Here’s all you need to do:

If you are an STL, GTL, or PTL, you will now see the following new line at the Opti-Build Manager:

Non-Designated Diamond Option
If you hold the minimum rank of STL (Silver Team Leader) you may participate in Opti-Build by opting in with either 50% or 100% participation (opt in above).  Important: If participating as a non-Designated Diamond, all activity will flow from you on downward ONLY (you will not receive any spillover from upline members).
[  ] Yes, I wish to participate in Opti-Build as a non-Designated Diamond

Simply choose the 50% or 100% option, check the box in front of “Yes,” confirm acceptance of the agreement, and click the “Save Settings” box.  That’s it, you’re in!

SPECIAL NOTE: Participation in Opti-Build is always month-to-month and must be qualified for and confirmed before a new month starts.  In this case, if you wish to participate in Opti-Build for February, you MUST both be qualified as at least an STL in rank AND opt in at the Opti-Build Manager before the end of January.  Similarly, if you wish to discontinue your participation in Opti-Build, you must cancel prior a month’s end.

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