Auto-Build Something Great!

As announced yesterday, you can now exchange your Rewardicals for PSAs, PRMs, and CSAs.

Plus, earlier today, we announced that Rewardical tokens are now awarded with every bid at Pricebenders auctions…and with every TCredit spent playing Eager Zebra games.

And, of course, as of a few days ago, you now earn Rewardicals with every purchase at TripleClicks or from a Localvantia merchant or from a Rewardical ECA website.

Add this all up and we’ve just created something very powerful and unique!

Here’s why:  As an SFI affiliate you can now be automatically growing a big, profitable downline just by shopping, bidding, and playing!


Note that because the formal Pricebenders Bid & Build program is completely redundant of this new feature, the formal Bid & Build program is now discontinued.  In other words, because you’ll be automatically earning Rewardicals with every bid (that you can then exchange for PSAs), we now have a de facto Bid & Build.  We also now have a de facto “Play & Build” (Eager Zebra) and a de facto “Shop & Build” (TripleClicks, Localvantia, and Rewardical).

Of course, as an SFI affiliate you also have numerous other ways to earn Rewardicals by entering contests like The Daily Grand, Biz Quiz, and Badge Quest.  See the full list of ways to earn Rewardicals at:


To really juice this new piece of the SFI system, we’ve also added a new Rewardical “Auto-Build” option.  That is, you can choose to have PSAs, PRMs, or CSAs automatically assigned to you each time you get enough Rewardicals in your account!

Yes, so while you’re shopping, bidding on auctions, playing games, or winning drawings for Rewardicals…you can literally be automatically adding fresh new downline members and growing your team 24 hours a day!  WOW.  Has there ever been a more powerful way to create a thriving online business?!

To turn on Auto-Build, simply go to, select your choice of PSAs, PRMs, or CSAs, and save the setting.  That’s it, you’re now “auto-building something great!”

And note that the new Rewardical Auto-Build works seamlessly with the Opti Build program.  Whether you’re using the 50% or 100% setting, Rewardical Auto-Build will automatically flow your PSAs into Opti-Build for reassignment to your Designated Diamonds.

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

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