MRP Redemption Specials & New Badge


As promised, for those still with MRP (Member Rewards Points), we’ve put together some specials for you.

  1. If you currently have less than 150 MRP, simply go to your Alerts tab at the Affiliate Center now and click the link there to automatically cash your MRP in for (1) TCredit.  Note that this offer is good for any amount of MRP from 1-149 MRP.  This special TCredit also comes with VersaPoints (prorated for the amount of MRP spent). And, yes, if you have more than 150 MRP now but fall below 150 MRP later, you’ll also be able to take advantage of this special offer then.
  2. For those with more than 150 MRP now, we are also offering special packs of 50 TCredits for just 3000 MRP.  We’re also including 200 free Rewardicals with each 50 pack!  Order HERE.
  3. If you currently have more than 150 MRP, you can ALSO now grab CSAs for just 250 MRP.  We’re also including 20 free Rewardicals with each CSA!  Order HERE.  Note: Limited supply available; good while supply lasts.

Special Limited Time Badge

For a limited time, we’re also making a special collectable badge available for everyone!  The 2018 basic 1-coin “TCredits Connoisseur” badge is yours with the purchase of a single TCredit.

  • Purchase 10 TCredits to upgrade to the 2-coins badge
  • Purchase 25 TCredits to upgrade to the 3-coins badge
  • Purchase 50 TCredits to upgrade to the 4-coins badge
  • Purchase 100 TCredits to upgrade to the 5-coins badge
  • Purchase 200 TCredits to upgrade to the 6-coins badge
  • Purchase 500 TCredits to upgrade your badge to the prestigious gold, 7-coins version
  • Purchase 1000 TCredits to upgrade your badge to the optimum-prestige, gold, 9-coins version

Note that you can begin your quest for the 9-coin gold badge today by purchasing a single TCredit.  Then, make your way to the ultimate “TCredits Connoisseur” badge between now and September 1st, 2018.  That is, with every TCredit purchased between now and September 1st, you’ll be credited towards the badge.

Special Note: If you don’t have any MRP or run out of MRP before obtaining the badge you seek, we will also award this badge for all standard TCredit purchases (paid by cash, credit card, PayPal, etc.) too, starting today (through September 1st, 2018).


Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

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