New Eager Zebra game…Brain Sprint!


On your marks, get set…GO!

We are excited today to announce a brand new game from the Eager Zebra game labs…Brain Sprint™!

NOTE! Brain Sprint will be in BETA testing for approximately one week.  However, you can begin playing and familiarizing yourself with Brain Sprint now.

The primary objective of Brain Sprint is to complete a “sprint” (correctly answering 12 trivia questions in a single game).  The secondary objective is to do it FAST…to complete the sprint in the shortest amount of time possible.

When you start a game, the game clock will begin and you will see the first trivia question and four multiple choice answers.  Select the answer you think is the correct one. If you are right, the next question will appear.  Continue answering correctly to continue through all 12 questions and complete the sprint as quickly as you can.

TIP: Up to three times a game you may use the “50/50” button.  When you do this, two of the wrong answers are removed, making it easier to choose the correct answer. There is no cost to use the 50/50 button.

TIP: Though you’ll still want to do it quickly, feel free to search the web (e.g. do a Google search), to find answers.

If at any time you choose a wrong answer, you may replace the question you answered wrong with a new question (at the cost of 1 TCredit) and continue towards the completion of the sprint…or you can simply end the game there.  You may purchase up to five replacement questions during any one game.

Play Brain Sprint at:


While the objective of Brain Sprint is to complete sprints quickly, you will also be earning a separate set of “Prize Points” (points for earning recognition and prizes).  We’ll be announcing final point values and how you earn each type of points after beta testing is complete.  Also note that all Prize Points scored during beta testing will be zeroed out (reset).


Once we are out of beta, each time you achieve a “Super Sprint” (completing a sprint with XXXX or more Prize Points), you’ll receive a free entry in the Daily Crown drawing for the following day where you can win up to 1000 Rewardicals! You get 285 chances to win with each Daily Crown entry!

XXXX = To be determined during beta testing.

If you are in the top 10 for most Brain Sprint Prize Points scored during the month, we’ll send you a free Brain Sprint Champion t-shirt (shown at right)!  Limit 2 t-shirts per player/year.


You may play up to ten Brain Sprint games daily.  There is no cost to play Brain Sprint or win prizes!


Win or lose, for each TCredit spent playing Brain Sprint, you’ll earn 10 Rewardicals, redeemable for free Bitcoin, gift cards, silver bullion, and more! If you’re an SFI Affiliate, you can also exchange your Rewardicals for unlimited VersaPoints, PSAs, CSAs, and more!


In all, after beta testing is completed, there will be TEN awesome new badges that you can win playing Brain Sprint.

Start with the “Sprintastic” badge right now!  A completed sprint (in any amount of time) earns you the “Sprintastic” badge. Complete a sprint at least once each day to keep this badge.

For details on the availability of the other nine available Brain Sprint badges, watch for our announcement in about a week that will mark the completion of beta testing.


We hope every SFI affiliate will try out our new game so you have some hands-on experience with this new product.  Yes, product.  And like ALL products at TripleClicks, it’s another opportunity to earn commissions.

Did you know that one of the most popular things to do online today is play games?  It’s a fact. A recent study found that 44 percent of the world’s online population are gamers. And it is estimated that over one BILLION people worldwide play online games on a regular basis—with more than 100 million playing DAILY!

WOW!! And as an SFI affiliate, you are automatically positioned to profit from online gaming—through our game division Eager Zebra.  Even better, today, you have a brand new game to promote!

So, do you know anyone who likes to play games?  That describes about everyone of course, which is why game promotion is one of the coolest ways to make money in SFI!

To promote our new Brain Sprint game, we’re creating a collection of fun, new banners and other marketing aids.  Once beta testing is completed, they’ll be available at our Marketing Center HERE. Watch for the official announcement.

You’ll also soon find “SHARE” links for promoting Brain Sprint to your friends via email, social media, etc.  We recommend waiting until we’re out of beta testing, however.

You can also start a free Brain Sprint league with your friends, co-workers, or members of your SFI team to create more activity and commissions.  Learn more about setting up a free league HERE.

For more ways to introduce people to games, build your customer list, and earn commissions with Eager Zebra, see this LaunchPad lesson.


  1. As mentioned above, we’re rolling out Brain Sprint today as a BETA.  This means that we will be making adjustments to the game based on response to the game, scoring trends, etc.  It also means that, despite extensive testing that we’ve done on our end,  it’s possible you may encounter glitches.  If you do, please report them via a ticket (or mention at the below forum thread discussion), and we’ll address and resolve as quickly as possible.  We’re also, of course, interested in your feedback and suggestions for making the game even better.
  2. Like all of our newer games, Brain Sprint is fully mobile-friendly and should play great on tablets and smartphones!
  3. Trivia not your thang?  More new Eager Zebra games are on the way!

DISCUSS IT!  Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

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