Goodbye Class Cash, Hello Smart Start!

We are excited today to announce a new program that will greet all new affiliates.

Our new SMART START program replaces the Class Cash program, effective immediately, and works like this:

Upon registering as a new SFI affiliate, your new PSAs will see a single webpage that officially welcomes them to SFI and lets them know that they’ve just received 25 free Rewardicals.

Next, it allows them to choose a team of 12 CSAs from a list of recently-joined affiliates.  Yes, your brand new affiliates can start their SFI adventure with an instant team of hand-picked CSAs!

Note: We’re also putting a special exemption in place here.  That is, recipients of these new CSAs will lock them in through the end of the following month.  In other words, even if the affiliate joins on the last day of the month, they’ll have an entire (subsequent) month before they would forfeit the CSAs they’ve received if not at the rank of EA by then.  

But that’s just the beginning of what we think is a very powerful new welcome!  All affiliates will also be offered up to 1000 total Rewardicals and up to 50 total CSAs!  

Yes!  They can lock in 725 Rewardicals and 40 CSAs by going EA (by any means or combination) within 48 hours.  OR, they can grab the “Ultimate Smart Start” of 1000 Rewardicals and 50 CSAs by setting up a 1500 VP Auto-Delivery for TCredits within 48 hours.

The “Ultimate Smart Start” package also comes with a Lifetime Custom Prestige Domain and an exclusive, redesigned Fast-Track Member badge! 

Altogether, the “Ultimate” package has a value of over $310 that the new affiliate can receive FREE just for powering up their new SFI business within their first 48 hours!

Please note, however, that new affiliates are advised that these options are totally optional and they can take more than 48 hours to go EA if needed.  However, for each day past the initial 48 hours, the amount of bonus Rewardicals and bonus CSAs that can be received decreases.  In other words, the sooner you become an EA, the more bonuses you’ll receive.


So that no new affiliate can ever say they’re weren’t aware of the great Smart Start program… 

1. For every new affiliates’ first 30 days, they will see a bright gold banner atop every page of the Affiliate Center. This banner features a big countdown clock that ticks down second by second.

Here’s a sample of what the banner looks like for an affiliate’s first 48 hours:

After 48 hours, it will automatically display precisely how many Rewardicals and CSAs are available for the individual affiliate, based on their join date, and feature a 24-hour clock instead.

2. Of course, not every new affiliate visits the Affiliate Center regularly.  Therefore, we are also sending every new affiliate, during their first 30 days, a daily Smart Start email update.  These brief updates will provide the current amount of Rewardicals, CSAs, etc. that are available to them by upgrading to EA now.


  1. Smart Start is MUCH shorter and more direct than Class Cash.  It’s essentially ONE page followed by a brief encouragement to start going through LaunchPad (and to be on the lookout for the emails we’ll be sending them).
  2. Smart Start strongly and directly encourages new affiliates to advance to the rank of Executive Affiliate as soon as possible.  Rather than hoping they’ll keep reading and figure out that they should go EA, we’re advising them to advance to the rank of EA immediately, unequivocally, and with no “beating around the bush.”
  3. Smart Start is much more aggressive about directing new affiliates towards making a purchase (specifically, setting up an Auto-Delivery order for a 1500 VP TCredits pack).  Of course it’s also made clear this is totally optional, but we want to make this special offer right away while we have their attention and they are online at the Affiliate Center.
  4. We will be following up with new affiliates daily with email updates so they will know exactly how many VP they’ve collected and how much more they need to reach Executive Affiliate status (and the bonuses they’ll receive when they do so).  So even if they’re not visiting the Affiliate Center, we’re actively encouraging all new affiliates to go EA every day via emails!
  5. Many SFI leaders disliked Class Cash because too many people seemed to join only for the opportunity to win the $250 cash drawing and seemingly not to actually build a business.  With Smart Start, yes, there are 25 Rewardicals and 12 CSAs awarded essentially just for joining.  But you need a lot more Rewardicals to redeem for anything of any real significance…and the 12 CSAs received will soon be forfeited if the new affiliate doesn’t become an EA.  And, of course, all the additional bonuses (up to 1000 Rewardicals and up to 50 CSAs) require not only going EA, but doing it quickly.


Earning Smart Start bonuses is all about becoming an Executive Affiliate (EA), and so we’ve updated and improved the page that explains the three ways to go EA.  We’ve also given it a super easy and obvious URL so you as a sponsor/Team Leader can remember it and use it when discussing EA qualifications with your team members.  Check it out at:


Throughout the 30 days after a new affiliate joins, we want to be able to concisely and clearly communicate the current bonuses that are available to them.  All of our emails to new affiliates about Smart Start, all our alerts, banners, etc. about Smart Start, etc., will all point to this new page:

You’ll notice it’s also a super easy URL to remember, and with good reason; for your new affiliates (in their first 30 days), you should absolutely be referencing this new page in your communications and training.  And by using this page, you won’t have to try to calculate for them what bonuses are currently available to them!  Rather, just refer them to and it’s all spelled out for them.

This new /smart webpage includes:

  • Countdown clock (hours and minutes left to grab the current bonuses)
  • A list of the number of Rewardicals, CSAs, and/or other bonuses currently available to them.
  • How many VersaPoints they’ve collected to date
  • How many VersaPoints they still need to qualify
  • A link to the new and improved “How to go EA” page
  • A link to order the qualifying TCredits pack (if within first 48 hours)

Q: Can an affiliate turn the new Smart Start bonuses into something more valuable than the $250 they could win previously with Class Cash?
Definitely yes!  Remember, thousands of people join SFI every day, and Class Cash drew just ONE winner a day, so the odds of winning the $250 were slim.  With the new Smart Start program, however, every single new affiliate is immediately awarded a minimum of 25 Rewardicals and 12 CSAs, and if they act quickly they can turn it into up to 1000 Rewardicals and 50 CSAs.  And, of course, ANY ONE CSA alone can earn their co-sponsor hundreds of dollars in lifetime Co-Sponsor Commissions!

Q: As the sponsor or upline Team Leader of a new affiliate who takes advantage of the Smart Start program, how do I benefit?
First and foremost, you’ll of course earn Direct Commissions and/or Team Leader Overrides on any purchases made.  And even if no purchases are made, there are lots of great potential future benefits (financial and otherwise) for you when members of your team generate 1500 VP or more and go EA in their first 30 days of course!

Q: Can VersaPoints be carried over from the month they join to the next month to make the required 1500 VP in 30 days?
Yes, they simply need to use the “VP Transfer” feature when the new month starts.

Q: Will the CSAs that new affiliates receive be special in any way?
Yes.  For one thing, they’ll be the newest possible sign-ups, typically 48 hours old or less.  Also, of the 20 CSAs that new affiliates may choose from, we will attempt to provide, if available, up to five that are from the new affiliate’s same country and/or region.

Q: Can you assure that the CSAs that people receive will become active?
Sorry, no one can know this, especially since most will have just joined within a few hours.  However, keep in mind that they are all being exposed to the powerful new Smart Start offer, too.  So if Smart Start become popular, then the CSAs being received will naturally be more active.  

Q: After the first 48 hours, what is the rate that the amount of Rewardicals and CSAs decrease?
Each 24 hours after the first 48 hours, the available bonuses will decrease by 25 Rewardicals and 1 CSA…resulting in ZERO bonus Rewardicals and CSAs available on day 31.  So, for example, if a new affiliate qualified as an EA on their 10th day, they’d receive for their Smart Start bonuses…525 bonus Rewardicals and 20 bonus CSAs.

Q: So since every new affiliate will be receiving at least 12 CSAs, does that mean they’ll forfeit those CSAs if they don’t go EA?
Yes.  And while we ARE making a special exception to our standard rule and allowing all CSAs received from Smart Start to be retained through the end of the month subsequent to their joining date, recipients WILL eventually be faced with the decision: Go EA or lose their CSAs.  And, yes, as do all affiliates who have CSAs but who are not EA, they’ll receive a series of emails at the end of that month advising them of the need to go EA to avoid forfeiture.

Q: The list of 20 CSAs that affiliates choose their 12 free ones from…does it display country of residence?
Yes.  And since we will populate their list with 3-5 affiliates from their country and/or region (as available), it allows the new affiliates to actually get started with a team of people right from their own area!  Isn’t that great?!

Q: When I’m notified of a new PSA, is there anything special I should do to make sure they don’t miss out on Smart Start?
Keep in mind that SFI Corporate will be actively promoting Smart Start to them and keeping them updated on their pending bonuses, etc.  However, we strongly encourage you to start a friendly dialogue about Smart Start with all your new team members.  Here’s the type of message we recommend:

Hi, Mary!  I’m really excited to start working with you and I wanted to make sure you heard about the SFI Smart Start program.  Smart Start will give you a powerful head start and can help you get your business into profit quicker.  To find out how close you are to qualifying for Smart Start bonuses, go to:  If you have any questions about Smart Start, please let me know and I’ll be glad to assist you.

Note that we discourage “twisting arms” to buy!  Buying is always optional in SFI, so please don’t imply that buying is required!  We want all new affiliates to participate in SFI at whatever pace is right for THEM.

Q: What about all the people who joined SFI recently, who were attracted to SFI by the Class Cash offer and/or who expected to have a chance to win $250?
Nothing has changed here.  They have their entry number and there will be a drawing on their 30th day in SFI as promised.  If their number is drawn, they’ll win the cash.

Q: The Smart Start bonuses sound great, but would there be any way for me to “sweeten the pot” and add even more bonuses to make the offer even harder to resist?
It’s something we are discussing.  If Smart Start is successful, we may very well develop an auxiliary program that would allow sponsors and/or Team Leaders to add even more value to Smart Start.  Stay tuned!

Q: I used to attract people to SFI with the daily $250 Class Cash drawing.  Now that’s no longer available, what should I do now?
Our Marketing Center is filled with great themes you can use to attract prospects.  Check it out! Meanwhile, we now have a new offer in Smart Start that’s even better than the Class Cash drawing!  That is, you can tell your prospects, “When you join SFI, you’ll be eligible for over $310 in free bonuses designed to put your new online business on the fast-track to success and profits.”

Q: Why don’t I see the new banner about Smart Start at the top of the Affiliate Center?
It sounds like you’ve been in SFI for longer than 30 days.  Smart Start is only for those who joined on April 25th on or about 9 AM CST.  Only those joining after this time will be offered the Smart Start bonuses and will see the new banner, receive the emails about Smart Start, etc.

Q: I joined SFI recently and it sounds like I can’t earn any of the Smart Start bonuses.  How is that fair to me and others who joined SFI before today?
There are always going to be changes.  “Going with the flow,” adapting to an ever-changing world, is crucial to being a successful entrepreneur.  The thing to focus on is this: If you think Smart Start is going to be a popular program, think about how much more money you’re going to be able to make now!  Indeed, if lots of your future affiliates take advantage of Smart Start, that’s going to put a lot more commissions in your pocket…which will add up to MUCH, MUCH more income than any individual Smart Start bonuses for you would.  So, focus on the big picture, and be rightly excited about what Smart Start can do for you in the months to come!

Q: Why the requirement for the 1500 VP pack of TCredits to qualify for the “Ultimate Smart Start?”
There are several reasons:

  1. Every affiliate can use TCredits and can actually parlay them into much more than what they cost.  And, soon, we’ll be coming out with some additional fantastic NEW ways to use TCredits!  Stay tuned!
  2. This TCredits pack includes a handsome $17.66 in CV (hence, excellent commissions for upline members).  And with the requirement being a monthly Auto-Delivery, those great commissions can continue month after month!
  3. As a digital product, it can be delivered immediately anywhere in the world and there’s no shipping cost.  In other words, it’s a perfect product for SFI’s global footprint.
  4. With TCredits on-hand, new affiliates can immediately begin trying out auctions, Eager Zebra games, and more.  These actions of course also help get new affiliates engaged and active, which is critical.
  5. We wanted to keep it simple!  Give people lots of choices and many will get overwhelmed and actually become stuck.  We wanted to test a nice, clean, simple “Order THIS” program and see how it does.
  6. The monthly Auto-Delivery price for this TCredits pack is just $36.25.  That means for about $1.20 a day—less than the price of a daily cup of coffee or soda—new members can lock in monthly EA status, lock in their CSAs, and so, so, so much more!  Your own powerful online business for just $1.20 a day is a mind-blowing bargain if you really think about it!

Q: What if a new affiliate complains that there’s no point in continuing if they can’t earn the Smart Start bonuses?
Explain that the Smart Start bonuses are definitely nice to take advantage of if they can, but they by no means preclude anyone from becoming a highly-successful, top-earning affiliate!  SFI is a great big and highly delicious cake!  Smart Start is just a “cherry on top.”  And not having the cherry doesn’t keep the cake from being just as wonderful!

Q: What if a new affiliate doesn’t select their 12 free CSAs for some reason?
If they fail to select the 12 free CSAs when they join, they will forfeit these CSAs.  However, they will still remain eligible for BONUS Rewardicals and BONUS CSAs.  They will still see the special banner atop the Affiliate Center and receive the email reminders about pending Smart Start bonuses.  Note that even if they do not select the 12 free CSAs, they will still, by default, receive the initial 25 free Rewardicals.

Q: Will there be a way to identify those who did not select their CSAs?
Hopefully there will be VERY few of these!  We do not have anything built to identify these persons at this time, though we may add something to the Genealogy, for example, if needed, later.  In the meantime, as always, “work with the workers!”  Those who HAVE selected their team of 12 CSAs have just “raised their hand” and will likely be appearing on your MOVERS tab shortly! Be on the watch for these folks!

Q: I don’t have the earlier Fast-Track badge and I’m apparently not eligible for the new Smart Start.  Is there any way for me to acquire the new Fast-Track badge?
Stay tuned.  We hope to provide you and others in this same situation with a way to get this new badge, yes!

Q: So is it hours or DAYS that the countdown clock for bonuses is reflecting?
Technically, everything is “to the minute.”  That is, the 48-hour clock starts running the minute you join SFI.  And when we refer to “days,” we are really referring to 24-hour spans from the minute the new affiliate joins.  Best way to keep it all straight: Always refer to the new page.


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