Smart Start update

To: All affiliates
From: SFI President Gery Carson

Hey, everyone!  As you may have read, we had a few hiccups with the new Smart Start program, but I’m pleased to let you know that we think we’ve got everything nailed down now…and we’re already seeing some promising developments.

I also know that many of you wanted to see more clearly how Smart Start looks to new affiliates.  So following are some screenshots:

Here’s the top part of the page that a new affiliate now sees upon submitting his registration to join SFI:

This is also where their 25 free Rewardicals are mentioned.

Following is the next part of the page.  This is where they select their first CSA (from a list of 10 newly-joined affiliates).  Note that, if available, multiple affiliates from their country/region are included at the top of the list for them to choose from.

This section also tells them about how they can “sweeten the pot” with BONUS Rewardicals and CSAs by going EA…and lets them know that available bonuses will start decreasing after 48 hours.

In the third and final part of the page (shown below), the “Ultimate Smart Start” is presented.

It also lets them know that there’s no obligation to become an EA or buy anything.

Upon clicking the “GET STARTED” button, they’ll be presented with this brief next screen, which primarily is provided so that the new affiliate knows what to do next.

You’ll note that in RED we stress the importance of having an active and legit email address registered (and if not, how to easily enter a new email address).

That’s it for what new affiliates see immediately upon registering.  Of course, this is just the beginning of their adventure with us!  Specifically in regards to Smart Start, they’ll now see a banner atop every page at the Affiliate Center with a countdown clock and statuses of their available Smart Start bonuses (you can see this peeking out from behind the alert screen on the next image).

Also, starting with their second day in SFI (and through their 30th day), they’ll be receiving a brief email update about the status of available Smart Start bonuses and how much time they have left to qualify.

There’s also something completely new we’re now doing with Smart Start so as to help assure the program is sustainable.  That is, from the above Getting Started page (see second screenshot), they’re asked to choose ONE CSA…with four more to be earmarked for them over the next five days.

When the new affiliate enters the Affiliate Center, they will see the following alert screen which prompts them to send out a brief welcome letter:

…and here’s what the screen looks like after sending the welcome:

One new CSA will appear each day.  That is, each day when they log in to the Affiliate Center, a CSA welcome letter alert will pop up automatically.  Provided they log in each day during their first five days and send the welcome letter provided for them, they’ll secure all five CSAs.  However, if they fail to log in, they’ll forfeit any remaining CSAs (of the five).

Note that regardless of how they manage the five initial free CSAs, the BONUS CSAs (and bonus Rewardical) will still be offered to them up until their 30th day in SFI.

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

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