SPECIAL DEAL: 50 TCredits + 50 CSAs Bundle!

Instantly strengthen your team and boost your potential earning power with 50 newly joined SFI affiliates–assigned to YOU as one of their co-sponsors!

PLUS…you’ll get 50 TCredits you can use to bid on auctions, play Eager Zebra games, purchase products, and much more!  Learn more about all the ways to use your TCredits HERE.

LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE: We only have 400 packs available for sale at this special low, low price, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

These CSAs will appear in your Genealogy report. As a co-sponsor, you’ll be eligible to earn 8% commissions on ALL your CSA’s purchases.

IMPORTANT! To retain your CSAs, you must maintain EA (minimum 1,500 VP) status monthly.

You’ll also want to check out Leadership Do’s and Don’ts for tips and guidelines on being an effective Co-Sponsor.

Once you’ve received your CSAs, welcome them and share that you are a co-sponsor. Here’s how: Using the “Date Joined” filter on your Genealogy, select your new CSAs. Then click the “Send an e-mail/TeamMail” link to send them a message.



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