JUST 4 DAYS LEFT to get in on Opti-Build for July!

This Sunday (July 1st), Opti-Build will continue to assist thousands to “build optimally” for the month of July and automatically follow The Diamond PlanBut to participate in July, you need to be set up by the end of Saturday (June 30th)!

Three things you need to know to participate:

  1. If you’ve qualified as a BTL this month (or expect to by the end of Saturday, June 30th), be sure you’ve opted in to participate.  You can do that HERE.  Note that your sponsor does not need to be active or a Designated Diamond themselves for you to benefit from the Opti-Build program.
  2. If your sponsor has a lot of first-level Team Leaders, you’ll need to be one of his/her top five Team Leaders by the end of Saturday, June 30th (by rank and/or total VersaPoints if a tiebreaker is needed) to be designated a Designated Diamond for July. We recommend that you contact your sponsor if you haven’t already to determine your status.
  3. If you’re a Team Leader, you may want to do some reassignments to maximize your results in July.  You must get this completed by the end of Saturday, June 30th. Get directions and info on the reassignment rules, as well as how to do reassignments and benefits of reassigning affiliates at HERE.

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