Bing Obaldo goes Diamond!

A big shout-out today to Bing Obaldo, who on June 30th qualified as a Diamond Team Leader!

Bing is one of numerous Team Leaders who recognized the great potential in the upgrades to the SFI compensation plan announced on June 1st and immediately went to work to fully prosper from those changes.  Just 29 days later, those changes were already bearing fruit…pushing Bing to the ultimate rank in SFI of Diamond Team Leader.  According to Bing, this is the beginning of a major new growth period in SFI’s history.

“I am so excited about the changes to the SFI compensation plan.  The Team Overrides with Dynamic Compression are a game changer!  The sky’s the limit now!”

Bing Obaldo
Diamond Team Leader

CONGRATULATIONS, Bing!  You are leading the way.

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