New SFI Gateway!

We’ve just created a new SFI Gateway for everyone’s marketing arsenal!

We call it the “No Get Rich Quick” or “NGRQ” Gateway.  We’ve created this Gateway for those who want to try to “filter out” non-serious prospects.  You know the one’s we’re talking about; people who actually believe that they can sign up for free, do nothing, and money’s just going to fall into their laps!

“Get rich quick” or it’s cousin, “Success without effort,” are both fairy tales.  MOST people know this, but for those that might not, this Gateway lets them know, right upfront, that work is required, that there are no shortcuts.

Of course, we’re not selling SFI short in this Gateway either.  In fact, our new NGRQ Gateway includes a very impressive list of reasons to join SFI!

Is this Gateway right for you?  Should you start using it?  Will this Gateway ultimately perform better than, say, our popular /FREE Gateway?  There’s only one way to know for sure and that’s by testing it in the marketplace. 

TIP: This might be a great time to try some “A/B” testing!  What this means is you would equally advertise this new Gateway AND whatever Gateway you normally use.  After some time, compare results.  Note! Make sure you’re comparing what counts.  

Example: Gateway 1 generates 500 sign-ups, but only 5 Executive Affiliates.  Gateway 2 generates only 200 sign-ups, but ultimately generates 10 Executive Affiliate.  In this example, Gateway 2 is your winner, by far, because it generated double as many Executive Affiliates.

The new NGRQ Gateway will be available on your My Gateways index later this week.

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

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