Smart Start gets bigger, better…smarter!

Effective later this week, we will be DOUBLING the number of CSAs that all new SFI sign-ups can receive!

Instead of the current FIVE, new affiliates will now be able to grab TEN free CSAs, just for joining SFI!

That’s not all.  By going EA within 48 hours, they can now add 56 additional CSAs (66 total).

And if they do the Ultimate Smart Start (set up a 1500 VP Auto-Delivery for TCredits within 48 hours), they’ll now receive a whopping 100 total CSAs!

What a terrific way to jump-start one’s new business!


For all existing affiliates building their teams, this is also fantastic news because:

1. Twice as many CSAs means lots more new sign-ups will become active, go EA, and set up Auto-Deliveries.

2. Twice as many CSAs means a much higher incentive to not lose one’s EA status (no one wants to forfeit a big group of CSAs that could generate great income for them in the months ahead).

3. Of course, many new affiliates receiving these CSAs will ultimately not go EA or WILL forfeit the CSAs received.  So who will receive these tens of thousands of forfeited CSAs?  Team Leaders of course…via our Second Home CSA program.  So, there’s now an even bigger reason to become and maintain monthly Team Leader status!  July would be a great month to go TL!


For quite some time, we’ve been funneling all new affiliates to LaunchPad.  LaunchPad is a tremendous resource of course…but perhaps it’s too much information for most brand new affiliates.  We certainly hear plenty of feedback that suggests that new affiliates are often overwhelmed–and we’d like to fix this.

So, we’re going to test a different approach!  With this updated Smart Start, we’re no longer funneling new affiliates to LaunchPad.  Instead, after they’ve chosen their CSAs, we’re simply offering them two options:

  1. Learn how to REFER MEMBERS
  2. Learn how to SPONSOR AFFILIATES

Our objectives are to keep it nice and simple…and provide concise, ACTIONABLE instructions to start earning money.

To that end…

If they choose the REFER MEMBERS option, they’ll see a short list of actions they can do IMMEDIATELY–that very minute! These include pre-written ads (that include their affiliate link) they can start using as their email signature, ads for sharing on social media, and so on.  They’re also provided access to new e-cards they can begin using immediately.

Likewise, if they choose the SPONSOR AFFILIATES option, they’ll be provided pre-written, ready-to-go ads, e-cards, and so on.

In both cases, the key is, they can do something RIGHT NOW to kick off their new business. We feel this could have a BIG impact on activity levels!

What about all the great stuff in LaunchPad and at the Affiliate Center?  Between our welcome email message and other subsequent messages, don’t worry, they’ll learn about both in good time.  But let’s try a different approach!  Let’s see if by providing a short list of simple actions that anyone with even the slightest computer skills can tackle, we can get many more of our new affiliates engaged. Sound good?  Let’s do it!

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

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