Astro Auction Gateway now available!

We’re excited today to announce that the new Astro Auctions Gateway is now available for your marketing campaigns.

Tip: This new Gateway is for signing up PRMs…and if they like Astro and begin buying TCredits and bidding regularly (especially if they become VIPs), you’re going to earn GREAT Direct Commissions (52% of CV), plus loads of VersaPoints, too!

But before you dive in…

There are some special rules that go with using this Gateway, so please read the following carefully:

First, there are TWO versions of the Astro Auctions Gateway.  Which version your prospects see depends on YOU.

Version One offers your prospects a free bid.  That is, after signing up, they can immediately enter any open Astro Auction with guaranteed prizes for them but with absolutely no cost or risk!  This if of course a fantastic way to build your list of PRMs and, more importantly, get them engaged and making purchases (that earn you commissions).  With Version One of the Gateway, however, you’re required to provide the TCredits for the free bid (we automatically transfer one TCredit from your account to the new member’s account upon registering).

Version Two of the Astro Auction Gateway does NOT offer your prospects a free bid.  Instead, it simply highlights all the cool features of Astro and encourages them to sign up to try it out.  Of course, to try it, they’ll need to first buy TCredits, so your success rate of creating engaged new customers will likely be less, probably substantially less.


1. Go to and choose your level of participation. That is, choose how many TCredits per day you want to make available to your sign-ups (once this amount is reached, until the next day, your prospects will automatically see Version Two of the Gateway which doesn’t offer the free bid).  Note that you can change your limit, up or down, any time.

2. Begin promoting Astro, referring your prospects to:  (XXXXX = your SFI ID number)


To help you get started right away generating hits for the new Gateway, we’ve created some cool new banners in several sizes.  Here are three samples:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are choosing to use Version Two of the Gateway, you may only use the banners that do NOT offer a free bid. 

You can find all the new Astro Auction banners at our Marketing Center HERE.

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

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