August’s Brain Sprint Top 10!

CONGRATULATIONS to Brain Sprint top 10 scorers for August 2018!

  1. Aubrey M. (3,800,530)
  2. Joanne S. (2,832,475)
  3. Jeannine G. (2,596,010)
  4. Aaelsie K. (2,520,250)
  5. Nataša R. (2,456,895)
  6. Ali F. (2,308,400)
  7. Allyson L. (2,269,305)
  8. Sead Š. (2,211,810)
  9. Cheryl K. (2,179,405)
  10. GT B. (2,120,625)

Each of the above 10 winners will be receiving our exclusive Eager Zebra Brain Sprint CHAMPION t-shirt (shown at right)!

Note: The winning scores shown (in parenthesis) above are equal to the sum of the prize points earned in prime games.

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