New bigger, better Badge Quest!

We are excited today to announce an expansion of our popular Badge Quest contest.  Effective immediately, we’ve now separated Badge Quest into two separate contests:

1. SFI Badge Quest

SFI Badge Quest will exist and operate from the SFI Affiliate Center (from the BADGES tab) and is exclusively for SFI affiliates.  All badges associated with SFI Badge Quest will be about activities related to building your SFI business.

2. TC Badge Quest

TC Badge Quest will exist and operate from at and is open to all (both SFI affiliates and non-affiliates).  All badges associated with TC Badge Quest will be related to games, auctions, and other non-SFI business activities.

Double the fun…and double the prizes, too!

You know those great prizes you’ve loved for the original Badge Quest?  Well, we’ve DOUBLED them!  That is, the same set of prizes, including the giant jackpot of 100,000 Rewardicals each month, is now available for you to win in BOTH contests!


  1. TC Badge Quest at TripleClicks is not yet 100% installed.  Leaderboards, rank badges, etc. will be completed and posted in the following days.
  2. The SFI Badge Quest leaderboard rank will be partially dependent on the VersaPoints you earn for the month. This is necessary to break up what would otherwise be thousands of ties. Here’s how it will work: For every 10 VersaPoints you earn during the month, you’ll have 1 point added to your Badge Quest points total. So…be sure to maximize your VersaPoints every month from now on!

Q: Can I compete in both versions of the contest?

Q: Do I need to compete in both versions of the contest?
No, only if you want to.  The TC Badge Quest is, first and foremost, for non-SFI affiliates.

Q: Will TripleClicks badges be displayed on the Badges tab at the SFI Affiliate Center?
No, not anymore.  Instead, they will only be displayed on the new Badge Quest page at TripleClicks.

Q: Where do I go to see my TC badges, points, etc.?

Q: Does the SFI contest use Badge Quest points from TripleClicks badges?
No.  SFI Badge Quest will only count points for SFI badges.  Similarly, the TC version of Badge Quest will only count points for TripleClicks badges.

Q: My Badge Quest points have dropped dramatically at the SFI Affiliate Center Badges tab.  What happened?
Points for NON-SFI activities (e.g. games and auctions) no longer are included in your points total for SFI Badge Quest.  Instead, those points have been moved over to TC Badge Quest.  So you’ll have one set of points for business stuff for SFI Badge Quest…and another, separate set of points for TC Badge Quest.

Q: Why have separate contests?
First, we believe it’s better if SFI affiliates can focus more on business-building activities.  Secondly, by offering the TripleClicks-exclusive version of Badge Quest at TripleClicks, we’ve opened up a cool, new venue to attract more gamers, etc.  And by excluding points from SFI badges, they can compete on equal footing with all TC Badge Quest players.

Q: So, from now on, my new affiliates will only be exposed to the SFI version of Badge Quest?
Essentially, yes.  The new, updated Badges tab will only display SFI badges (badges awarded for business-building activities).  However, there will be a small link at the bottom of the tab to let them know about the TC version of the contest.  You can also of course directly promote TC Badge Quest to your PSAs if you wish to, but that’s up to you.

Q: Will NON-affiliates over at TripleClicks be informed of the SFI version of the contest?
Yes.  Hence, some of your PRMs may choose to become affiliates so they can participate in both contests.

Q: So now I have to compete with all non-affiliates in the TC Badge Quest?
You were competing with them before, but now it’s a level playing field because only points from TripleClicks badges will be included in that version of the contest.

Q: What about Badge Quest rank badges (e.g. Badge Quest Grandmaster)?
You now have the opportunity to earn rank badges for both contests.  Note that your rank may differ from one to the other, however.  That is, you might be a Badge Quest Pro in one, and a Grandmaster Elite in the other.  It all depends on your Badge Quest points.

Q: So if this “resetting” of points causes my Badge Quest rank to drop, will I be able to earn the prizes for that rank a second time when I regain the rank I lost?

Q: Can I win prizes and shares of the jackpot in BOTH contests?

Q: Will there be more badges coming?
Yes, we’re working on lots of new badges for both SFI and TripleClicks.  Stay tuned!

Q: Will having a TripleClicks Badge Quest contest engage more of my PRMs?
It certainly could, and that’s one of the big reasons why we’ve created a TripleClicks version.  Badge Quest is hugely popular with SFI affiliates; it’s logical that non-affiliates will love it too.  And so that it can’t be missed, TC Badge Quest will be featured on the homepage.  We’ll also be incorporating more badge elements in our game interfaces, communications, etc. with your PRMs. 

Sample of banner promoting Badge Quest at TripleClicks

Q: Will there be a way to directly promote the new TC Badge Quest to PRMs and prospective PRMs (such as a Gateway)?
We need to get it fully up and running first, but we almost certainly will make available marketing aids, yes.

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