Introducing…Direct Cash Redemptions for Rewardicals!

We are excited to announce that, new for 2019, you can now redeem your Rewardical tokens directly for cash!

Yes, this means that every Rewardical you earn or win can now be instantly turned into cash.  By the way, did you know that there are more than a dozen ways to acquire Rewardicals (many of which are 100% free)?  Learn about all the ways HERE.  

You can convert your Rewardicals into cash any time you want…with just a $.01 USD (one cent) minimum! 

Here’s how it works:

1. Log in at

2. Click the “Redeem Rewardicals” link.  

3. At the Exchange, choose the “CASH” option and set the number of Rewardicals you want to redeem for cash.  Tip: Set the number of Rewardicals by dragging the slider bar (or you can just enter the number in the box next to the slider bar).

4. The amount you selected will immediately be added to your SFI Commissions account, to be paid per your preferences!

That’s it, it’s that easy!


1. When you sign up a new PSA, they’ll immediately be able to start earning cash from numerous activities.  Hundreds of free Rewardicals can be earned daily, for example, via Daily Grand, Daily Crown, and Biz Quiz!  Many, many more can be collected by participating in Badge Quest, entering the E365 competition, playing Eager Zebra games, and so on!  You wanted new ways to get your new PSAs active; you’ve now got ’em!

2. With the new Starter Incentives program coming in a few days (see details in today’s special memo), and the ability it will give you to reward your team members with Rewardicals for various actions, combined with the new cash redemption option, you’ll have yet another powerful tool to help get your new affiliates engaged and active!

3. Everyone loves cash so it will now be easier than ever to recruit PRMs (such as when using the new Rewardical gateway)!

4. Every time you spend a TCredit playing an Eager Zebra game…and every time you bid on an Astro or Pricebenders auction, you can now be earning cash!

5. You earn Rewardical Match tokens on all of your PSAs (10-1), CSAs (25-1), and PRMs (10-1). In other words, even more opportunities to convert Rewardicals for cash!

6. Recruiting and building out our Localvantia network and search engine will become easier and faster because vendors understand the allure of cash rewards.

7. It’s required that you register as an SFI affiliate to exercise the cash redemption option, so is any of your PRMs choose to redeem their Rewardicals for cash, they’ll be asked to register with SFI.  And, of course, if you referred them, they’ll now become your PSAs and part of your SFI team!


Today begins phase one for cash redemptions for Rewardicals, but we can go even further.  For example, earning Rewardicals for completing surveys, viewing advertisements (from our ECAs and other sellers), testing Eager Zebra games, and more, are all doable.  Such activities could be quite powerful for attracting and engaging new members, wouldn’t they?  Let’s start that discussion.


Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

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