New EZ leaderboards and badges

Zing Network members now have another reason to play Eager Zebra games.  Yes, we’ve just launched new leaderboards and Monthly Champion badges for seven of our most popular games:

  • Gold Streak
  • Knockout Trivia
  • Grandmaster Poker
  • Hidden
  • Brain Sprint
  • Zackjack
  • Card King

Starting this month (January), you can now compete for a top-20 ranking in each of these games!

To see how you’re doing, we’ve added a pulldown menu to the main leaderboard so you can see exactly where you rank throughout the month.

If at the end of the month you’re in the top 20 for any of these games, you’ll  earn a new EZ badge for each game.

  • Top finishers receive the gold-trimmed Monthly Champion badge and 1000 Badge Quest points.
  • Runner-ups receive the silver-trimmed Monthly Champion badge and 750 Badge Quest points.
  • Those finishing 3rd to 10th receive the bronze-trimmed Monthly Champion badge and 500 Badge Quest points.
  • Those finishing 11th to 20th receive the non-trimmed Monthly Champion badge and 250 Badge Quest points.

DON’T FORGET that these new badges can help you earn thousands of cash-redeemable Rewardicals through the TripleClicks Badge Quest contest!

Note that badges are good for one month (that is, you’ll need to keep earning your spot to retain these special badges).

Good luck!

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