2 new Starter Incentives badges released!

Great news! We’ve just released TWO new badges for our new Starter Incentives program:

Starter Incentives Account badge: Simply fund your Starter Incentives account to receive this badge and its 100 Badge Quest points. If your fund drops below $.50, the badge and points go away until you add more funds.

Rewardster badge: You earn this badge (and 200 Badge Quest points) when 1 of your team members has accepted your incentive(s) within the last 10 days.  Earn bronze trim (and 400 Badge Quest points) when 2 persons have accepted your incentive(s), silver trim (and 600 Badge Quest points) for 3 to 4 persons, and gold trim (and 800 Badge Quest points) when 5 or more persons have accepted your incentive(s) within the last 10 days.

Learn more about how you can use the Starter Incentives program to increase activity in your team!

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