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New Time Machine contest has started!

Time Machine gameZack is back…with the latest edition of our highly popular Eager Zebra game, Time Machine!

The new question is:

What will the rounded price of Bitcoin be at 11 AM on October 31st?

Enter your new prediction at:


TIP: Make sure you head over to our blog at blog.eagerzebra.com (or click the TIPS button at the top of the Time Machine page) to get some valuable tips for winning the new Time Machine contest.

TIP: You can enter a prediction daily to win a share of what will, no doubt, become a HUGE Zackpot.  And with each Time Machine entry, you also can get a free entry for the  Daily Crown and a chance to win a share of over $1700 in prizes!  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

GOOD LUCK to all our players!

Did you get your free TCredits this month?

TCreditsCommissions and perks have been processed for August and we wanted to remind you that if you were an EA (Executive Affiliate) in August, we’ve added 10-24 free TCredits to your account!

To confirm how many TCredits you have available to use, just log in at http://www.tripleclicks.com. They will be listed next to your name in the top right corner.

TCredits allow you to take FULL advantage of your TripleClicks member benefits. Use your TCredits for member listings, to bid on Pricebenders Auctions, to participate in contests, play games, and more.


NOTE: You can use your TCredits as you wish and at any time, but they do expire one year from receipt.

New Internet Income 2.0–Lesson #35: Plugins: Yoast SEO, Part 2

InternetIncomeLogoWe continue our revised course with Internet Income 2.0, Lesson #35: Plugins: Yoast SEO, Part 2, Course author, George Little, continues his discussion of configuring the Yoast SEO plugin, with a focus on the Taxonomies tab and installing and activating the User Profile Picture plugin.

About Internet Income: Each new lesson of SFI’s revised, exclusive course contains updated tips, real-world advice, and in-depth, step-by-step instructions on setting up your Internet-based business. Author George Little uses plain English to explain the ins and outs of starting and running a profitable online business in today’s ever-changing global market.

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41,525 free VP awarded in latest Spin & Win

spin-and-win-2Did you miss out on the most recent Spin & Win contest, held between September 7, 2017 through September 9, 2017? Affiliates who spotted the Spin & Win notice–announced in the monthly TripleClicks newsletter for Affiliates, mailed out Thursday, September 7–and who entered the free contest grabbed 41,525 free VP!

Yet, that number is only a tiny fraction of the total amount of free VP we set aside for each Spin & Win contest! Don’t miss out on these easy VersaPoints and the earning benefits that come with them. Be on the lookout for Spin & Win alerts in our newsletters–and make sure everyone in your downline is looking for them as well. Readers are leaders!

Here’s how Spin & Win works:

At least once every month–and up to three times every month–we include a notice in our newsletters announcing that a new Spin & Win contest is underway.  NOTE: There is no mention of Spin & Win in the subject line. You must read each newsletter you receive in its entirety to find the new Spin & Win contest notice.  When you find it, get to the Web page URL referenced as soon as you can (the entry period will typically be 48 to 72 hours, but could be less).

When you arrive at the Spin & Win Web page, answer the simple questions there about SFI or TripleClicks.  Answer correctly and you will get one free spin of the VP wheel–with a chance to win up to 1,000 VersaPoints (everyone is guaranteed to win at least 5 VP per spin).  There is NO obligation and NO purchase is necessary.  Just enter the correct answers, spin the wheel, and you’ll be a instant winner…with up to 1,000 VersaPoints added immediately to your account–just for reading your SFI e-mails!

Hurricane Relief Update…

Now that Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have passed, the recovery work for the impacted areas is just getting started, and we hope that all effected Affiliates and their families are safe and well.  If you would like to donate toward relief efforts, check out the updated list of charities below that are directly involved in ongoing hurricane emergency relief in Texas, Florida and the Key islands, Louisiana, Georgia, Puerto Rico, Barbuda, St. Martin, Cuba, and other affected areas.

American Red Cross – http://www.redcross.org/

ASPCA – https://www.aspca.org/

Charity Navigator – https://www.charitynavigator.org/

Direct Relief – http://www.directrelief.org/

Habitat for Humanity – http://www.habitat.org/

The Humane Society – http://www.humanesociety.org/

Operation Blessing International – https://www.ob.org/

Operation USA – http://www.opusa.org/

Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies – http://www.portlight.org/

Reach Out America – http://reachoutamerica.com/

Salvation Army – http://www.salvationarmy.org/

Samaritan’s Purse – https://www.samaritanspurse.org/

Team Rubicon – https://teamrubiconusa.org/

UNICEF USA – https://www.unicefusa.org/

Group of People Holding Hands Around the Word GiveNOTE: In addition to the charities for hurricane relief listed above, our TripleClicks Round Up for Charity program operates year round and lets you quickly and painlessly donate to the charity of your choice and help make a difference in the world! Just select the round up option to raise your TC purchase total by a few cents to the nearest dollar amount during the TripleClicks check-out process and make a selection from among the international charities listed.

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PrivacyMaxx Bulletin: Data security in the news

Cartoon thiefNOTE: SFI is providing the news story below to help illustrate the importance of having an identity theft protection plan. As an SFI Affiliate, you can also create a great source of extra income by offering a PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection Plan (available at TripleClicks) to family, friends, and customers. Feel free to print out the news post below for use in your marketing efforts and discussions with potential PrivacyMaxx customers.


A huge security breach at credit reporting company Equifax has exposed sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers and addresses, of up to 143 million Americans.

Unlike other data breaches, those affected by the breach may not even know they’re customers of the company.

Equifax(EFX) is one of three nationwide credit-reporting agencies that track and rate the financial history of consumers. The company gets its data from credit card companies, banks, retailers and lenders — sometimes without you knowing.

The data breach is among the worst ever because of the amount of people affected and the sensitive type of information exposed…

…read entire story at CNN

A PrivacyMaxx membership provides proactive and comprehensive identity monitoring, alerts and resolution services. Its services go beyond the basic coverage provided to breach victims. Becoming a member ensures that your identity is being monitored, and that you will be notified quickly if any activity is detected. Additionally, if you become aware of any suspicious activity regarding your identity, you can easily contact your PrivacyMaxx Identity Recovery Advocate, who is there to assist you and, if necessary, restore your identity back to pre-theft status. You never know when an organization you trust and rely on will be hacked by thieves. Act now, and secure your future today!

NOTE: SFI Affiliates can also build a tidy income offering ID protection to customers, friends, and family.  See the PrivacyMaxx Affiliate Guide for more information.

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New TCD Of The Week: Professional 9-Color Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

Add some shimmer to your look with the Professional 9-Color Glitter Eyeshadow Palette! Specially created to add just the right luminous note to your eyes, each palette contains nine highly pigmented, vibrant colors in an attractive gold case. The Professional 9-Color Glitter Eyeshadow Palette colors are easy blending, long-wear, and waterproof. And unlike other eyeshadows, these colors contain glitter throughout (not just on the top layer). They’re sure to keep your eyes sparkling and radiant all day and night long!

Choose from among six smokey or jewel colors to complement any outfit. Makes a great gift!

Earn 389 VP and $2.34 for each sale of this product! Ships FREE to most countries.


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