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New auction item at Pricebenders!

PricebendersLogoArriving at Pricebenders Auctions: the ZeroWater 23-Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System…introduced in special DP Auctions in which every bidder receives double the MRP normally awarded for every bid placed. That’s 10 MRP every time you place a Pricebenders auction bid!

ZeroWater 23-Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System

61kjog7p74l-_sl1500_With its generous 23-cup capacity, this innovative water-filtration system keeps pure, filtered drinking water conveniently accessible–its sleek, space-saving design fits neatly on the counter or on a shelf in the refrigerator. Functioning as both a water filter and a handy dispenser, the unit comes equipped with a push-button spout for simple one-handed dispensing into a glass, water bottle, or other beverage container, or even into a pot for cooking. Sleek, slim design.


  • 23-cup container–largest refrigerator filter dispenser available.
  • On-hand pull & pour button spout.
  • Easy-access fill–refill your dispenser while in the fridge.
  • Completely dispenses all water.
  • Convenient, space-saving design.
  • Built-in TDS meter holder.
  • Patented 5-stage dual ion exchange filter–removes virtually all dissolved solids in your water.

Look for these auctions for the ZeroWater 23-Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System:

  • Saturday, February 25, at 8:30 AM
  • Monday, February 27, at 8:30 AM
  • Tuesday, February 28, at 12:30 PM
  • Thursday, March 2, at 10:30 PM

Remember, these auctions will be special DP Auctions, where all bidders receive double the MRP–10 MRP–normally awarded for every bid they place! Don’t miss them…set up an auction reminder at:


ATTN: Winning bidders living outside the U.S. and Canada can have this Pricebenders item shipped for free to a U.S. address! Alternately, international winners of this item can choose to participate in our Gift Certificate Exchange or the “Your Choice Dropshipping” program.

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44,665 free VP awarded in latest Spin & Win

spin-and-win-2Did you miss out on the most recent Spin & Win contest, held between February 20, 2017 through February 22, 2017? Affiliates who spotted the Spin & Win notice–announced in the weekly SFI Affiliate Newsletter, mailed out February 20th–and who entered the free contest grabbed 44,665 free VP!

Yet, that number is only a tiny fraction of the total amount of free VP we set aside for each Spin & Win contest! Don’t miss out on these easy VersaPoints and the earning benefits that come with them. Be on the lookout for Spin & Win alerts in our newsletters–and make sure everyone in your downline is looking for them as well. Readers are leaders!

Here’s how Spin & Win works:

At least once every month–and up to three times every month–we include a blurb in our newsletters announcing that a new Spin & Win contest is underway.  NOTE: There is no mention of Spin & Win in the subject line. You must read each newsletter you receive in its entirety to find the new Spin & Win contest blurb.  When you find it, get to the Web page URL referenced as soon as you can (the entry period will typically be 48 to 72 hours, but could be less).

When you arrive at the Spin & Win Web page, answer the simple questions there about SFI or TripleClicks.  Answer correctly and you will get one free spin of the VP wheel–with a chance to win up to 1,000 VersaPoints (everyone is guaranteed to win at least 5 VP per spin).  There is NO obligation and NO purchase is necessary.  Just enter the correct answers, spin the wheel, and you’ll be a instant winner…with up to 1,000 VersaPoints added immediately to your account–just for reading your SFI e-mails!

Introducing…SFI Icebreakers!


What’s an “icebreaker?”

Definition: “A thing that serves to relieve inhibitions or tension between people, or start a conversation.”

And that’s precisely what our new Icebreakers are designed to do—to help you engage new PSAs when they join your SFI team!

Here’s how SFI Icebreakers work:

Whenever you sign up a new PSA, you’ll have the option of using the new Icebreaker tool.

Note: The easiest way is to just click the link to their Affiliate Snapshot included in the New PSA Notifications you receive by email instantly each time you personally sign up a new affiliate.  From the Affiliate Snapshot, click the handshake icon located behind their name to initiate the Icebreaker.

When you initiate an Icebreaker, your new PSA will see a screen like this appear at the Affiliate Center.  You’ll notice the message is concise, friendly, and non-intimidating:


Note that, unlike SFIM (SFI Instant Messaging), the Icebreaker window appears on top of their Affiliate Center screen…so it’s impossible to miss. It also cannot be dismissed without responding.

Four choices are given to your PSA:

  1. If online now, they can respond with a, “Yes, let’s chat now” (in which case SFIM is automatically and immediately engaged for both of you).
  2. They can schedule a chat with you for a later time.
  3. They can request that your conversation be moved from chat to email.
  4. They can defer to a later, unspecified time in the future.

Maximize your results

Your Icebreaker will feature your name, rank, and account photo.

Selfie poster with woman holding smartphone vector illustration.

IMPORTANT: For Icebreakers to work for you, it’s vital that you are using a good photo of yourself, with a friendly, smiling face.  Make sure your photo is in-focus, well-lighted (dark photos are bad), and look at the camera.  And no sunglasses, please!  Take this seriously!  If you don’t have a good photo to use right now, have a friend or family member take a new photo of you and get it uploaded now.  Transmitting friendliness and professionalism is KEY.  Consider dressing up!  Remember, this is going to be your first impression with your new PSAs.  If your photo is unprofessional or “scary,” (or if you don’t have an account photo at all), your business will definitely suffer because of it.  If you want to maximize your results and income in SFI, get a good photo in place!  Upload your photo HERE.  Learn more about the benefits of having a good account photo HERE.

Special Notes & Tips:

A. If your PSA chooses option #2, to schedule a chat with you for a later time, you will automatically receive an email with the date and time from SFI.  We’ll also post this information for you on your Alerts tab.  Note: If you are unable to be available at the time they’ve selected, we recommend that you send the person an email right away to see about rescheduling your chat to a date and time that works for the both of you. 

B. If they choose option #3 and have requested a conversation by email instead, we’ll inform you of this on your Alerts tab (which will include their email address for quick and easy action).

C. If your affiliate isn’t online when you initiate your Icebreaker, it’ll automatically appear the next time they log in at the Affiliate Center.

D. So as to avoid messages that might confuse or “scare” new PSAs, Icebreakers may not be customized.  That is, everyone uses the same brief and friendly message as shown in the sample image above.

Genealogy Support

We’ve also added major support for Icebreakers on your Genealogy.  That is, if your PSA is within 30 days of joining, you’ll now see this new “handshake” icon in front of their name:
screenshot_2405And we’ve color-coded them so you can tell, at a glance, the status for each of your new PSAs:

  • A green handshake icon indicates you need to initiate an Icebreaker (you’ve not done it yet).  You can initiate now by clicking on the icon.
  • A brown handshake icon indicates that you’ve initiated an Icebreaker for this affiliate, but they’ve not yet logged in to receive it (it will be delivered upon them logging in).
  • blue handshake icon indicates that you’ve initiated an Icebreaker for this affiliate and they’ve replied via chat.  Check chat now, they may be awaiting your reply!
  • A purple handshake icon indicates that your Icebreaker resulted in a scheduled chat session (hover over the icon for the schedule date and time).
  • An orange handshake icon indicates that your Icebreaker resulted in a request to converse by email instead.  Tip: You can click the envelope icon in the right column to send an email to them now if you’ve not already done so.  Click the pencil icon to make a note for yourself about when you emailed them.
  • A black handshake icon indicates that your Icebreaker resulted in the “maybe later” reply.

By the way, don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize these color codes!  Hovering over the icons will pop up a tooltip to clarify what each color means (also very handy if you are color blind).  And we’ll also have a permanent article on it in our Knowledge Base, too—available instantly if you ever need a refresher.

TIP: Ready to start some chats using Icebreakers right now?  Go to your Genealogy and select the “Online Now” Quickfilter.  If any of the affiliates found have the green handshake icon in front of their name, you can start initiating chats this minute (by clicking on the green handshake icons).

Note: You’ll also find the new color-coded handshake icons for your PSAs on Affiliate Snapshots and on your Movers tab too!

New Calendar Tool

Icebreaker’s new scheduled chats also convinced us to finally get built a tool that’s been long on our to-do list.  That is, you now have a new resource—a custom SFI Calendar!

Calendar is located under the My Account section…HERE.

We will automatically populate your Calendar with all of your scheduled chats (with date and times), conveniently ordered from “nearest to furthest” (the chat you have coming up next will be at the top).

We’ll also be adding the birthdays and SFI anniversaries of your upline and downline members so that you can recognize these special days.  Additional items may also be added to Calendar in the coming months. Tip: Make it a habit to check your SFI Calendar daily.

“Break that ice!”

Business dealing by smartphone

For years you’ve been telling us you need something better to get new sign-ups to respond to you.  We think Icebreakers is going to be very helpful for this!

So, effective immediately, whenever you are notified of a new PSAs, BREAK THE ICE (the sooner the better)…by using the new Icebreaker tool!  Pretty cool, eh? 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget about getting a good photo in place!

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New Eager Zebra game: Grandmaster Poker™


It’s not your grandfather’s poker!

In Eager Zebra’s brand new Grandmaster Poker game, you’ll attempt to put together the three best simultaneous poker hands you can, while using strategic hand-to-hand moves and timely discards, to win prizes, badges, and more!  Grandmaster Poker has unlimited FREE plays daily, with no purchase necessary to win!


At the start of a game, you will be dealt three random cards from a standard 52-card deck. Each of these three cards will represent the start of three separate hands. You will now begin drawing cards, one at a time, from the deck.

Each time you draw a card, you have the option of placing it on any of your three hands (click one of the three “arrow” buttons to choose which hand you want to place your card on) until the hand is full (5 cards maximum per hand).  Again, your objective is to build the three best poker hands you can.  And to score a win in Grandmaster Poker, you’ll need to score a minimum of 1000 points (a “grand”).


For each Poker hand you build, “Prize Points” (points for earning recognition and prizes) are awarded*  as follows:

  • For a hand with one pair, you’ll earn 100 bonus Prize Points
  • For a hand with two pairs, you’ll earn 250 bonus Prize Points
  • For a hand with three of a kind, you’ll earn 350 bonus Prize Points
  • For a hand consisting of a straight, you’ll earn 400 bonus Prize Points.
  • For a hand consisting of a flush, you’ll earn 450 bonus Prize Points
  • For a hand consisting of a full house, you’ll earn 500 bonus Prize Points
  • For a hand with four of a kind, you’ll earn 750 bonus Prize Points
  • For a hand consisting of a straight flush, you’ll earn 1000 bonus Prize Points
  • For a hand consisting of a royal flush, you’ll earn 1500 bonus Prize Points
  • Add a timed bonus of up to 180 bonus Prize Points. You’ll start each game with 180 points, with 1 point deducted for each second of game time. In other words, the faster you play, the more timed bonus Prize Points you’ll get added to your score! Note: A minimum of 500 points must be scored (prior to timed bonus) in the game to earn these Prize Points.

Special Note: All three hands combine for your total score. 


As you’re playing a game, you can discard (“burn”) up to five cards that you don’t think will help you build the poker hands you’re after.  Your first two “burns” for each game are free (with a maximum of 20 free burns per day).  Each non-free burn costs 1 TCredit or 1 “Match” (Matches may be purchased between games and are less expensive than TCredits).

During a game, you can also move up to five cards to help you build the poker hands you’re after.  Your first Move for each game is free (with a maximum of 10 free Moves per day).  Each non-free move costs 1 TCredit or 1 “Move” (Moves may be purchased between games and are less expensive than TCredits).



  • oebecehiakldjnmjEach time you score a grand (1000 points in a single game), you’ll receive a free entry in the Daily Crown drawing for the following day where you can win TripleClicks gift certificates, MRP (Member Rewards Points), mighty TCredits, and more! You get 152 chances to win with each Daily Crown entry! Note: Daily Crown entries that can be won via Grandmaster Poker are limited to your designated Prime 10* games each day (so up to 10 bonus Daily Crown entries per day).
  • If you are in the top 10 for most Grandmaster Poker Prize Points scored during the month, we’ll send you a free Grandmaster Poker t-shirt (shown at right)! Limit of 2 t-shirts per player/year. Note: Eligible points are limited to your designated Prime 10* games per day.


You may play an unlimited* number of games each day…FREE.  There is no cost to play Grandmaster Poker or win prizes!

*You can play unlimited free games daily.  However, only 10 games may be used towards Prize Points and (some) badges.  YOU designate which games you want to use.  These ten games are referred to as your “Prime 10.”


For each TCredit spent playing Grandmaster Poker, you’ll earn earn 5 MRP (Member Rewards Points) redeemable on thousands of products at TripleClicks.  As an SFI affiliate, you’ll also earn 1 VersaPoint for each TCredit spent playing Grandmaster Poker! Maximum 500 VP a month for playing Eager Zebra games.


For great tips that will help you win Grandmaster Poker (and the complete, official rules, too), be sure to review our Grandmaster Poker “How-To” article at our Eager Zebra Blog HERE.


As a Grandmaster Poker player, you’ll have the opportunity to win up to 15 new badges (all which can help you achieve new heights in Badge Quest)!  See the complete list HERE at our Eager Zebra Blog.

Special Note: The Grandmaster Poker leaderboard badges will not be made available for approximately 10 days.


We hope every SFI affiliate will try out our new game so you have some hands-on experience with this new product.  Yes, product.  And like ALL products at TripleClicks, it’s another opportunity to earn commissions.

Did you know that one of the most popular things to do online today is play games?  It’s a fact. A recent study found that 44 percent of the world’s online population are gamers. And it is estimated that over one BILLION people worldwide play online games on a regular basis—with more than 100 million playing DAILY!

WOW!! And as an SFI affiliate, you are automatically positioned to profit from online gaming—through our game division Eager Zebra.  Even better, today, you have a brand new game to promote!

So, do you know anyone who likes to play games?  That describes about everyone of course, which is why game promotion is one of the coolest ways to make money in SFI!

To promote our new Grandmaster Poker game, we’ve just created a collection of new banners available in our Marketing Center.  Check them out HERE

You can also earn “Friend Challenge” links for promoting Grandmaster Poker to your friends via email or social media (you’ll earn a  link each time you score a minimum of 1000 points a game).

You can also start a free Grandmaster Poker league with your friends, co-workers, or members of your SFI team to create more activity and commissions.  Learn more about setting up a free league HERE.

  • For more ways to introduce people to games, build your customer list, and earn commissions with Eager Zebra, see this LaunchPad lesson.


  1. We’re rolling out Grandmaster Poker today as a BETA.  This means that we may make adjustments to the game based on response to the game, scoring trends, etc.  It also means that, despite extensive testing that we’ve done on our end,  it’s possible you may encounter glitches.  If you do, please report them via a ticket (or mention at the below forum thread discussion), and we’ll address and resolve as quickly as possible.  We’re also, of course, interested in your feedback and suggestions for making the game even better.
  2. Like Zackjack, Grandmaster Poker is fully mobile-friendly and plays great on tablets and smartphones!

logo-EagerZebraComYou can check out and play
Grandmaster Poker FREE now at:


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Badge Quest requirements adjusted

With fifteen new badges now available with the new Eager Zebra game, Grandmaster Poker, another badge for patronizing Spotlight Merchants coming soon, and two more planned for a March (18 total new badges), we need to raise the requirements for the first three levels in Badge Quest.
Effective immediately, the new requirements are:
  • Upon earning 12 badges, you’ll advance to the first level in Badge Quest…Rising Star.
  •  Upon earning 30 badges, you’ll advance to the second level…Badge Quest Pro.
  •  Upon earning 40 badges, you’ll advance to the third level…Badge Quest Master.
Note: Once a level has been reached in Badge Quest, you retain that level permanently.  Therefore, if you’ve already attained the level of Rising Star, Pro, or Master, you will retain that level (you will not be required to requalify with the higher requirements).

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January’s UNSTOPPABLE affiliates!


We are delighted to announce the winners of January’s UNSTOPPABLE contest!  The January 2017 contest challenged SFI affiliates to develop new EAs.

Our grand champion and winner of $500 cash was BRIAN FUTURECO of United Kingdom.  Congratulations, Brian, you’re awesome!

A hearty congratulations also goes out to the rest of our top ten (shown in red below), who grabbed a total of $1,200 in additional cash and Signing Bonuses.  For our top 50, all cash, digital prizes, and badges will be awarded in the next few days and automatically added to your account (for you t-shirt winners, be looking for an alert to choose your shirt size and confirm your shipping address).

Note: If you’re not yet entered in the current FEBRUARY contest, what are you waiting for? Get entered and win great cash and more!  Full details HERE.

  1. Brian Futureco, United Kingdom
  2. Alex Zubarev, United States
  3. Hans Bergmeier, Germany
  4. Stone Evans, United States
  5. Mohamed Sadique, India
  6. Valentina Stanoevska, Macedonia
  7. Loris Simcic Srok, Croatia
  8. Senada Coralic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  9. Brian Mario Fernandes, United Arab Emirates
  10. Daniela Krstova, Macedonia
  11. Sanja Arsic, Serbia
  12. Fabrizio Perotti, France
  13. Tim Braun, United States
  14. Jadranka Hrenović, Croatia
  15. Vukica Naumovska, Macedonia
  16. Maja Cholakovski, Macedonia
  17. Hurija Imamovic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  18. Jovic Danka, Serbia
  19. Lado Zavolovsek, Serbia
  20. Violeta Njezic, Serbia
  21. Erich Winnecke, United States
  22. Sanja Vuksanovic, Montenegro
  23. Yinka Alayande, Nigeria
  24. Janet Croft, United States
  25. Vladimir Brajkovic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  26. Ron Smutz, United States
  27. Steve Sadlier, Canada
  28. Israel Fakeye, Cote D’Ivoire
  29. Niceta Mbogo, Kenya
  30. Keneisha Williamson, Jamaica
  31. Monique Aka, United Kingdom
  32. Rodey Burt, Canada
  33. Alice Wiggins, United States
  34. Ana Jovanoska, Macedonia
  35. Babu Menon, India
  36. Chalice Akuma, Nigeria
  37. Menka Mijoska, Macedonia
  38. Biljana Nikolic, Serbia
  39. Jakute Luma, Macedonia
  40. Harry Hunsberger, United States
  41. Tatjana Gale, Croatia
  42. Ivica Nikic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  43. Jelena Posilovic, Serbia
  44. Branimir Stefanović, Serbia
  45. Alina Florica Garbin, Croatia
  46. Alfredo Cella, Italy
  47. Maria Tenorio, Venezuela
  48. Krishna Mistry, India
  49. Pradeep Dikshit, India
  50. Mario La Rocca, Italy
  51. Nada Stefanovic, Serbia
  52. Ramiz Nerjovaj, Serbia
  53. Nataska Pavlova, Macedonia
  54. Snezana Grabovicanovic, Serbia
  55. Ljupka Josimovski, Macedonia
  56. Mirko Zulian, Italy
  57. Raza Mustafić, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  58. Marica Novakovic, Serbia
  59. Sanja Stojcheva, Macedonia
  60. Adri Glas, Germany
  61. Wade Byrd, United States
  62. Stanislava Bosnjakov, Serbia
  63. Sylvia Lategan, Zimbabwe
  64. Tijana Balta ,Bosnia & Herzegovina
  65. Anirban Kundu, India
  66. Emmanuel Onokpasa, Nigeria
  67. Christopher Adegbe, Nigeria
  68. Richard SakalaI, Zambia
  69. Adeoye Daniel, Cote D’Ivoire
  70. Gerard Gruss, United States
  71. Violeta Jovanovska, Macedonia
  72. Daliborka Mrsulja, Montenegro
  73. Daniela Filipova-Ramljak, Macedonia
  74. karolina kalafadzic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  75. Jadranka Simic, Croatia
  76. Marijana Nikolic, Serbia
  77. Munevera Baljic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  78. Ruth Corser, United Kingdom
  79. Denis Agloshevitch, Israel
  80. Jacques Bellefeuille, Canada
  81. Judith Nadi, Hungary
  82. Sabina Lončar, Croatia
  83. Jones Ola, Nigeria
  84. Zlatko Bećović, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  85. Zorana Drazic, Serbia
  86. Enila Bešović, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  87. Darko Stojanovic, Serbia
  88. Miljana Zecevic, Serbia
  89. Maree Wells, New Zealand
  90. Fred Bertalan Jr., United States
  91. Ugo Okonkwo, United Kingdom
  92. Bob Moore, United States
  93. Slobodan Krajić, Serbia
  94. Anida Jasarevic Bosnia & Herzegovina
  95. Shyam Chandran, India
  96. Valentina Dilber, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  97. Jeff Gerling,United States
  98. Chibwe Mwamba, Zambia
  99. Beverly Wallin, Canada
  100. Olivera Fancikic, Serbia

Per the contest rules, for ALL who entered the contest and developed at least one new EA, we also drew ten winners of 50 TCredits each (to be added to your account shortly).  Those winners were:

  • Chris Manels, Canada
  • Marija Tomić, Serbia
  • Danche Jankuloska, Switzerland
  • Oluwasegun Odusola, Nigeria
  • Sébastien Renault, France
  • Md Ismail Hossain, Bangladesh
  • Sherri Cecil, United States
  • Mario Zacchei, Italy
  • Joel Sinkolongo, Zambia
  • Ivana Zivancevic, Serbia

Once again, a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to all our UNSTOPPABLE affiliates!  We look forward to seeing your name in the top 10, 20, 50 or 100 again in the months to come!

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New Internet Income 2.0–Lesson #30: Creating Personas, Part 3

InternetIncomeLogoWe continue our revised course with Internet Income 2.0, Lesson #30: Creating Personas, Part 3, Course author, George Little, completes the creation of a sample “persona” and discusses the importance of keeping your persona updated to reflect current trends and data.

About Internet Income: Each new lesson of SFI’s revised, exclusive course contains updated tips, real-world advice, and in-depth, step-by-step instructions on setting up your Internet-based business. Author George Little uses plain English to explain the ins and outs of starting and running a profitable online business in today’s ever-changing global market.

Forum Discussion

DISCUSS IT!  Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.