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Eager Zebra debuts new game for 2017


January 2017

Eager Zebra, the games division of e-commerce site, TripleClicks, has just taken the wraps off a fun, new, and FREE game called ZACKJACK.  The developers describe the new game as “Blackjack…with a kick!”

The objective of the game is to put together three simultaneous hands of cards, each equaling 21 points, which is called a “Zackjack” (a reference to Eager Zebra’s mascot, Zack).  Prizes and recognition are awarded for achieving this feat.  You can also earn bonus points assembling suits, colors, and more.

zj-iphone6sFace cards (kings, queens, and jacks) are counted as ten points. Aces are counted as 1 point or 11 points, dependent upon the situation. All other cards are counted as the numeric value shown on the card.

At the start of a game, you will be dealt three random cards from a standard 52-card deck. Each of these three cards will represent the start of three separate hands. You will now begin drawing cards, one at a time, from the deck.

Each time you draw a card, you have the option of placing it on any of your three hands—again, with the objective of producing a 21 for each hand.

Alternately, you may discard (burn) a card drawn (up to five times per game).  Your first two “burns” for each game are free.  You can burn additional cards with TCredits ( TripleClicks’ proprietary “micro-currency”) or with “matches” (which may be purchased between games).

If on any of your hands you place a card that puts you over 21 for that hand, you “bust” and the game is over.


While the primary objective of each game is to score three hands of 21 (a Zackjack), with each card drawn you also earn “Prize Points” (points for earning recognition and prizes). Prize Points consist of the values of the cards you draw (e.g. 10 for a face card, or the numeric value shown on the card).

There are also eight ways to earn BONUS Prize Points:

  • For the first 21 scored in a game, you’ll earn 50 bonus Prize Points
  • For the second 21 scored in a game, you’ll earn 100 bonus Prize Points
  • For a Zackjack, you’ll earn 500 bonus Prize Points.
  • For any all-red 21, add an additional 100 bonus Prize Points
  • For any all-black 21, add an additional 100 bonus Prize Points
  • For any 6-card 21, add an additional 100 bonus Prize Points
  • For a 6-card Zackjack, add an additional 500 bonus Prize Points
  • Add a timed bonus of up to 180 bonus Prize Points. You’ll start each game with 180 points, with 3 points deducted for each second of game time. In other words, the faster you play, the more timed bonus Prize Points you’ll get added to your score! Note: A minimum of one 21 must be scored in the game to earn these Prize Points.

Note: All bonus points combine. Example: Achieving a Zackjack consisting of all-red cards would score you 950 total Prize Points.


  • Each time you score a Zackjack, you’ll receive a free entry in the TripleClicks Daily Crown drawing for the following day where you can win valuable gift certificates, MRP (Member Rewards Points), TCredits, and more. You get 152 chances to win with each Daily Crown entry. Daily Crown entries that can be won via Zackjack are limited to your Prime 10 games each day (see Play & Win Limits), with a maximum of 3 Daily Crown entries from Zackjack each day.
  • If you are in the top 10 for most Zackjack Prize Points scored during the month, you’ll receive a free Zackjack t-shirt (limit 2 t-shirts per player/year). Note: Eligible points are limited to your Prime 10 games per day.


You may play an unlimited number of Zackjack games each day for free.  However, only 10 games may be used towards Prize Points and (some) badges.  YOU choose which games you want to use.  These ten games are referred to as your “Prime 10.”


  • For each TCredit spent playing Zackjack, you’ll earn earn 5 MRP (Member Rewards Points) redeemable on thousands of products at TripleClicks.com.
  • As a Zackjack player, you can win up to 14 badges.  See the complete list of badges at the Eager Zebra blog.


Zackjack is fully mobile-friendly.  You can play Zackjack on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


You can check out and play Zackjack FREE now at:


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