March 27, 2019
by admin

DON’T FORGET! SUNDAY, March 31st, is the deadline…

1. To get in on the March S-Builder Co-op. Just plug in to our global advertising co-op and within a few weeks begin receiving signups (both SFI affiliates and Members). Just 72 cents a day gets you on your way; it’s one of most economical ways to build an online business ever! For complete details, extensive FAQs, and an order link for S-Builder, see the S-Builder central info page.

2. To retain your Executive Affiliate status for March. If you’re under 1,500 VersaPoints for this month, get to your SFI Homepage at the Affiliate Center right away and see your SFI To-Do List for a list of ways to acquire the points you need and advance in SFI rank.

March 20, 2019
by admin

Two big new Starter Incentives now available!

Did you see? We’ve just released two more powerful Starter Incentives designed to help you get your PSAs active and engaged.

Get the full details and learn how you can put these new incentives to work for you TODAY here:

March 19, 2019
by admin

T-Time now awarding 120 additional winners daily!

Effective immediately, our popular T-Time program at has been expanded. Now, instead of 30 winners of two TCredits every hour…we are awarding two TCredits to 35 winners every hour!

That’s now 70 FREE TCredits awarded every hour, 1680 TCredits and 840 individual winners daily!

To enter our free hourly drawing, go to:

March 18, 2019
by admin

100% CV Direct Commissions now even juicer!

Effective immediately, on all your PSAs and PRMs, you’re now going to earn 100% of the CV on their first purchase, no matter when that occurs! That’s 5x the normal Direct Commission and will allow you to get into profit faster than ever!

Full details and earnings examples at:

March 14, 2019
by admin

Announcing a simpler, easier, more powerful Opti-Build!

Did you see our announcement on the new and improved Opti-Build at the SFI Affiliate Center?

Get the full details and learn how you can put the new Opti-Build to work for you TODAY here:

March 14, 2019
by admin

Did you get your free triple bonuses?

Commissions and perks have been processed for February and we wanted to remind you that if you were an EA (Executive Affiliate) or above last month, we’ve added the following triple bonuses to your account:

  • 10-20 free TCredits
  • 50 to 100 free Rewardicals
  • 10-20 free CSAs

To confirm how many TCredits you have available to use, just log in at They will be listed next to your name in the top right corner. You can confirm your total Rewardicals by signing into Finally, look for your new CSAs to start appearing in your Genealogy report.

Learn more about these monthly bonuses:


March 7, 2019
by admin

Have you set March goals?

Have you set your monthly SFI goals? Be sure you collect your 5 VP for setting your goals for the month–on or before this Sunday, the 10th–along with 1 VP each day you review your Goals Tab!

REMEMBER: People who set and print out their goals are, on average, more successful than those who don’t. Learn more about setting and PUBLISHING your goals in this Rules Of Success lesson.

And make sure you’re checking out the SFI Forum every day for ideas, tips, and advice on setting and achieving your goals in SFI. Also don’t forget all the business-building training and support articles available for free to all affiliates at the SFI Affiliate Center!

Then, before you know it, it will be time to start thinking about April!

On April 1st, it will be time to set new monthly goals! Use what you learned with this month’s goals to set realistic April goals. The most important thing is to have goals and always strive to achieve them. Again, various studies PROVE that those who write down their goals accomplish significantly more than those who do not…and we want all of our affiliates to experience bountiful success!

March 5, 2019
by admin

$500 cash prizes for March Localvantia contest

Since Localvantia’s pre-launch on June 14, 2017, we’ve been carefully laying the foundation for this major Zing Network program.  This month we are kicking off some special new promotions to greatly increase Localvantia’s visibility and footprint around the world.

Here’s how you can win hundreds of dollars in cash in March:

  • Pre-register local merchants.  It’s simple and EASY!  Learn how HERE:
  • For each approved pre-registration you submit you in March, you’ll get one entry in a drawing for a total of $200 in cash.  On April 10th we will draw 10 names.  If your name is drawn, you will receive $20 cash (and you can win multiple times if your name is drawn more than once).
  • We will also be awarding $100 to each of the two affiliates who submit the most approved pre-registrations in March.
  • That’s not all.  For every merchant you pre-register in March, who activates their merchant account by April 10th, you’ll receive 250 cash-redeemable Rewardicals!

What you should do now:

  1. FIRST, get up to speed on Localvantia by reviewing this Knowledge Base article:
  2. SECONDLY, start pre-registering merchants!  It’s simple and easy.  All you need is a camera or smart phone to take pictures and the ability to type business names and addresses.  See complete instructions for pre-registering merchants here:
  3. LASTLY, consider also taking on the crucial and potentially lucrative role of Localvantia Account Manager and closing pre-registered merchants.  As the Account Manager of a Localvantia merchant, you’ll automatically earn 1 Rewardical for every 10 they dish out each month. Imagine you’ve signed up a popular restaurant or grocery store that SFI affiliates shop at and who earn themselves 50,000 Rewardicals a month from their purchases there.  That’s 5,000 cash-redeemable Rewardicals for you each month.  And that’s just for ONE merchant; you could have dozens or even hundreds of merchants!  As an Account Manager, you’ll also receive all pre-registrations in your area that do not have an Account Manager!  Yes, a large portion of the merchants who will be pre-registered during this special March promotion, for example, will not have an Account Manager and could be assigned to you just for being an established Localvantia Account Manager in the area. Learn more here:


Registering Localvantia merchants also comes with it the opportunity to earn multiple BADGES and up to 5300 Badge Quest points! See your Badges Tab for details and qualifications at:

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.