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4 great ways to use auction bidding to build your SFI business [re-post]

PricebendersLogoHow can you parlay the fun and excitement of Pricebenders auctions into a money-saving way to build your SFI business?


1. Bid on money-saving auctions for PSAs, CSAs, TCredits, custom prestige domains, and TCards for marketing. You can also bid on silver and gold items to build an invaluable portfolio that can become more valuable every year.

But even if you don’t win a Pricebenders auction…you STILL win!

2. You get 5 Member Rewards Points (MRP) every time you place a bid–10 MRP per bid on DP (double MRP) auctions. Use these MRP to redeem for any product at TripleClicks!

3. You’ll also get 1  VP per bid–up to 1,000 VP a month–a GREAT way to help Team Leaders and aspiring TLs maintain their rank of the accompanying benefits.

4. Build your downline with the free Pricebenders Bid & Build tool. You can win up to one brand new PSA for every 10 bids. PLUS: Each time you win a full PSA, you’ll also receive a FREE bonus entry in the Daily Grand, where you can win additional business-building prizes, including CSAs, TCredits, VersaPoints, and more! Find out more about Bid & Build HERE.

Promo Bids expiration extended from one to five days!

Effective immediately, all Promo Bids awarded to Affiliates are good for up to 5 days (expanded from a previous 24 hour deadline). As you know, Promo Bids work just like TCredits, except that you can only use them for bidding at Pricebenders auctions.

Currently, we award 10 Promo Bids to 50 lucky affiliates each day through the Daily Grand contest.  We also award up to 50 Promo Bids each month in our Badge Quest game.

Learn more how Promo Bids work HERE.

NOTE: Promo Bids do not include VP or MRP or contribute toward Bid & Build PSAs.

Forum Discussion

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It’s $0.99 Saturday!

Euphoric and surprised winner winning online watching a laptop at home

If you win a Pricebenders auction that started today, September 24th, your auction checkout price will be $0.99 or less, regardless of the number of bids placed!

Yes, for EVERY auction today–September 24th–you’ll have the opportunity to not only win a great product, but also pay $0.99 or less for your item at checkout.

For the complete line-up of available auctions, head to the live auctions index HERE.

New GUARANTEED WIN Pricebenders auctions!

screenshot_761If you’ve never won a Pricebenders auction before (or have not won in the last year), we’ve got GREAT news for you!  Beginning Wednesday, November 11th, we’ll be offering auctions for new CSAs in which you are guaranteed to win!  Yes, even with as little as one bid (one TCredit), you’re guaranteed to win a CSA (Co-Sponsored Affiliate)!


1. When a Guaranteed Win (GW) auction starts, get to the auction and place at least one bid.

2. Once the auction ends, you’ll receive an email with directions for how to claim your CSA (note that it will require going through checkout at TripleClicks).  The cost at checkout will be no more than $1.29–which can be paid by any form of payment including MRP or gift certificate.  The price could be less, but we’re capping the price at $1.29.

3. To add some additional fun and interest, all GW auctions will also have a “Last Bidder’s Bonus.”  In short, there will be a secondary prize of 35 CSAs awarded to the person who places the last bid.  But it gets better; the bundle quantity will increase in proportion to the number of bids placed.  So the more persons participating, the higher the bundle quantity can go (up to 200 total CSAs)!  If you’re the final bidder, they’re yours…at no additional cost!

4. Don’t forget that each bid also earns you 5 MRP (Member Rewards Points) and an Action VP (Limit: 500 AVP from auctions per month), too!  Plus, for every 10 bids, you’ll earn up to one PSA via’s our amazing, business-boosting Bid & Build program.


  • Participation in Guaranteed Win auctions are limited to SFI affiliates who have never won a Pricebenders auction OR have not won in the last 365 days.
  • A maximum of 200 bidders will be allowed per auction.  If you arrive late and bids have been placed already by more than 200 different people, you’ll have to wait until the next GW auction.
  • The Last Bidder’s Bonus bundle is capped at 200 CSAs.


To enter one of the GW auctions, just be at the Pricebenders index at one of the following times on a Wednesday, with at least one TCredit in your account and be ready to bid:

  • 4am CT
  • 11am CT
  • 8pm CT

We plan to have GW auctions at these same three times each Wednesday, starting November 11th.

Why GW auctions are a BIG deal for SFI Team Leaders

WOW.  Imagine dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of your affiliates trying out a GW auction…and why wouldn’t they?  All they need is just one TCredit to win a fresh CSA.  Tip: You can transfer up to ten TCredits to your PSAs if not having a TCredit is stopping them from joining the fun.

screenshot_755So what happens after they’ve jumped into a GW auction?  Well, for starters, they’re going to learn exactly how Pricebenders works, by participating in an actual auction.  This is very valuable because it can eliminate the fear of auctions that many people have.  More importantly, they will experience a Pricebenders WIN–which may very well embolden them to become a regular participant at Pricebenders.

So, with large numbers of affiliates on your team active at Pricebenders (and with a fresh, new CSA, too), might that translate into all kinds of new activity–and higher commissions that come with it–for both them and you?  Absolutely!

And, of course, because of SFI’s powerful profit-sharing program (the TripleClicks Executive Pool), GW auctions have the potential to give a big boost to overall revenues and the share value of your Matching VPs–even if there’s not a lot of people in your own team that are eligible to participate.

Yeah, GW auctions could be a very, very big deal indeed!  So if you’re excited about this like we are, make sure all of your existing affiliates and those joining daily know about Guaranteed Win Wednesdays (starting November 11th).  Note: We’ll be doing special promotions of all GW auctions (at least for a while), so you’ll definitely know about upcoming GW auctions so you can provide a heads-up for your team.


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New status and tool features at Pricebenders

We’ve just added some additional features to our  new index to make it even more valuable and easy to use:

  • Reminder status
  • Your PTP (Pick-The-Price) prediction
  • Bid Assist status
  • Bid Rescue status
  • A quick access button for setting up and managing our most popular bidding tools
  • Bid indicator (identify which auctions in the index you’ve bid on with just a glance)

The following diagram explains more about how these new features are provided.

TIP: Be sure to familiarize yourself with EACH element (not just today’s new features)



  1. Don’t forget that you can build your SFI business just by bidding at Pricebenders!  For every 10 bids you make at Pricebenders, you earn a spin of the Bid & Build prize wheel.  Every spin is guaranteed to win you a full PSA (Personally Sponsored Affiliate) or a partial PSA (minimum 10%).  All PSAs are brand new, freshly-generated sign-ups.  There’s no limit on how many spins and PSAs you can earn each day…all bids carry over from day to day…and it’s a completely free bonus!  All you have to do is start bidding to earn fresh, income-building PSAs!  And, of course, bids also earn you valuable MRP and Action VersaPoints!  Learn more about our fabulous Bid & Build program HERE.
  2. Last week, when we unveiled our awesome new and expanded Pricebenders index, many affiliates thought we eliminated the detailed product info, Bid Log, Bid & Build, etc.  We definitely did NOT!  To get to the auction details page for any item, simply click on the item’s name or picture at the index.

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EXTRA SPECIAL, end-of-month bonus!

screenshot_2895/29/15 UPDATE: We are SOLD OUT.  No more CSAs are available.

Effective immediately, we are making 50,000 CSAs available to Pricebenders bidders through our Bid & Build program.

Here’s how it works.  Every 10 bids gets you a spin for a PSA.  And now, in addition to the regular PSAs, you’re going to automatically receive FOUR free CSAs with each spin.  

You heard right.  Each spin gets you FOUR CSAs added to your team instantly!

Also, to provide the most conducive environment for success possible, the CSAs you receive will come from your same country (if available)!

The best time to try out Pricebenders EVER!

During this special bonus period, you’re going to earn, for every 10 bids:

  • 50 MRP (100 MRP if a Double Points auction)
  • 10 Action VersaPoints (max. 500/month)
  • 1 PSA (or more)
  • 4 CSAs

…All while also having the opportunity to win the great product you’re bidding on of course, too!

Be an awesome Co-Sponsor!

For any of these CSAs you receive during this special period, contact them right away.  Let them know you’ve been assigned as their Co-Sponsor and that you’re there to assist and support them.  Note: Though some of the CSAs you receive may have signed up a few months ago, they have never been assigned a co-sponsor.  YOU are their first.

To send your welcome message, go to your Genealogy and use the “CSA Assign Date” filter with the appropriate date to pull up just the CSAs you’ve just been assigned. Then click the “Send an e-mail/team mail to this group” link.

For sample welcome letters and other helpful ideas on supporting your new CSAs, see:




Note that you can also now send instant messages to all your CSAs using the TeamTalk feature located on the STREAMS tab on your homepage at the Affiliate Center.  And/or use the CSA Mailer (https://www.sfimg.com/PowerTools/CSAmailer1) to send newsletters to all your CSAs.

If you’re looking for ways to further grow your team, you’ll find a plethora of great tips and ideas in this key training article:


One more thing:  This is a first-come, first-served deal with a finite number of CSAs available.  Once the 50,000 are gone, no more can be received.


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New Pricebenders page with new Bidding Tools

PricebendersLogoPricebenders now features a new, sleeker, better-organized details page for every live auction.  We think you’ll find the page more attractive and easier to use.

With the new page design we’re also introducing some new features and elements.  Something that we’d like to make sure everyone gets familiar with is a new section called Bidding Tools.

Bidding Tools includes Bid Assist (previously known as the autobidder), the Bid Log, and a brand new tool we think you’re going to really like.  It’s called BID RESCUE.  Here’s how it works:

Some auctions can go on for an extended period of time. During such an auction you may need to answer the door, make a phone call, or visit the bathroom.  You can use Bid Rescue to make sure that these necessary activities don’t cause you to lose an auction.

screenshot_195To set up Bid Rescue, just open it from the right sidebar of any live auction.  Choose how many rescues you want (1 to 5) and click the “Activate” button.  Once set, if you have to momentarily leave your computer, or you get distracted, Bid Rescue will rescue you by bidding for you just before the timer expires, up to five times per auction.  Note that each rescue costs 2 TCredits.

TIP: For further peace of mind, you can set Bid Rescue to be on for ALL auctions that you participate in automatically (by default, it will rescue you up to five times).  To set Bid Rescue to be ON by default, click the checkbox at the bottom of the Bid Rescue set-up section.  You may turn the default to OFF by unchecking the box at any time.

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