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New PTP badge and more


Effective today, to make play more fun and competitive for all, we’ve adjusted the scoring system for price predictions for Eager Zebra’s PTP (Pick The Price) game.  In short, the higher the winning price for the auction, the more points you’ll score on your price prediction—scaling up to a maximum of 500 points.

For example, pick the exact winning price on an auction that ends at $2.00 or less and you’ll score 300 points. For each cent you’re off on your prediction (either over OR under), subtract 3 points (maximum 300).  Here’s an example:

  • Winning price is $2.00.  You predicted $2.00.  You score 300 points.
  • Winning price is $2.00.  You predicted $1.90.  You score 270 points.
  • Winning price is $2.00.  You predicted $2.50.  You score 150 points.
  • Winning price is $2.00.  You predicted $1.05.  You score 15 points.
  • Winning price is $2.00.  You predicted $1.00.  Zero points scored.

OR, here’s an example for an auction that ended at $8.00 (an auction with a winning price of more than $7.00 makes each cent worth the maximum of five points):

  • Winning price is $8.00.  You predicted $8.00.  You score 500 points.
  • Winning price is $8.00.  You predicted $7.90.  You score 450 points.
  • Winning price is $8.00.  You predicted $8.50.  You score 250 points.
  • Winning price is $8.00.  You predicted $7.05.  You score 25 points.
  • Winning price is $8.00.  You predicted $7.00.  Zero points scored.


We’re also rolling out a new badge for a PERFECT SCORE in PTP.  A perfect score requires hitting the price prediction exactly AND scoring the maximum number of points for all the available Sidekicks.  Look for this badge to appear in the next 10 days, awarded retroactively, to all players who’ve achieved a perfect score from today forward.

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Uber-Picks leaderboard adjustment

Effective immediately, we have adjusted the Uber-Picks leaderboards rules.  The reason is that our previous policy of halving leaderboard points every 30 days was not working well because of the fact that many Uber-Picks sports have a multi-month offseason.  The result was that many of our Uber-Picks players were unjustly losing their hard-earned leaderboard positions.  To correct this, leaderboard points are now reduced only by 20% every 30 days.

To learn more about our Uber-Picks sports games, click HERE.

Pricebenders Auto-Bidder Update

After two days of testing auctions with no auto-bidding, and hearing from many of you, we’ve concluded that there is indeed a need for this tool at Pricebenders.

Therefore, effective immediately, the auto-bidder (AB) will return to some Pricebenders tiers.

  • 1WA and Junior auctions (our auctions designed for new bidders) will NOT have the AB option.
  • Big Dog auctions will have the AB option.
  • Other tiers that are designed for experienced Pricebenders bidders will have a mixture (some auctions will have it, some will not).

We appreciate everyone’s understanding as we test different configurations to determine what is best for all Pricebenders participants.