February 20, 2018
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E365 Daily & Monthly Drawings go Rewardical!

Effective immediately, E365 contest participants will now have a chance to win thousands of Rewardicals (which you can exchange for unlimited VersaPoints, PSAs, CSAs, PRMs, TCredits, Bitcoin, and more) every month! These changes are in concert with our companywide move … Continue reading

February 2, 2018
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WOW! Over 3 million Rewardicals awarded last month!

WOW! We’ve only recently begun on our Localvantia and Rewardicals journey…and already, SFI Affiliates and TripleClicks Members received 3,166,890 Rewardicals in January from our Biz Quiz, Daily Grand, Daily Crown, and Badge Quest contests–more than one million MORE than our total … Continue reading