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Bigger, better Daily Crown!

h-dailyCrownEffective with tomorrow’s drawing for today’s entries, we’ve increased the number of winners drawn in the Daily Crown each day from 152 to 285!  That’s 133 more chances every day for you to win!

We’re also DOUBLING the number of times you can win from a maximum of 5 every 30 days…to TEN every 30 days!

We’re also making our amazing new Rewardicals the exclusive prize for the Daily Crown.

RewardicalsStackEach day…

  • 10 people will win 1000 Rewardicals!
  • 25 people will win 500 Rewardicals!
  • 250 people will win 50 Rewardicals!

That’s 35,000 total Rewardicals awarded each day and over 12.7 MILLION Rewardicals awarded a year!

All Rewardicals won can be instantly redeemed at Rewardical.com at the Exchange:


You will receive an email notification each time you win.  Learn more about Rewardicals HERE.

To be automatically entered in the Daily Crown drawing, simply play any Eager Zebra game (including any free entry game). Additionally, each Knock Out Trivia (KOT) game winner gets an additional free entry (maximum 15 each day) to the Daily Crown. Also, contestants who score a Zackjack (three 21s in a game), receives one bonus entry in the following day’s TripleClicks Daily Crown drawing, provided the game has been designated by the player as a Prime game. Contestants may win one bonus Daily Crown entry for each Prime game (up to 10 per day). For ways to attain free TCredits for free game entries, click HERE. Some restrictions may apply. New TC Members who purchase a New Member Pack within their first 10 days also receive 30 free entries (one a day for 30 days) in the Daily Crown drawing.

Winners are chosen by random. Each day’s Daily Crown drawing winners will be published on the WINNERS page HERE after midnight CT each day. All prizes are automatically awarded to the Member’s TripleClicks account within 24 hours. Notifications will be sent to the Member’s registered account email address. Each entrant is responsible for monitoring his/her email account for prize notification and receipt or other communications related to this drawing.

Members may win a maximum of ONE prize per day, and a maximum of TEN prizes in any 30-day period.


  1. With every 10 Rewardicals won by your PSAs and your PRMs, YOU will win one Rewardical!  To maximize your referral tokens, be sure to encourage your PSAs to enter the Daily Crown every day (with the maximum number of entries possible).  Note that referral tokens are paid to you on the first day of every month (e.g. referral tokens won in December will be deposited into your Rewardicals account on January 1st).
  2. Qualify for the maximum number of entries every day if you can.  To learn how to have 25 or more entries in the drawing every day to increase your chances of winning, see the above “HOW TO ENTER” text.

Special Note: References to the old prizes will be modified shortly to reflect the changes.

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New for 2016: The Biz Quiz!

bg-biz_quizWe’ve just added a fun, new, little addition to SFI.  We call it The Biz Quiz!

Each day, The Biz Quiz (TBQ) will feature a new question about SFI or TripleClicks.

Some answers you may already know, some you’ll have to hunt down the answer from various parts of SFI and TripleClicks, including:

  • Training articles
  • TripleClicks product details pages
  • Ask SC answers
  • Forum posts
  • LaunchPad lessons
  • Blog posts & announcements
  • and more!

To access the daily TBQ, just click the link located on the Tips tab or Win It tab on your SFI Affiliate Center homepage.

When you click the link, the day’s quiz question will open in a new window.  Once you’ve read the question, use the parent window or another window to do your hunt.  Once you’ve located the answer, copy the answer from the webpage (be sure to copy JUST the answer and with no extraneous spaces or punctuation).  Then submit your answer by pasting your answer into the entry box on the quiz page.


If you supply the correct answer, you’ll earn THREE things:

1. A cool new Biz Quiz badge for your homepage:

2. You’ll be entered in our daily drawing; each day, one lucky winner will get $50 added to their Signing Bonus account!


3. Last but not least, you’ll be increasing your SFI IQ every day to help you grow your business and your monthly earnings!

To make The Biz Quiz even more fun, each day we’ll let you know your current grade (e.g. B+) and other statistics based on your answer history to date.

Special Notes:

1. You’ll get three chances each day to enter the right answer.  So if you have a typo, for example, don’t panic; just fix the typo before submitting your answer again.

2. Your Biz Quiz badge is good for 48 hours only.  To keep the badge, you’ll need to submit a correct answer at least every other day.  But if you do lose your badge, you’re just one correct away from getting it back.

3. We’ll display your grade only if your grade is at least a “B.”

4. You are not allowed to give away the answer to other affiliates, even in your own group.  That would be considered cheating!  Everyone must figure out the answer each day on their own.

Forum Discussion

DISCUSS IT!  Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

P.S. Be watching for a special New Years message from SFI president Gery Carson later this morning.

Knockout Trivia’s new daily Zackpot

So that there can be bigger payouts for Knockout Trivia, we’ve made it so there’s now one big daily Zackpot for every winner to share in.

Each Knockout Trivia match winner will receive one share of the daily Zackpot for free entry contests; or two shares of the Zackpot for standard contests; or four shares of the Zackpot for Big Dog contests.  All shares of the daily Zackpot will be awarded shortly after midnight each day.

You’ll also notice a few other changes, such as…

  1. A new, more fun background
  2. A new and improved “Double Down” feature which allows you to double the shares of the Zackpot you’ll receive if you win. Double down for just five TCredits.
  3. Runner-ups now win our new EZ Express tokens instead of TCredits.  Each Knockout Trivia match runner-up will receive two EZ Express tokens for free entry contests; or four EZ Express tokens for standard contests; or eight EZ Express tokens for Big Dog contests.
  4. 30 minutes between games.  We know, for those who want to play often, it seems like a long time, but allowing a few more minutes between games also increases winnings.  Tip: While you’re waiting, play a few games of Gold Streak (or one of the other great games we’ve got coming later this year).

Also, to eliminate a serious exploit–persons recording every question and answer before entering games–questions and answers will now only be revealed to those playing…and those knocked out but who’ve made it to at least the 8th round.

We hope you like the new modifications and be watching for the announcement of another great new Eager Zebra game in a few weeks.

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