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Amazon Gift Cards now available at Pricebenders!

PricebendersLogoNow at Pricebenders Auctions: Amazon gift cards in a variety of denominations that you can use for ANY item you want! We will be introducing these cards in special DP Auctions in which every bidder receives double the MRP normally awarded for every bid placed. That’s 10 MRP every time you place a Pricebenders auction bid!

Amazon Gift Cards

Available at Pricebenders auctions in a variety of denominations from $20 on up to $400, Amazon Gift Cards can be used to purchase virtually anything you want from the world’s largest online collection of products! This gift card is as good as CASH at Amazon sites across the globe, so winning bidders around the world** will be able to use this card for whatever they desire–all for potentially just pennies on the dollar from a Pricebenders Penny Auction!

Use your cards to:

  • Treat yourself to something nice from your wish list
  • Rent movies for family nights
  • Download the latest bestsellers to your Kindle
  • Add songs to your music playlist
  • Stock your kitchen pantry
  • Get a surprise gift for a friend or family member

How you use your gift card is totally up to you! Amazon is one of the world’s LARGEST online retailers with literally tens of millions of products available around the world, so the possibilities are almost limitless. Amazon Prime member? You can get free shipping on your item too!

Amazon currently has sites for the following countries/areas:

* amazon.com (United States)
* amazon.ca (Canada)

* amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom)
* amazon.de (Germany)
* amazon.fr (France)
* amazon.it (Italy)
* amazon.es (Spain)

* amazon.co.jp (Japan)
* amazon.cn (China)

**NOTE: Due to restrictions beyond our control, amazon.in (India) and amazon.mx (Mexico) are currently unavailable for participation at this time. Consequently, affiliates living in India and Mexico are not able to bid on Amazon gift card Pricebenders auctions.

Look for Amazon Gift Card introductory auctions for $75, $125, and $175 denominations scheduled for:

  • Friday, July 28, at 2 p.m. (CDT) for a $75 Amazon Gift Card
  • Tuesday, August 1, at 7 a.m. (CDT) for a $175 Amazon Gift Card
  • Thursday, August 3, at 4 p.m. (CDT) for a $125 Amazon Gift Card

Remember, these will be special DP Auctions, where all bidders receive double the MRP–10 MRP–normally awarded for every bid they place! Don’t miss out…set up an auction reminder at:


IMPORTANT! Gift cards will be delivered digitally; the winning bidder must supply a working e-mail address to which to send the gift card.

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SFI Milestone: 200,000 TripleClicks TCards distributed to date!

sfi-WeDidItWOW! Since the launch of our TCards, SFI Affiliates have distributed more than 200,000 of these marketing aids to prospective TripleClicks Members around the world!

Help us reach our goal of 250,000 distributed TCards. Become a TCard “DistribuStar” for the chance to win badges and prizes, all while gaining possible new PRMs, earning bonus VP, and increasing your commission potential! Get complete details and tips at the TripleClicks TCard Guide.

Re-post: Pricebenders Auctions open for worldwide bidding!

PricebendersLogoSome members may mistakenly think that Pricebenders Auctions are available only to US and Canadian members.

ON THE CONTRARY, ALL Pricebenders auctions are open to ALL bidders from ALL countries!

That’s right: Although we can only ship auction items within the U.S. and Canada, ANY TC member from anywhere in the world can bid on (and win!) any Pricebender auction.

How? Simple! Through our exclusive TC Gift Certificate Exchange and Your Choice Dropshipping programs, TC Members living outside the U.S. and Canada can join the fun and participate fully in Pricebenders Auctions.

NOTE: If possible, International Affiliates can also have the item shipped to a United States address at no additional cost by entering the name of the friend or family member and their U.S. address in the Ship-To fields during checkout. 

Here’s how it works:


screenshot_511Go and ahead and bid on any Pricebenders Auction you like. If you win a physical item that must be shipped and you live outside the U.S. or Canada, you’ll automatically be offered your choice of a TC gift certificate or a quantity of TCredits (each of which can be redeemed on virtually any product at TripleClicks).

Here’s an example: You bid on a tablet and win.  But because you live in Germany, when you check out, you’re offered your choice of a gift certificate or a quantity of TCredits.  You choose the gift certificate.  You can now purchase a tablet from a local ECA, eliminating or reducing shipping time and costs.

But it gets better…


Let’s say that you really WANT the product that was auctioned off at Pricebenders. No problem! If you don’t have a U.S. or Canadian address you can have your item shipped to, you can simply use the Your Choice Dropshipping (YCD) program to redeem your TC gift certificate you received after winning your auction. Then, just redeem it for the same or similar Pricebender auction item…or ANY item of your choice from some of the world’s most popular e-commerce sites!

YCD currently works with the following 11 Amazon sites:



Just submit the URL of the product you want to TripleClicks, and we’ll take it from there.  We’ll deduct the amount of the item from your gift certificate balance (plus a $8 service fee) and have the item shipped directly from the site to you! See details.

Simply put…the Your Choice Dropshipping program essentially lets you bid for anything YOU want!  

To find out more about the Gift Certificate Exchange program, see this support page at TC…or learn all about the YCD program HERE.

New TCredit Packs gift option

TCreditsNow, in addition to being able to issue gift certificates to your affiliates, you can also gift TCredits packs!

The primary reason we’ve put this new option in place is in response to sponsors telling us that sometimes the gift certificates they’ve given to people are not redeemed on what they were agreed to be redeemed on.

Now, you can give the specific gift of TCredits to be used as incentives, prizes, and rewards.  And one of the benefits of issuing TCredits is that it can help the recipient become more engaged with TripleClicks via auctions, games, member listings, etc.  By helping them become comfortable with using TCredits, your recipients may then see the reasons for buying future TCredits for bidding at Pricebenders or playing Eager Zebra games, for example.

Available TCredit pack sizes are:

  • 1 TCredit
  • 10 TCredits
  • 20 TCredits
  • 50 TCredits
  • 200 TCredits

With this many quantity options, you can do anything from a small gift to a large, EA-qualifying or Fast-Track-qualifying gift.

Note that TCredit packs may be gifted ONLY to PSAs at this time.

To gift TCredit packs:

  1. Go to your Genealogy.
  2. Click the “Gift” tab.
  3. Beside the name of the person you wish to issue the gift to–under the “Gift” column–click the “Buy Now” link.
  4. On the right side, choose from the pull-down menu the quantity of the TCredit pack you wish to issue.
  5. Click the green “Issue TCredit Pack” button.
  6. Done.  Your recipient will immediately receive the TCredits into their account for immediate use.

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Pricebenders for the Holidays

gift_boxIt’s the height of the holiday season…keep it merry by checking out Pricebenders auctions for your gift giving needs! Featuring many, many of the most popular products of the year, Pricebenders can be a terrific, money-saving source for all the fabulous gifts your friends and family are dreaming about!

PLUS…by using the new Your Choice Dropshipping program, you can have just about any gift dropshipped from some of the world’s most popular e-commerce sites directly to a friend or family members!

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Announcing…Your Choice Dropshipping for Pricebenders!

On August 3rd, we introduced our gift certificate exchange for Pricebenders.  Today, we are excited to debut a new complimentary program we call Your Choice Dropshipping (YCD)–which instantly makes any gift certificate you win at Pricebenders infinitely more valuable!


With YCD, you can now redeem your gift certificates for ANY product from some of the world’s most popular e-commerce sites!  We’re launching YCD today with the following eleven Amazon sites:





Note that most of these Amazon sites service multiple countries in the region.

But the Amazon sites are just the beginning.  At the new YCD Manager page, you can submit other sites you’d like us to add.  If there’s a e-commerce site in your country that is very popular, or that you love to shop at, for example, submit it!  If enough others submit the same site suggestion–and provided the site will allow us to submit drop-ship orders–we’ll add them to the YCD list!

Once added, you’ll be able to redeem your TripleClicks gift certificates on ANY product at that site that you want!  Just submit the URL of the product you want and we’ll take it from there.  We’ll deduct the amount of the item from your gift certificate balance (plus a $8 service fee) and have the item shipped directly from the site to you!  How great is that?!

screenshot_758Speaking of great, put your SFI Team Leader hat on now and look at YCD from the perspective of a business builder; think about how valuable this new feature can be for you.  That is, the majority of SFI affiliates and TC members are from outside of North America and, hence, cannot receive directly the physical items we auction off at Pricebenders each day.  So, instead, the majority of Pricebenders bidders bid on and accept TC gift certificates.  Now, those gift certificates just became immensely more valuable!

Yes, thanks to YCD, now the same or similar product you’re bidding on can be purchased from and received from a local source!  Or, use your TC gift certificate with YCD to order just about anything you’ve had on your personal wish list.  In other words, when you’re bidding at Pricebenders now, you can be bidding essentially for anything YOU want!  

And think about how fantastic YCD is for holiday and other gift-giving occasions!  You can now have just about any gift sent directly to a friend or family member (just enter their name and shipping address when you place your order).

Add this all up and Pricebenders just got a LOT more attractive for our international affiliates and members…and that means more TCredits sales, bigger Direct Commissions, and a larger TripleClicks Executive Pool for all!


Q: When will YCD be available?
YCD is available NOW.

Q: How do I communicate exactly what item I want drop shipped to me?
On the YCD Manager page, you simply need to paste the URL of the item you want (copy the URL from the product details page at the site of your choice).  You’ll also need to confirm your shipping address and the total cost (including shipping, if any).  Once you’ve submitted this information, we’ll take it from there.  We’ll reduce your gift certificate balance for the amount of the order and have the item shipped directly to you as soon possible.

Q: What are the steps to using YCD?

1. You win a Pricebenders auction and accept the gift certificate offered.

2. Access the YCD Manager page (located in the Member Center at TripleClicks) and pick a e-commerce site you want to order from from the sites listed.

3. From the e-commerce site of your choosing, browse and find the product you want.  At that product’s details page, copy the URL for that product.  You’ll also need to determine the total cost with shipping (if any).

4. At the YCD Manager page, paste the URL of the desired product in the provided box.  You’ll also enter the total cost of the product and the ship-to name and address.

5. That’s it.  Once you’ve submitted the above information, we’ll confirm everything, deduct the appropriate amount from your gift certificate balance, and place the order on your behalf.

6. Assuming the item you ordered is in stock and the site has good shipping service, you’ll have your item in just a few days.

Q: Where is the YCD Manager page located?
The YCD Manager is available via a link in the Member Center at TripleClicks.  Note: It is only accessible if you have a gift certificate that you’ve acquired though Pricebenders.

Q: Can I use YCD to have something drop shipped to a friend or family member, such as for a gift?
Yes!  So long as the site will ship to the person, you are more than welcome to use YCD in this way.  And what a terrific way to take care of gift giving for holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and more!

Q: What if I don’t have enough funds in my gift certificate account to buy the product I want?
Then you will need to acquire an additional gift certificate.  We can only accept drop ship orders for items for which you have a balance that will cover the cost of the item and the $8.00 service fee.

Q: I someone lives in the United States or Canada, can they exchange a won item for a gift certificate and use YCD?
Absolutely, yes!

Q: Can I order more than one item with my gift certificate?
Yes, you can order as many items as you want for which you have funds for.  Note: Only one item can be a processed at a time.

Q: I have other gift certificates in my account.  Can I combine them?

Q: What about gift certificates I have on account not won at Pricebenders?  Can I use them, too?

Q: Is is okay to discuss at the SFI Forum other sites I’d like to see added to YCD so as to get more people from my country submitting those sites?

Yes, you’re welcome to do this.

Q: Can I hold on to a gift certificate until a site where I want to spend my gift certificate at gets added?

Q: Is there any VP or CV when using YCD?

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New TripleClicks features and policies

 Effective immediately, we are testing some new features and policies.

1. All ECAs can now accept MRP as a payment option!  Yes, you can now spend your MRP on virtually every product listed at TripleClicks!

2. ALL Pricebenders auctions are now open to ALL bidders from ALL countries!  Here are the details:

For physical items, the auction item will be available for shipment only to US and Canada members (see silver/gold exception in FAQs).  If you live in any other country, you may now bid on any auction item, but if you win the item, you will be offered your choice of a TC gift certificate or a quantity of TCredits (each of which can be redeemed on virtually any product at TripleClicks).

Here’s an example: You bid on a tablet and win.  But because you live in Germany, when you check out, you’re offered your choice of a gift certificate or a quantity of TCredits.  You choose the gift certificate.  You can now purchase a tablet from a local ECA.  Also, because it’s local, shipping time is likely greatly reduced.  In addition, many truly messy issues we’ve had to deal with–like shipping restrictions on the shipment of electronics (and other products), going through Customs, etc.–are also greatly minimized or eliminated altogether.  Yes, a gift certificate greatly streamlines Pricebenders for our international members!

Special Notes:

A. No exchanges (either gift certificates or TCredits) will be available on digital items.

B. All auctions winners will be required to pay the ending (winning) price before choosing to accept a gift certificate or TCredits.

C. The value of TC gift certificates will be our approximate cost for the item and will expire after 180 days (Pricebenders gift certificates must be used within 180 days).

D. US and Canada members who win auctions for physical products will actually have three choices.  You may choose to take the item won, a gift certificate, or TCredits.

Big opportunity for ECAs

We are very excited about our new gift certificates program for Pricebenders and we think it’s going to provide a much, much better experience for our international winners.  But we’re not stopping there.  To truly empower this program, we want to align the program with our ECAs in a way that makes the experience even better yet–while boosting the sales opportunity for our ECAs around the world, too.

What we want to see is our ECAs stocking many of the same or similar products that we’re auctioning at Pricebenders. For ECAs that accomplish this (and are proven and reliable of course), we will refer winners of gift certificates directly to you!

Example: You live in South Africa and you are the winning bidder for a premium cookware set.  At checkout, we would provide you with a list of ECAs in your region that have this or a similar cookware product available.  With just a couple clicks, you can place an order with the ECA of your choice for the product (or similar product) you won using your gift certificate…and potentially receive it in just a couple days!  Slick!

Big opportunity for ECA REFERRERS too!

Know any businesses that might like to have potentially hundreds of gift certificate winners sent their way with a big gift certificate in hand and anxious to spend it?  That’s the opportunity for businesses that are willing to carry and ship “Pricebenders-approved” products.  To learn more about the ECA referrals opportunity (which can include handsome lifetime royalties for you for EVERY sale your referred ECAs make), go HERE.


Q: How do I redeem a gift certificate?
Simply choose “gift certificate” as your payment option when you check out.

Q: Can gift certificates be saved up and/or combined?
Yes, this is a great way to earn big, highly-coveted items such as a fast, new computer for your SFI business!  Note, however, that gift certificates won at Pricebenders expire in six months (180 days).

Q: How long will it take before ECAs can be listed with products to redeem my gift certificates on?
The timeframe is unknown as it’s dependent mostly on our ECAs, but we’ll start spreading the word with our ECAs now…and you can do the same.  In the meantime, we recommend that you patronize the top-rated ECAs in your country as listed on our ECA tab at TripleClicks or on the ECA tab at the Affiliate Center.

Q: Can I redeem a gift certificate on a digital SFI product such as PSAs To Go or a Prestige Custom Domain?

Q: Could I use a gift certificate on a non-auction physical TC Direct product that can be shipped to my country?
Yes, however, you would be required to pay the shipping cost in such an instance.

Q: I’m an ECA that would like to have gift certificate winners directed to my ECA store.  How do I get listed for this?
You may submit a ticket at support.sfimg.com with your proposal.  If we like what we see from you, we will contact you when we are ready to incorporate this component of the program.  You can “apply” now or whenever you’re ready.

Q: What about silver and gold auctions?  Even though I’m in a country that you’ve been able to ship these items to previously, am I now out of luck?
No, you are not.  We will continue to ship silver and gold to you should you win one of these auctions (pending any future changes in shipping laws of course). This is the only exception to the new “Physical items are available for shipment to US/CANADA members only” rule.

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