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New Active Sponsor policy

Beginning May 1st, 2017, SFI will employ a new, accelerated roll-up/compression policy so as to provide a higher level of support and leadership companywide.

Here’s how it will work:

Being a bonafide sponsor requires being active, engaged, and supportive of those you are the sponsor of.  Unfortunately, many affiliates sponsor others only to essentially abandon them.  To mitigate these situations, all sponsors of affiliates will now be required to:

Log in at least once AND have at least 250 VersaPoints every 45 days

Affiliates failing to meet these two requirements will immediately and permanently forfeit all PSAs to their sponsor.  If the receiving sponsor also fails to meet the two requirements, he or she will forfeit as well…and so on up the line.

Therefore, if your sponsor and, say, four other upline members between you and an active upline Team Leader are inactive, you’re going to move up FIVE generations in May!  Yes, if you don’t currently have an active sponsor, you’re going to have one soon!

This new accelerated roll-up/compression policy is also designed to align with the objectives of The Diamond Plan and Opti-Build.screenshot_908

IMPORTANT TIP: Some of you, especially if you’re a Team Leader with a lot of generations of “dead wood” in your group, you may find yourself with dozens or even hundreds of new, forfeited affiliates on your first level in May.  We strongly encourage you to treat this as a business-building opportunity!  That is, if you’ll reassign these persons under the Designated Diamonds (DD) in your group, you have the opportunity to not only juice your DDs but also juice these new, received affiliates who can now have the opportunity to get more active and become DDs and participate in Opti-Build themselves!  A win/win for all!


Q: What’s the main objective of this policy?
To help ensure that as many affiliates as possible have an actively-engaged and supportive sponsor and upline team.

Q: My sponsor probably doesn’t currently meet the two requirements, but still I’d like him to continue to be my sponsor.  Anything I can do about this?
You can contact your sponsor and make sure he is aware of the new policy so he can get himself qualified by the end of April.

Q: If someone is not meeting the new requirements, will they no longer be an SFI affiliate?
No. They will only forfeit their PSAs.  They will still be an affiliate until they’ve gone an entire year without logging in (per our standard policy). And as an affiliate, they can still earn unlimited commissions and even start sponsoring again and build a new team if desired.  The new rule just helps ensure that every SFI affiliate has an actively-engaged and supportive sponsor.

Q: Could this roll-up of people increase my commissions?
It could, yes.  The more people that move into your payline (i.e., the generations where you’ll earn Matching VP), the more you could earn.  You could also increase your Direct Commissions for those who rolled up to your first level.  However, we do want everyone to be aware that rolling up all these people to Team Leaders could mean more Matching VP is earned (i.e., more shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool), which could reduce pool share values somewhat.  But in the long run, the positives will certainly outweigh any temporary negatives for most if not all.

Q: So, this roll-up of people could increase my commissions even if I don’t receive any on to my first level?
If you’re a Team Leader, it definitely could, yes.  This is because the more people that move into your payline (i.e., the generations where you’ll earn Matching VP), the more Matching VP shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool you’ll earn on.

Q: If I’m the direct beneficiary of forfeited affiliates, do they become my PSAs?
Yes, they become your PSAs, with full sponsor rights, including the ability to reassign them as desired.  Tip: If you’re reassigning, be sure to follow the guidelines of The Diamond Plan (e.g. build a 5×5 structure).  More on reassignments to optimize Opti-Build HERE.

Q: Will sponsors who are in jeopardy of forfeiting their PSAs receive any advance notice from SFI?
Yes. Starting in May, we will automatically send a warning email at 35 days and 44 days so the sponsor is informed of the pending forfeiture of his/her PSAs.

Q: What if I was ill, away, or had some other situation that wouldn’t allow me to fulfill the requirements for awhile?
For such an instance, you may put your account on Vacation Mode and we won’t include the days you’re away in the 45 days.  Note, however, that the limit on using Vacation Mode for this purpose is six months.

Q: Could someone forfeit their PSAs and then get them back by meeting the requirements later?
No.  Once they’ve been forfeited, they cannot be reclaimed.  The only exception would be if the upline person who received them agreed to reassign them back to the person who forfeited them.

Q: When will we see the results of these roll-ups?
We plan to complete all the roll-ups during the first week of May.

Q: Will we have to wait 45 days for each level to roll up?
No. During the first week of May we will identify every affiliate who is not meeting the requirements and roll up their PSAs.

Q: How often will these new roll-ups happen?
From May 1st on, every day our system will identify the affiliates who are not meeting the requirements and roll up their PSAs.

Q: When a PSA is rolled up to a new sponsor, what happens to any affiliates that might reside under that PSA?
The entire downline/group under the PSA will move along with the PSA.  They’ll still have their same sponsors, but they will have moved up one generation in the company.

Q: Just logging in and having 250 VP every 45 days doesn’t ensure that someone will be a good sponsor, does it?
This new policy isn’t a cure-all because, yes, there can still be sponsors who log in somewhat regularly and have the required VP, but still are essentially absent from their business.  But we believe this policy will help a LOT and positively impact thousands of existing affiliates who currently have a less-than-ideal sponsor.  And should we need to go further, make the requirements even higher in the future, we will consider that too.

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New rule for Designated Diamonds

Diamonds on black background

Effective immediately, Designated Diamonds will no longer be chosen by sponsors.  Instead, Designated Diamonds will now be selected by SFI.  There are now three criteria:

  • You have to hold the minimum rank of BTL (Bronze Team Leader).
  • You must be opted-in to and participate in the new Opti-Build program. Learn more about Opti-Build HERE.
  • If your sponsor has more than five Team Leaders on his/her first level, at the end of the month you will need to be in the top five, based on rank (with most VersaPoints for the month used as the tiebreaker, if needed) to be a Designated Diamond for the upcoming month.


Q: What is the reason for making this change?
Two reasons: 1. The old rule relied too much on having an active sponsor and so it often created unresolvable issues and hard feelings. 2. The success of Opti-Build depends on serious, active participants.  The Designated Diamond program, with the new rules, provides a perfect fit for, and appropriately empowers Opti-Build.

Q: I am a Designated Diamond under the old rules.  But under the new rules, I will not be.  How can I keep my Designated Diamond status?
You may reclaim your Designated Diamond status by meeting the new requirements (as listed above).

Q: What about my Designated Diamond badge?
If you currently have the DD badge, it’s yours until the end of the month.  To CONTINUE to have the DD badge, however, you’ll need to qualify as a DD under the new rules (as listed above) before the end of March (before the end of this month).

Q: I was awarded a $200 Signing Bonus previously as a Designated Diamond under the old rules.  Do I lose this Signing Bonus?
To continue to receive payments of the old DD Signing Bonus, you’ll need to qualify as a DD under the new rules (as listed above) before the end of March.  If any time in the future you lose your DD status, you will forfeit any remaining portion of the DD Signing Bonus.

Q: Why is there no longer a Signing Bonus for becoming a Designated Diamond?
Being a DD now means you’ll be putting the power of Opti-Build to work for you…and the benefits of Opti-Build are potentially MUCH, MUCH greater than a Signing Bonus.  It also makes the DD program cleaner and simpler.
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New policy on checks for commissions

Businesswoman Hand Signing Cheque

As this article clearly illustrates, the use of checks as a form of payment is rapidly collapsing.  For SFI, it’s a particularly poor payment method because of our vast international footprint which demands faster, cheaper, better ways to receive one’s commissions each month.  Cutting and mailing out check is also just plain inefficient and, hence, not cost effective.

So, effective today, March 1st, 2017, we will begin phasing out the use of checks for commission payments.

You may change to one of the following alternate payment options:

  • TripleClicks Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • ACH Direct Deposit (electronic deposit to your bank account, US only)

OR, you can choose to accumulate your commissions on account.  TIP: Commissions that are accumulated can be used for quick and easy purchases at TripleClicks, including all ECA products, as well as business-boosting products like S-Builder Co-op units and mighty TCredits.

Select your payment choice at:


NOTE: If you wish to continue to have us issue you a check, you may do so, but the monthly fee will be increased, starting today, to $5.00 (and may increase further in the future) to cover our cost to manually issue and process checks.


Standing Orders redefined

IMPORTANT NOTE: SOQ (Standing Order Qualified) is now BCQ ( Booster Club Qualified).  See this announcement: Introducing…TripleClicks Booster Club!

In an effort to simplify and improve SFI’s Standing Order program, we are redefining the definition of a Standing Order.

Effective February 1, 2017, the new term you need to become familiar with is Standing Order Qualified (or SOQ for short).

Payment by cash

To be SOQ simply means that you have placed one or more orders with a minimum of 1500 VP for the current month AND also in the previous month.

Your orders can be those set to reoccur automatically each month (via the Standing Order Manager) or they can just be placed manually at any time throughout the month.  Any combination.

Note: Alternately, you can achieve SOQ status immediately with a minimum of 3000 VP in orders in the current month.

We are also greatly expanding payment options.  You can now pay for your orders with:

  • Credit card or debit card (including TC Payoneer MasterCard)
  • Paypal
  • SFI Account funds
  • TC Account funds
  • TCurrency
  • Money Order
  • Cashiers Check
  • Personal Check (United States only)


  • Your badge mantel will be sporting a prestigious, new “Standing Order Qualified” badge!
  • Save money!  You can buy any TripleClicks product at the discounted Standing Order price…whenever you want!
  • You will receive 100 Bonus VersaPoints each month!  That’s 100 extra shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool paid to you monthly, too!
  • You will receive two additional entries each day in the big Daily Grand drawing!  That’s a whopping 730 extra chances each year to win hundreds of dollars in valuable and income-boosting prizes!

Q & A

Q: How will I know when I’m Standing Order Qualified?
Next to your rank badge in the header at the Affiliate Center, if you’re SOQ, you’ll now see a small “Standing Order Qualified” emblem.  If you see this emblem, you’re officially SOQ and are eligible for all SOQ benefits.  If you don’t see it, it means you’re currently not Standing Order Qualified.

Q: I don’t have, nor can I get, a credit card.  I also cannot get a PayPal account.  So how can I make qualifying purchases?
Your best option then is probably to accumulate your SFI commissions and pay for orders out of these funds. TCurrency is also an excellent option in most countries.  By using TCurrency, you can actually pay for your orders using your local currency or even barter!  Learn all about TCurrency and how it works HERE.  Tip: You are not limited to buying TCurrency from merchants in your country; feel free to use merchants in your region or even outside your region. No TCurrency merchants in your region?  Consider taking advantage of this opportunity by becoming a TCurrency merchant yourself.  Learn about this HERE.

Q: So how many total VP do I need?
Being SOQ means that you have placed one or more orders with a minimum of 1500 VP for the current month AND in the the previous month…so a minimum of 3000 total VP for the two months.

Q: Can I only purchase TC Direct products to become SOQ?
No.  You can buy from any ECA or any Spotlight Merchant as well.

Q: What do I need to do to be SOQ as soon as possible so I can qualify for all the SOQ benefits?
Just generate a minimum of 1500 VP in purchases this month, before the end of January…and then another 1500 VP in purchases before the end of February.  Note that these can be any combination of orders placed automatically or manually, whenever you want during the month.

Q: So purchases are now required at SFI?
No, nothing has changed from this standpoint.  You can still earn all your necessary VP doing actions that are free and/or have no out-of-pocket cost.  Moreover, you can still earn unlimited commissions regardless of your rank and regardless of whether you are SOQ or not.  The SOQ program simply adds some extra perks for those who are practicing transfer buying and supporting their store.

Q: When will I receive the new SOQ badge?
Provided you’ve had a minimum of 1500 VP in purchases in January, you could collect the new badge as early as February 1st with another minimum 1500 VP purchase on February 1st.

Q: Can I pay for my orders with MRP and/or TCredits?
Not at this time.

Q: Can I use backdating when placing orders to qualify for SOQ status?
Yes.  The backdating option on orders is available during the first 8 days of each month.  By choosing this option during checkout, you can have the VP and CV for your order applied to the previous month.
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TripleClicks TCredits expiration notice

47534Since the introduction of TripleClicks several years ago, we’ve chosen not to enforce our TCredits 1-year expiration policy, allowing our awesome affiliates and customers to use their TCredits whenever they liked.

However, tax regulations compel us at this time to start the clock for enforcement of the 1-year TCredits expiration policy.

Effective immediately, ALL TCredits you currently have–no matter how long you’ve had them–will expire one year from today–Monday, December 28, 2015. Going forward, all new TCredits bought or awarded will expire one year from the date they’re issued.

You can view all your TCredit details from the TCredits Ledger at the TC Member Center. Just click the TCredit Expiration Ledger button to view your expiration dates.

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New TripleClicks features and policies

 Effective immediately, we are testing some new features and policies.

1. All ECAs can now accept MRP as a payment option!  Yes, you can now spend your MRP on virtually every product listed at TripleClicks!

2. ALL Pricebenders auctions are now open to ALL bidders from ALL countries!  Here are the details:

For physical items, the auction item will be available for shipment only to US and Canada members (see silver/gold exception in FAQs).  If you live in any other country, you may now bid on any auction item, but if you win the item, you will be offered your choice of a TC gift certificate or a quantity of TCredits (each of which can be redeemed on virtually any product at TripleClicks).

Here’s an example: You bid on a tablet and win.  But because you live in Germany, when you check out, you’re offered your choice of a gift certificate or a quantity of TCredits.  You choose the gift certificate.  You can now purchase a tablet from a local ECA.  Also, because it’s local, shipping time is likely greatly reduced.  In addition, many truly messy issues we’ve had to deal with–like shipping restrictions on the shipment of electronics (and other products), going through Customs, etc.–are also greatly minimized or eliminated altogether.  Yes, a gift certificate greatly streamlines Pricebenders for our international members!

Special Notes:

A. No exchanges (either gift certificates or TCredits) will be available on digital items.

B. All auctions winners will be required to pay the ending (winning) price before choosing to accept a gift certificate or TCredits.

C. The value of TC gift certificates will be our approximate cost for the item and will expire after 180 days (Pricebenders gift certificates must be used within 180 days).

D. US and Canada members who win auctions for physical products will actually have three choices.  You may choose to take the item won, a gift certificate, or TCredits.

Big opportunity for ECAs

We are very excited about our new gift certificates program for Pricebenders and we think it’s going to provide a much, much better experience for our international winners.  But we’re not stopping there.  To truly empower this program, we want to align the program with our ECAs in a way that makes the experience even better yet–while boosting the sales opportunity for our ECAs around the world, too.

What we want to see is our ECAs stocking many of the same or similar products that we’re auctioning at Pricebenders. For ECAs that accomplish this (and are proven and reliable of course), we will refer winners of gift certificates directly to you!

Example: You live in South Africa and you are the winning bidder for a premium cookware set.  At checkout, we would provide you with a list of ECAs in your region that have this or a similar cookware product available.  With just a couple clicks, you can place an order with the ECA of your choice for the product (or similar product) you won using your gift certificate…and potentially receive it in just a couple days!  Slick!

Big opportunity for ECA REFERRERS too!

Know any businesses that might like to have potentially hundreds of gift certificate winners sent their way with a big gift certificate in hand and anxious to spend it?  That’s the opportunity for businesses that are willing to carry and ship “Pricebenders-approved” products.  To learn more about the ECA referrals opportunity (which can include handsome lifetime royalties for you for EVERY sale your referred ECAs make), go HERE.


Q: How do I redeem a gift certificate?
Simply choose “gift certificate” as your payment option when you check out.

Q: Can gift certificates be saved up and/or combined?
Yes, this is a great way to earn big, highly-coveted items such as a fast, new computer for your SFI business!  Note, however, that gift certificates won at Pricebenders expire in six months (180 days).

Q: How long will it take before ECAs can be listed with products to redeem my gift certificates on?
The timeframe is unknown as it’s dependent mostly on our ECAs, but we’ll start spreading the word with our ECAs now…and you can do the same.  In the meantime, we recommend that you patronize the top-rated ECAs in your country as listed on our ECA tab at TripleClicks or on the ECA tab at the Affiliate Center.

Q: Can I redeem a gift certificate on a digital SFI product such as PSAs To Go or a Prestige Custom Domain?

Q: Could I use a gift certificate on a non-auction physical TC Direct product that can be shipped to my country?
Yes, however, you would be required to pay the shipping cost in such an instance.

Q: I’m an ECA that would like to have gift certificate winners directed to my ECA store.  How do I get listed for this?
You may submit a ticket at support.sfimg.com with your proposal.  If we like what we see from you, we will contact you when we are ready to incorporate this component of the program.  You can “apply” now or whenever you’re ready.

Q: What about silver and gold auctions?  Even though I’m in a country that you’ve been able to ship these items to previously, am I now out of luck?
No, you are not.  We will continue to ship silver and gold to you should you win one of these auctions (pending any future changes in shipping laws of course). This is the only exception to the new “Physical items are available for shipment to US/CANADA members only” rule.

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New TCredits exchange policy at Pricebenders

Effective immediately, we will be allowing winners of auctions to optionally exchange items won for TCredits, up to three times per month.

How will I know an exchange of TCredits is available to me?
When you go to check out, for the item you’ve won, you’ll see the offer.  If you want to accept the offer, simply select it and the TCredits will immediately be added to your account.

If I accept the TCredits, what happens to the item I won?
If will go back into inventory to be auctioned later.

Why would someone want to take TCredits instead of the item they’ve been bidding on?
There are a number of reasons and we receive many tickets about this.  Sometimes the check-out price is more than the winner has available to pay.  Sometimes the winner has second thoughts (Buyer’s Remorse).  Sometimes winners have mistakenly bid for an item we cannot ship to their country or it is determined, after the auction, to be incompatible in some way.  Whatever the case, mistakes happen and minds change, so we want to offer this flexibility to our Pricebenders participants.

Can I exchange ANYTHING for TCredits?
No.  TCredits packs are excluded.  Some other items may be excluded as well.  If you do not see an exchange offer, it means the item is not eligible for an exchange.

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