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We are very, very excited today to introduce REWARDICAL™, our powerful new loyalty program for businesses (and a crazy cool program for SFI affiliates)!


Participating businesses will be able to automatically award “Rewardical” reward tokens to their customers, that can then be redeemed for a variety of irresistible goodies at Rewardical.com, including:

  • VersaPoints
  • TCredits
  • CSAs
  • Pure silver bullion bars
  • Bitcoin
  • TripleClicks gift certificates (redeemable on any product at TripleClicks)
  • You can donate your Rewardicals (that is, we’ll convert them to cash and make a donation on your behalf to a charity of your choosing).
  • More items to come!

Also, for participating businesses, there’s no hardware to buy, no software to install, and no change to their normal checkout process is required. In other words, it’s 100% hassle-free!  Best of all, it’s one of the most inexpensive ways EVER to attract new customers and keep current customers coming back again and again!

Official reward token of Localvantia

Rewardical begins life today as the official rewards token for Localvantia and will likely be THE most important component of Localvantia, empowering it to attract millions of people in the months to come!screenshot_2699By simply enrolling in Localvantia, businesses will be able to immediately begin awarding Rewardicals to their customers.

Quick update on Localvantia pre-registrations: Rewardicals needed to be launched first…and now that it is, the stage is set for Localvantia’s official debut.  When Localvantia goes live, you’ll be equipped with an awesome free digital marketing system to begin closing your pre-registered merchants.  And, yes, the closing system will of course trumpet Rewardicals and its many exciting features.  So stay tuned for the Localvantia launch in November!

Powerful Referral Program

screenshot_3070Rewardical also has a very powerful, built-in referral program (get ready, SFI affiliates!). It works like this:  For every 10 Rewardicals earned by your PSAs and PRMs, you’ll earn one Rewardical.

Example: Your PSAs and PRMs earn 50,000 Rewardicals in December shopping at Localvantia merchants. On January 1st, you’ll automatically be awarded 5,000 Rewardicals…that you can then exchange for whatever you want…VersaPoints, TCredits, CSAs, Bitcoin, etc. 

And to really juice this part of the program, we’re making referring Rewardical members super easy and attractive.

Here’s how it works: At Rewardical, grab your referral link from the “Refer a Friend” page.  Share the link and promo code with friends using email, text, or social media (no spamming please!).  Every referral of yours who registers at Rewardical using your link will immediately earn 25 FREE Rewardicals…and you’ll now be set to earn unlimited 10-1 Rewardicals on every Rewardical they earn…for life!  Wow, right?!

By the way, if you’re pre-registering merchants for Localvantia, you’ve got even more potential Rewardicals coming your way.  That is, for every referred Localvantia merchant, for every 10 Rewardicals they dispense to their customers, YOU will earn one Rewardical!

Example: The Localvantia merchants you’ve referred dispense 100,000 Rewardicals to their customers during December. On January 1st, you’ll automatically be awarded 10,000 Rewardicals…that you can then exchange for whatever you want…VersaPoints, TCredits, CSAs, Bitcoin, etc.

WIN Rewardicals starting Nov. 1st

RewardicalsStackYou’ve already read about Rewardicals being what you’ll earn when you shop at Localvantia merchants, but that’s just one part of Rewardical.  Effective immediately, our popular SFI contest, Biz Quiz, now awards Rewardicals to its winners!

Yes, every day, we’ll now draw 50 names from the entrants that had the correct Biz Quiz answer and award them 50 Rewardicals! You heard right; instead of just ONE winner a day, there’s now 50 affiliates every day who will receive 50 of our awesome new Rewardical tokens!

And we don’t plan to stop there.  We are looking at awarding Rewardicals for other SFI and TripleClicks contests…and possibly at other places, too!  Stay tuned!

Free Rewardical membership for your PRMs

RewardicalsStackWe want to roll out Rewardicals and Localvantia in a truly BIG way.  That’s why every member of TripleClicks (i.e., all your PRMs) will be receiving a free Rewardical membership in November, including 25 FREE Rewardicals!

In the coming days we’ll be sending out a special email to let them know and to invite them to get active with our fabulous new rewards program!  Of course that means the potential for thousands of EVEN MORE Rewardicals for you every month!  

The Bitcoin element

As many of our affiliates already know, we’re big proponents of Bitcoin, the Internet’s digital version of gold and its top decentralized currency platform.

Bitcoin sign

Why do we like Bitcoin?  There are lots of reasons, but let’s start with this: If you had put your hands on just $100 in Bitcoin in 2009, it would be worth over $70 MILLION today!  In the last 12 months alone, Bitcoin has increased in value by more than 700%.  And now, thanks to Rewardical, every SFI affiliate (and every non-affiliate too) can be collecting FREE Bitcoin and getting in on the “internet of money” revolution too!

Important exchange rates notice

As we roll out Rewardical, every affiliate needs to be aware that the exchange rates will likely be adjusted, perhaps significantly, for some items.  For example, what might cost you 400 Rewardicals today might cost you 500 Rewardicals next week or next month.  Or, it could go the other direction; higher now, lower later.
The reason is that, being a brand new program, we have no good way of predicting what members are going to exchange their tokens for.  If a large portion of Rewardicals are being exchanged for items that have a higher cost to us—or to our affiliate base at large (e.g. VersaPoints and their role in the value of TripleClicks Executive Pool shares)—we will have to make adjustments so that the program can remain feasible for SFI corporate and our affiliates as well.
Note: The items that will likely change most frequently (literally minute to minute) will be for Bitcoin and silver bullion, as the price will necessarily be pegged to the actual global markets for these items.


Q: I’m an SFI affiliate.  What will I be able to exchange my Rewardicals for?
You can exchange your Rewardicals for:

  • VersaPoints
  • TCredits
  • CSAs
  • Pure silver bullion bars (coming soon)
  • Bitcoin (coming soon)
  • TripleClicks gift certificates (redeemable on any product at TripleClicks)
  • OR, you can donate your Rewardicals (that is, we’ll convert them to cash and make a donation on your behalf to a charity of your choosing).

And that’s just for now.  We hope to add a multitude of other great items!

Q: Will non-affiliates have the same choices?
Yes, except for VersaPoints and CSAs, since both of these items are only for SFI affiliates.

Q: Will Rewardical help the value of TripleClicks Executive Pool shares?
It should.  Especially for Rewardicals earned patronizing Localvantia merchants, we’re depositing roughly DOUBLE the amount into the pool that would normally be deposited for each VersaPoint earned.  Additionally, even when the member exchanges their Rewardicals for something other than VersaPoints, we’re depositing money into the Executive Pool!  As Localvantia and Rewardical grow, so should the value of TripleClicks Executive Pool shares!

Q: Is the correct name Rewardical or Rewardicals?
Rewardical (singular) is the official name of the program.  Rewardicals (plural) is more of a casual term we’ll often use when referring specifically to Rewardical tokens.  You can also use the abbreviation, RT, for short, for Rewardical Tokens if you like.

Q: What kinds of businesses can participate?
Rewardical is for businesses of every kind: online, offline, small, big, local, or international

Q: Why should businesses participate in a loyalty program like Rewardical?
There are many reasons why it’s imperative that businesses offer their customers a loyalty program.  See this terrific article.

Q: Wasn’t Localvantia supposed to launch in October?
Yes, that was the plan, but we developed Rewardical in the meantime and it became the “lynchpin” for Localvantia and needed to be launched first.  Localvantia’s official debut, however, is just around the corner!  We expect to be ready to go live with Localvantia during the first half of November.

Q: Will other items be added to the Rewardical exchange?
Yes, we have lots of ideas.  The more items you can exchange your tokens for, the more powerful Rewardical is of course…and we want Rewardical to be VERY powerful!

Q: How can I learn more about the Rewardical program?
Go to Rewardical.com and click on all the links and read all the information there.  Also, don’t miss the energetic and detailed discussions that will undoubtedly be breaking out shortly at the Forum (see the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section).  SFI founder Gery Carson will be on hand to personally answer your questions, too!

Q: I thought that Localvantia was going to offer VersaPoints for SFI affiliates and MRP for non-affiliates?
That was the original intention, but Rewardicals are of course MUCH better because we give everyone choices on what to redeem their earned tokens on.  Need VP? Exchange your Rewardicals for VP.  Need some TCredits?  Exchange for TCredits.  Love Bitcoin? Exchange for Bitcoin.  Want to add some new members to your team?  Exchange for CSAs.  And so on.

Q: The 10-1 Rewardicals I earn for referrals…when do I receive these?
On the first day of each month we’ll deposit into your Rewardical account all the Referral Rewardicals you earned during the prior month.  i.e., Every new month can start with a big, juicy endowment of fresh, new Rewardicals to redeem on whatever you want!  What a way to kick off each new month, eh?!

Q: I understand I can exchange my Rewardicals for a variety of items, but can I “mix and match?”
Though there are some minimums (e.g. Bitcoin), you can exchange a portion of your Rewardicals for one thing (e.g. VersaPoints), another portion for another item (e.g. CSAs), basically whatever your want.  “Your rewards, your choice!”

Q: There’s not a lot going on at the Rewardical.com website.  Is there more coming?
Yes.  Without Localvantia being live yet, much of the support info (such as a directory of where you can earn Rewardicals at) is missing.  When Localvantia goes live soon, Rewardical will “fill out” quite a lot.  We’ll incorporate other pieces in the weeks ahead.

Q: I can’t wait to start telling people about Rewardical so I can start earning oodles of the 10-1 referral tokens.  Will marketing aids be made available for this purpose?
There are no formal marketing aids for this available yet, but they’re coming!  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, you can of course still refer your friends, family, co-workers, etc. by using your Rewardical referral link.

Q: Do I earn referral Rewardicals when one of my PSAs or PRMs wins Rewardicals in a game or contest?
Yep!  For every 10 Rewardicals they win, you’ll earn 1 Rewardical, with no limits!

Q: Can anyone register at Rewardical and start referring other members and earn 10-1 referral Rewardicals…or do you have to be an SFI affiliate?
The new Rewardical referral program is open to everyone.

Q: I’m already an SFI affiliate.  Do I need to register at Rewardical.com?
No, all existing SFI affiliates have automatically already been given free memberships at Rewardical.

Q: How do I log in at Rewardical.com?
Because Rewardical is one of our web properties, use your SFI login (SFI ID and password).  Similarly, TripleClicks members will use their TC login.

Q: I LOVE that Biz Quiz will now award Rewardicals to the winners.  Why not give out Rewardicals for other contests and games, too?
We definitely hope to, but converting the programming and documentation for each contest/game takes time.  Plus, at this point, we don’t know how well received Rewardical will be (please let us know if you love it!).  We expect that the reception is going to be quite warm (what’s not to like?!)…but it’s best if we take our time so that the impact of the new program can be measured and so that the conversions can be executed with the least amount of disruption.  That said, stay tuned, because it’s very likely that we’ll be announcing another contest’s conversion soon…and more soon after that.

Q: I noticed that MRP is not one of the items I can exchange Rewardicals for.  Why?
Rewardicals are, in many ways, redundant of MRP, so there will likely be changes coming in the MRP program.  Watch for future announcements.

Q: Is Rewardical a “game-changer?”
We sure think so!  Rewardical likely exponentially increases the draw of Localvantia, for both customers and merchants themselves.  Think about it: Who wouldn’t want to patronize businesses that give them great, free, automatic rewards like Bitcoin, silver bullion, and much more!  And with the referral program, merchants can, while enjoying increased sales, also be “silently” referring hundreds of Rewardical members, allowing the merchant to earn large quantities of tokens for themselves when those customers shop any Localvantia merchants in the area (and later, online merchants too)!

Q: What would be a great way for a business to promote Rewardical to their customers and attract new customers?
They could advertise, for example, that their customers can earn free bitcoin with every purchase…whether they sell shoes, pizza, groceries, or gasoline!  Or, perhaps substitute free silver bullion if Bitcoin isn’t their thing.  In time, we hope to have a true multitude of exciting items on the Rewardical exchange that businesses can promote.

Q: Will you be providing merchants with signage, etc. so that their customers and potential customers passing by will know they offer Rewardicals?
Absolutely!  Customized Rewardical signage, table tents, window decals, web banners, and more will be available soon.  Available FREE to the merchant, pay only for shipping.

Q: Is Rewardical a game-changer for SFI?
Yes, yes, yes! We believe that Rewardicals has the potential to exponentially increase almost every activity related to SFI, TripleClicks, Pricebenders, Eager Zebra game, and more!

Q: Is there more to Rewardical than is being revealed today?
Yes!  We have lots of amazing ideas for this program…so stay tuned!

Q: We currently say that the TripleClicks Members we’ve referred are PRMs (Personally Referred Members).  Will there be a new term introduced for referred Rewardical members?
Nope.  The definition of PRM will now expand to include both TC members AND Rewardical members (as in most cases they will be members of both). Note, however, that there will likely be new reports introduced that will distinguish for you between TC PRMs and those who are purely just Rewardical PRMs.

Q: Why not offer other cryptocurrencies than just Bitcoin?
We might in the future, but the reality is that on just about every cryptocurrency exchange out there, you can already instantly exchange your Bitcoin for what ever “alt coin” you like.  In other words, earn your Bitcoin with us and then exchange it as desired.

Q: Can SFI affiliates receive their commissions in Rewardicals?
If enough affiliates are interested in this, we would definitely consider it.

Q: Could a Localvantia merchant I’ve registered generate a lot of Rewardical members?  And would this benefit me in some way?
Yes and yes!  Imagine you’ve registered Tom’s Pizza Place, a very popular restaurant that has hundreds of customers each month.  Tom puts up signs in his windows, table tents on the tables, puts fliers in all takeout orders, etc. that say, “Earn free Bitcoin with every pizza! Sign up free at <Tom’s referral link>.”  So, now it’s a few months later, Tom is doing bigger business than ever thanks to his Rewardical promotions, and he’s now dispensing 200,000 Rewardicals a month to all those people he has signed up.  As the person who registered his restaurant, you’re now earning an extra 20,000 Rewardicals a month, just for this ONE account!  So, yeah, if you haven’t yet start pre-registering merchants in your area, what are you waiting for?!  By the way, those signs and flyers described earlier…we’ll be making them available free, customized for your merchants, they need only pay for shipping.  We also hope to make digital versions available that can be printed locally (no shipping costs).

Q: Will Rewardical members be told about the SFI affiliate opportunity?
One of the things that is very intriguing to us about Rewardical is that it represents a MUCH simpler, more accessible, and more casual program for anyone to earn some extra money.  Indeed, every Rewardical member can earn money by taking some very simple actions.  But does this mean they’re SFI material?  Certainly not necessarily, and assuming so could result in negative consequences.  So just as when someone becomes a TC member, we’re NOT going to immediately start soliciting them about SFI.  However, what we may do, if we see a Rewardical member generating a lot of referrals, is send them some friendly, general information about SFI.  After all, such a person may very well be interested in “taking it to the next level” with the more serious earnings available as an SFI affiliate.  So, concentrate on referring Rewardical members and we’ll let them know about SFI “when the time is right.” And, yes of course, you’ll be recorded as their SFI sponsor should they choose to join SFI.

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Presenting…Class Cash!

As explained in our earlier announcement, we are discontinuing the Signing Bonus program.

The Signing Bonus program is being replaced with a new program we’re calling “CLASS CASH.”

We call the new program Class Cash because it’s a special drawing held just for the members of your class (i.e., everyone who joined SFI the same day you did). This of course means that your odds of winning are pretty good—since you’re competing ONLY against those who joined SFI the same day you did.

Whenever a new person joins SFI, they will be informed of our Class Cash drawing immediately upon submitting the submission button on the affiliate registration page.

The page will look like this:


Upon confirming their email address (or entering a different one if they clicked the red “no” button), they’ll see a message letting them know their drawing entry number has been emailed to them.  They can now retrieve their entry number from the email we’ve sent them.

Over the course of the next 29 days, they’ll then receive up to six additional emails, just friendly reminders about the 10 logins and 300 VersaPoints requirements and—for those who’ve met the login/VP requirements—reminding them to log in on their 30th day to find out if they’ve won and to claim their prize.

We’ve also simplified and shortened the entire New Affiliate Intro (the first pages a new affiliate sees upon signing up).  Now, upon signing up, a new affiliates will see the Class Cash info page (see screenshot above), then just four short pages that welcome them to SFI and provide an overview of the SFI program before turning them over to LaunchPad.


Q: In what ways is Class Cash an improvement over the Signing Bonus program?
There are several reasons, including: 1. It ensures a valid email address, which can open up vital communications.  2. When a person enters the Class Cash drawing, they’ll be incentivized to log in at least ten times over the next 30 days and collect a minimum of 300 VersaPoints.  And if they’re logging in and collecting VersaPoints, there’s a much greater chance of them becoming serious, active affiliates.

Q: Why are you pre-announcing the discontinuation of Signing Bonuses and the new replacement program, Class Cash?
As a courtesy, we want to alert everyone about what’s coming in case you need to adjust your advertising or other marketing that references the soon-to-be-obsolete Signing Bonus program.

Q: When will the Signing Bonus program officially end?
We are removing all references to the Signing Bonus program on our Gateways, banners, etc. on Wednesday, July 12th.  By Friday, July 14th, all references in LaunchPad, on the To Do List tab, in the Knowledge Base, etc. should be removed.  However, new affiliates joining SFI through Sunday, July 16th, will still be eligible to receive the up-to-$100 Signing Bonuses that are currently referenced in our Gateways, banners, etc.

Q: When will the new Class Cash program go live?
Class Cash is planned to go live no later than Tuesday, July 18th, and will be reflected on all SFI gateways at this time.

Q: Why inform new registrants about Class Cash as the very first thing they see upon signing up?
It’s actually critical that it’s done at this time.  Why?  Because this is the one and only time we can absolutely be assured we have a captive audience.  That is, for every other SFI webpage, everything from LaunchPad to the Affiliate Center and beyond, there’s no guarantee the new affiliate will ever get that far.  But when they hit the submit button from their registration, however, we can be assured they will see the next page (the Class Cash info page).

Q: Why force people to get their drawing entry number via an email?
If the person wants to get entered for the cash prize, they will HAVE to provide us with a valid email address…and a valid email address opens the door to important subsequent communications from and with SFI corporate, sponsors, co-sponsors, and upline Team Leaders.  This one little change could potentially pay huge dividends.

Q: What if a person has registered with one email address but wants or needs to change it to a different/better one?
Review the screenshot of the Class Cash page above.  The first thing we ask them to do is verify that the email address they just registered is the one they want us to send their drawing entry number to.  If not, they can click the “NO” button and they’ll be able to instantly swap in a different email address.  Note: We expect to see a LOT of people changing their email address here, since it’s now critical for them in order to enter the drawing.

Q: When does the new affiliate know if they’ve won the cash prize?
On their 30th day in SFI they’ll just need to visit the Alerts tab at the Affiliate Center and see what the winning entry number is.  If they see their number listed, they can then claim it by following the simple directions provided.

Q: Why the minimum 10 logins and 300 VersaPoints requirements?
This of course assures a level of activity that can help all sponsors and Team Leaders in their team-building efforts.  Just getting new registrants to provide a valid email address is awesome of course, but getting new people in the habit of logging in regularly and collecting VersaPoints is even better, we’re sure you agree!

Q: Might the number of logins and/or VersaPoints be decreased or increased?
Yes, we’re starting with a minimum of 10 logins and 300 VersaPoints, but we plan to test other amounts to find the “sweet spot.”

Q: Does a winner have to claim the prize on their 30th day?
No, they technically have up to 72 hours (day 30, day 31, and day 32) to visit the Alerts tab, view the winning number, and claim the prize if its their number that has been drawn.

Q: Are there any consolation prizes for those who don’t win the cash prize?
Yes, there will be multiple consolation prizes, so all Class Cash entrants should visit the Affiliate Center on day 30 to see if they’ve at least won a consolation prize.

Q: Should I as the sponsor, upline Team Leader, or co-sponsor of a new person be providing them information on the Class Cash drawing?
We don’t recommend making this a focus of your communications with new members, but you can certainly mention it.  Going forwards, we’ll be monitoring interest in the new program and we’ll provide future guidance on this to all sponsors once we know better how it’s being received.

Q: What if a new affiliate loses the email with their entry number?
In the follow-up emails they’ll be receiving from us, we’ll remind them of their entry number.

Q: What if a new affiliate’s ISP won’t deliver the email with their entry number to them?
They’ll have to submit a ticket should this occur.

Q: What happens if a registrant chooses not to enter the Class Cash drawing and instead clicks the “no thanks” button?
They’ll immediately be presented with our new, shorter New Affiliate Intro…which leads to the LaunchPad.  In short, they can jump right into being an SFI affiliate, they just won’t have the opportunity to win the drawing.

Q: I have received Signing Bonuses previously.  The total amount of those bonuses resides in my account.  Do I lose this money?
No. If you have Signing Bonus money in your affiliate account, it will be paid out per the original rules (as 3% of your commissions, for up to 18 months).  Do note, however, that we are changing the name from Signing Bonus to Action Bonus.  That is, the money you received as a Signing Bonus will now be categorized in your account as an Action Bonus.

Q: So you’re going to continue to award bonuses (paid out at 3% over a maximum of 18 months), but the name will just be changed?
No.  No one will receive the $20 bonus just for joining SFI or the additional $80 for doing the E365 actions any more.  But, at least for the time being, we may continue to award Action Bonuses for other things, such as for the daily Biz Quiz prize.

Q: Will SFI Gateways advertise Class Cash like it did Signing Bonuses?
If will be included on the Gateways, yes, but it won’t be like the Signing Bonus program which sometimes confused people because they failed to read the details.  We also won’t lead with Class Cash anywhere (e.g. there won’t be an banners that focus on the Class Cash drawing).

Q: How exactly will it be presented on SFI Gateways?
There will be a simple panel with this text: “Special Bonus: One person joining SFI today will win $250!  Join today to get entered.  No purchase necessary to win.”

Q: Maybe Class Cash shouldn’t be mentioned on SFI Gateways to avoid incentivizing people to join just to win money?
Perhaps.  On the other hand, it’s not a guarantee of income (that some perceived the Signing Bonus to be), it’s just a nice bonus drawing, and it may very well attract sign-ups that turn into serious affiliates.  We’ll monitor it carefully, and if we’re not seeing a net gain, we’ll remove it from the Gateways.

Q: Isn’t Class Cash kind of redundant of the E365 contest?
It some ways it is, but Class Cash is much simpler and more direct.  Hence, we think it will quickly engage many new people and in much higher numbers than E365 does.

Q: It appears that the New Affiliate Intro eliminates the pages that previously walked the new affiliate through confirming their email address, whitelisting, and completing Profile Basics.  Isn’t this bad to pass over these?
The new Class Cash drawing, which provides a strong incentive to register a valid and active email address largely eliminates the need for the email confirmation.  And the whitelisting and Profile Basics pages arguably add unnecessary complexity for new affiliates.  Meanwhile, all of these elements will continue to exist and can be subsequently accessed by new affiliates a little later in the process of getting started with SFI, especially since they represent large amounts of free, easy VersaPoints and are prominently presented in their own section on the To Do List tab.

Q: Is this new program just for new affiliates…or can existing affiliates participate and win prizes too?
It’s only for new affiliates, starting with those joining next week (Class Cash should go live on either July 17th or 18th).

Q: Why does the New Affiliate Intro turn them over to LaunchPad instead of the Affiliate Center?
Our research on this over the years indicates that dropping new persons directly into the Affiliate Center is overwhelming.  Before hitting the Affiliate Center, new affiliates need to understand a few basics.  These basics are what we cover in the intro and in LaunchPad.  Of course, if a new affiliate wants to skip LaunchPad and jump into the Affiliate Center, they can…by clicking the Affiliate Center button located atop each LaunchPad lesson.

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Localvantia Pre-Launch!


We are very excited today to unveil a powerful and groundbreaking new program for SFI affiliates.

For years, we’ve been working towards a way to allow our affiliates to earn unlimited VersaPoints by simply shopping at their favorite local merchants.

Imagine earning all your rank-qualifying VersaPoints each month by simply buying your groceries, fueling up your car, or dining at your favorite restaurants!

Better yet, imagine earning earn all these VersaPoints with no additional expense whatsoever; just buy what you already buy!

Yes, that’s exactly what our new program, “Localvantia,” aims to do!

But Localvantia won’t be just grocery stores, gas stations, and places to eat.  On the contrary, Localvantia is designed to cover essentially ALL merchants with products and services consumed locally.

Here are some of the categories planned:

  • Accountants/Tax Professionals
  • Appliance Installation & Repair
  • Attorneys
  • Automotive
  • Bakery
  • Bars/Pubs
  • Beauty/Hair Salons
  • Books
  • Carpentry
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Childcare
  • Clothes
  • Coffee
  • Computer, Phone, & Electronics Repair
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Electrical Installation & Repair
  • Flowers
  • Fun & Entertainment
  • Gasoline/Fuel
  • General Contracting
  • General Home Repair
  • Groceries
  • Health & Wellness
  • Heat & Air Conditioning
  • Home Security
  • House Cleaning
  • Interior Design
  • Landscaping
  • Locksmith
  • Movers
  • Music
  • Notaries
  • Painting Services
  • Pest Control
  • Pet Care & Grooming
  • Photographers
  • Plumbing
  • Pool Specialists
  • Printing Services
  • Roofing & Siding
  • Restaurants
  • Self Storage
  • Sewing & Alterations
  • Snow Removal
  • Sports
  • Theaters/Shows
  • Trash & Junk Removal
  • Tree Trimming

How you’ll earn & receive VersaPoints

  1. Simply make a purchase at a participating merchant…and get a receipt for your purchase.
  2. Go to localvantia.com and fill out a simple Points Claim Form and attach (upload) a photo of your receipt as proof of your purchase.
  3. We’ll invoice the merchant for the cost of your points.
  4. Once the points have been paid for by the merchant, they will be added to your account.

That’s it!  Simple and easy for you…and simple and easy for the participating merchants!


While the opportunity in the near future to earn unlimited VersaPoints just by shopping at your favorite merchants is BIG, the biggest news today is the Localvantia pre-registration program.

Starting today, all SFI affiliates with the minimum rank of Executive Affiliate (EA), can start pre-registering their local merchants.

It’s this simple:

  1. Visit your favorite merchant(s).
  2. Take a good picture of their storefront.
  3. Go to https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/lv_prereg and complete the pre-registration form for the merchant and upload the photo you took.
  4. Monitor your list of registered merchants and results at: https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/lv_mymerchants

Then, this fall, when the Localvantia website/search engine goes live, the merchants will be contacted directly to confirm their registration and formally opt in to the program.

Note: Follow-up contact with the merchant may involve SFI and/or you—the affiliate who pre-registered them—so do not pre-register any merchants you’re not willing to follow up on later.  What form will the follow-up take?  It could take many forms, including mailing literature, leaving a brochure for the owner, phone calls, or meetings.


For your accounts (the merchants for which you are the Account Manager), your reward is the opportunity to earn unlimited Bonus VP (each worth one share of the TripleClicks Executive Pool)!

That is, for each VersaPoint dispensed by your merchants, you’ll earn one Bonus VP!

Imagine you’ve signed up a popular restaurant or grocery store that SFI affiliates shop at, who earn themselves 50,000 VP a month from their purchases there.  That’s 50,000 Bonus VP (shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool) for you each month, just for introducing the merchant to the Localvantia program.  And that’s just for ONE merchant; you could have dozens or even hundreds of merchants!


Note: For quality control reasons, you will be limited to a nominal number of pre-registrations per day to start (just one per day to start).  We will review all submissions daily.  Once you’ve demonstrated that your pre-registrations are accurate, error-free, and include a quality photo, your limit will be raised…and we’ll keep raising your limit so long as a high level of quality is maintained.


When Localvantia is launched in the fall, we’d like to have a minimum of 10,000 merchants pre-registered.  With approximately 125 days until launch, that means we need to average 80 pre-registrations a day.  We’re counting on everyone to help us reach our goal.  Let’s get started!


Q: When will Localvantia go live and be available to customers?
We hope to launch Localvantia no later than the end of October.

Q: Is Localvantia just for the United States?
No!  Localvantia is for ALL affiliates, ALL merchants, in ALL countries!  As an SFI affiliate you can pre-register merchants wherever you live.

Q: Why do a “pre-launch,” why not just launch Localvantia now?
Because for Localvantia to succeed, we need our army of affiliates around the world to get to work NOW…pre-registering thousands of local merchants, so that when Localvantia is ready to go live to the public it can have thousands of merchants confirmed and participating.

Q: Won’t taking a picture of the purchase receipt and uploading the picture to receive points be hard to do?
No.  Simply take a quick picture of the receipt with your phone’s camera.  Then, at the Points Claim Form, you’ll be able to quickly and easily click a button and choose the picture you took and upload it.  That’s it.  Very simple and easy.

Q: Will merchants be able to see the photo of the receipt?
Yes, that’s the primary reason for uploading the photo, so that merchants can confirm your purchase and pay the points due.

Q: Is Localvantia only for SFI affiliates?
No.  For TripleClicks members, MRP (Member Rewards Points) can be earned.  So VersaPoints for SFI affiliates, and MRP for TC members.

Q: Will there be a Localvantia app for my smart phone?
Localvantia will be fully mobile-friendly and should work great on your smart phone.

Q: Why will merchants want to participate in the Localvantia program?
Because it will be one of the easiest ways to increase their sales.  Think about it:  Are YOU more likely to shop at the local merchants in your area that reward you with free VersaPoints?  Of course.  And what about the dozens, hundreds, or thousands of other affiliates and members in the area?  They too will have a great incentive to buy from “Localvantians.”

Q: Is Localvantia expensive for merchants to participate in?
Definitely not.  In fact, for most merchants, the sales they’ll get from being in the Localvantia network, will cost them but a few cents.  Compared to the cost of advertising in newspapers, on radio, etc., Localvantia may be THE best bargain in advertising and customer retainment they will EVER see.

Q: If merchants have to be invoiced for points, does that mean it will take a long time to get my VersaPoints?
For merchants brand new to the Localvantia network, it may not be real speedy at first, but we plan to streamline the process so it’s very quick and easy for the merchants to pay their invoices.  And we hope to get as many merchants as possible on a prepaid plan where they’ll actually deposit funds into an account and we’ll draw from that account immediately when a points claim is submitted.  That is, for merchants on the prepaid plan (which will be less expensive for them too), you’ll be able to receive your VersaPoints within hours or even minutes.

Q: I’m an SFI affiliate.  Can I get MRP instead of VersaPoints?
VersaPoints will be the default for SFI affiliates but, yes, we will likely make it so you can choose to receive MRP instead.  There may other options available in the future too.

Q: Will Localvantia make it easier to recruit new affiliates and keep them active?
We sure think so!  Your PSAs can now qualify as Executive Affiliates each month just by buying what they normally buy around town.  That’s huge!  Add to that that they can be earning shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool doing this, and earn even more money by just letting others know about it, too.  Yes, Localvantia could very well be a game-changer!

Q: Can I pre-register merchants outside of my area?
No.  We want all merchants to have a LOCAL contact.  Therefore, you are limited to merchants in your area.

Q: What is considered “local?”
If the merchant is located close enough that you’d be comfortable driving to visit their store or have a meeting as their Account Manager on short notice, they can probably be considered local for you.

Q: How will merchants be convinced to opt in to the Localvantia program?
For starters, Localvantia will clearly be seen as one of the easiest, most affordable methods available for them to create new customers and sales.  Being a Localvantia merchant will also give them access to great free tools to help them increase their sales.  And then there’s this:  All prospective Localvantia merchants will be advised of the number of current SFI affiliates and TC members in their area.  Imagine being a merchant and being able to sign up for Localvantia and immediately tap into dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of area affiliates and TC members hungry for free VersaPoints and MRP!  And we’ll make sure all those affiliates and members are aware of every Localvantia merchant in their area.  That is, we’ll prominently and directly promote Localvantia merchants to all our affiliates and members!

Q: Can my PSAs earn 1500 VP (for Executive Affiliate status) just by shopping at Localvantia merchants?
Yes!  And not only that, but as an Executive Affiliate they’ll earn one share of the TripleClicks Executive Pool for each VP.  In other words, not only can your PSAs earn EA status each month without adding anything to their budget, but they’ll also earn income from SFI…meaning they can get all their groceries, gas, etc. at a discount price!

Q: Will there be a way for affiliates, TC members, and the general public to easily discover the Localvantia merchants in their area?
Absolutely!  Localvantia.com will feature a searchable directory of every Localvantia merchant.  Every merchant will have a “profile page” with extensive information, photos, ratings and reviews, and more.  Example: Looking for Localvantia restaurants?  You’ll be able to quickly pull up just these merchants in your area, view photos, read reviews, and more.

Q: What if one of my PSAs is looking for, say, gasoline stations in his area?
Your PSA can go to localvantia.com, do a search on the gasoline/fuel category.  Each found merchant will have a profile page so that your PSA can compare the stations, find the one closest to him/her (will include a Google map), and see how much VP they’ll earn by filling up their tank there!

Q: What should the storefront photo look like that we need to take and upload when pre-registering a merchant?
Here are a few examples:

Q: What if it’s a business that doesn’t have a storefront?
You should, as a general rule, target businesses with storefronts, but if there is no storefront for, say, a local photographer who operates from his or her home, we suggest photographing the owner of the business, perhaps posing with his or her camera.

Q: Once Localvantia launches, will there be literature, brochures, X-Cards, etc. available to give to prospective merchants or for following up?
Yes, there will be a nice array of marketing aids available, both of the printed and digital variety, but remember that pre-registering them is the first step—which you can start doing right now.

Q: What about brand new SFI affiliates?  How will they know about the merchants in their area that offer VersaPoints for shopping with them?
It will be part of the SFI system once Localvantia is launched.  When a new affiliate comes aboard, we’ll let them know about all the Localvantia merchants that they can shop at to earn easy VersaPoints.  As their sponsor, you can help make sure they know about Localvantia merchants, too.

Q: Are the merchants I pre-register permanently mine?
That depends on you.  All merchants you pre-register need to be thought of as accounts, accounts that must be maintained and cared for.  For most merchants, we expect them to opt in to the program without a lot of fuss…and there may be little, if any, ongoing care needed by you, their account manager.  However, there will absolutely be some merchants that will require follow-ups by you, which could include direct mail, phone calls, or personal meetings.  If you’re not willing to be active in this way, you should not pre-register Localvantia merchants.

Q: What is the point of following up on the merchants I pre-register?
First, and most importantly, a follow-up is the mechanism for getting the merchant to confirm the information you’ve pre-registered and formally opted in to the Localvantia program.  Without the merchant doing this, the pre-registration means nothing.  Beyond this, we of course want the merchant to be fully aware of ALL of the program’s potential  benefits so that they are active participants.  This benefits you, the account manager, of course, because it can mean a much higher volume of VersaPoints being dispensed by the merchant–which of course means more Bonus VP and commissions for you.

Q: Are there other aspects of Localvantia for merchants besides just gaining new customers because of SFI sending its affiliates their way?
Yes!  Localvantia merchants will have a slick and easy way to create special discounts and deals to bring in existing customers and attract new customers too.  And we’ll help them promote their special offers, too, such as by alerting every SFI affiliate and TC member in the area—at little or no cost to the merchant!  Other powerful free and inexpensive sales boosters are also planned for Localvantia merchants.

Q: How do I pre-register a merchant for Localvantia?
Here are the simple steps:

  1. Visit your favorite merchant(s).
  2. Take a good picture of their storefront.
  3. Go to https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/lv_prereg and complete the pre-registration form for the merchant and upload the photo you took.
  4. Monitor your list of registered merchants and results at: https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/lv_mymerchants

Q: Will the merchants that I pre-register have the opportunity to edit their listing, submit a new photo of their storefront, etc.
Yes. The idea is that by pre-registering them you make it easy for them to get started, but they’ll have the opportunity to replace the photo you took (and add more photos if they want to).  They’ll also be able to update/edit what you’ve entered as well as add much more information to “fill out” their store’s profile in our directory.

Q: What if I don’t do the follow-ups and/or don’t continue to manage my accounts?
If you’re negligent in these areas, your accounts will be eventually reassigned to another account manager in your area, typically one that has demonstrated prowess. The fact is, Localvantia will not be successful if merchants are simply pre-registered and then left to “wither on the vine.”  With the Localvantia program, proactiveness by those referring the merchants is key.  If we want results, if we want to create a truly powerful and beneficial network of merchants where all SFI affiliates can earn their VersaPoints at, we can’t be bashful or demure. If we want to build something truly great here, we need our merchant accounts in the hands of our most productive affiliates.  Ultimately, this is best for everyone.

Q: How do you pronounce Localvantia?

Q: What does the name Localvantia mean?
Think of it as “local advantage.”

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New “Round up for Charity” program

We’re very happy today to unveil our new TripleClicks Round up for Charity program. Our new program lets you easily and painlessly support charities of your choice and help make a difference in the world!  Another great reason to be a proud member of SFI!Group of People Holding Hands Around the Word GiveHere’s how it works:

During the TripleClicks check-out process, just select the round up option to raise your TripleClicks purchase total by a few cents to the nearest dollar amount, and make a selection from among the charities listed. We’ll then collect 100% of the difference between your purchase amount and the rounded up total, and donate the accumulated totals each quarter to your chosen charity(ies).

Following are the eleven charities we are starting the program with.  We have compiled this list of charities based on their international appeal, high ratings among charity watchdogs, and important causes.


A global humanitarian organization providing disaster relief to areas in crisis, while providing long-term solutions to poverty around the world.

Conservation International

Helping to build a healthier, more prosperous and more productive planet through science, policy, and partnerships with countries, communities and companies.

Doctors Without Borders

Delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from health care.

Habitat for Humanity International

A global nonprofit housing organization working in approximately 70 countries around the world with the goal of providing all people with a decent place to live.

International Committee of the Red Cross

Helping people affected by conflict and armed violence and promoting the laws that protect victims of war.

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Responding to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helping refugees and people to survive and rebuild their lives.

Make-A-Wish International

Granting wishes to children around the world who are living with life-threatening illnesses.

Rotary International

Business and professional leaders around the world working together to promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, support education, and strengthen communities worldwide.

The Nature Conservancy

Working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.

Wildlife Conservation Network

Working to protect endangered species and preserve their natural habitats by supporting entrepreneurial conservationists and innovative strategies for people and wildlife to co-exist and thrive.

World Wildlife Fund

Working to conserve nature and reduce pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth through innovative solutions that meet the needs of people and nature.

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Get a “truckload” of CSAs every month! [re-post]

i-csa_rewardsEarn 10, 20, 30 or more new, income-boosting CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates) every month!

Here’s how:

You’re already aware of the 2 CSAs you get each month for becoming an Executive Affiliate (see the SFI Comp Plan)…but there are literally dozens of OTHER qualified actions you could take to earn you lots more CSAs every month!

We call it CSA Rewards…and one of the easiest actions to score new CSAs every month through this powerful program is by setting up a qualifying Standing Order:

  • 10 CSAs each month (120/year) with a min. 1500 VP Standing Order -OR-
  • 12 CSAs each month (144/year) with a min. 2000 VP Standing Order -OR-
  • 20 CSAs each month (240/year) with a min. 3000 VP Standing Order

But CSAs for Standing Orders is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the other 28 ways to earn monthly CSAs:

  • 2 for being an EA or EA2
  • 3 for being a BTL (Bronze Team Leader)
  • 4 for being a STL (Silver Team Leader)
  • 6 for being a GTL (Gold Team Leader)
  • 8 for being a PTL (Platinum Team Leader)
  • 10 for being a DTL (Diamond Team Leader)
  • 1 for being a Fast-Track Silver member
  • 3 for being a Fast-Track Gold member
  • 5 for being an E365 Champion
  • 1 for being top 3 in your Power Rank Class
  • 1 for having the silver-trimmed Top Sponsor badge
  • 2 for having the gold-trimmed Top Sponsor badge
  • 1 for having the silver-trimmed Top Co-Sponsor badge
  • 2 for having the gold-trimmed Top Co-Sponsor badge
  • 5 for having the TC Top 100 Seller badge
  • 1 for having the silver-trimmed Top VP badge
  • 2 for having the gold-trimmed Top VP badge
  • 1 for having the silver-trimmed Overall Power Rank badge
  • 2 for having the gold-trimmed Overall Power Rank badge
  • 1 for having the gold-trimmed Country Power Rank badge
  • 1 for having the gold-trimmed EA Streak badge
  • 1 for having the gold-trimmed ECA Referrals badge
  • 1 for having the silver-trimmed Fast-Track PSAs badge
  • 2 for having the gold-trimmed Fast-Track PSAs badge
  • 1 for having the latest Leadership Challenge badge
  • 1 for having the gold-trimmed Ask SC Top Author badge
  • 1 for having the gold-trimmed Likes badge
  • 1 for having the gold-trimmed Daily VP Streak badge

NOTE: Quantity shown represents the number of CSAs you’ll receive each month. Minimum rank of EA required to receive CSAs. To view the qualifications for all the SFI badges, see the BADGES GALLERY.


Each time you qualify for one or more CSAs from the CSA Rewards program, you’ll receive an alert on your Alerts Tab.  You’ll then need to visit the CSA Rewards Ledger and click the “CLAIM” button to get your CSA(s)*.  Your request will immediately be queued and your CSA(s) will be added to your Genealogy as soon as new CSAs are available.  This will normally be within 24 hours.  CSAs that go unclaimed after 30 days are forfeited.

Check your Alerts Tab NOW to see if you have any CSAs to claim. Then be sure to welcome them to your team and start working with them!

*  There is one exception on CSA claims: For the two CSAs that brand new affiliates receive upon initially achieving the rank of EA, claiming is not required.  Rather, for first-time EAs, the two CSAs will be awarded automatically.


CSA Rewards now fully live!

i-csa_rewardsAll affiliates can now earn 10, 20, 30 or more new, income-boosting CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates) every month!

One of the easiest ways to score a plentiful load of new CSAs every month is by setting up a qualifying Standing Order.  You’ll now receive…

  • 10 CSAs each month (120/year) with a min. 1500 VP Standing Order OR
  • 12 CSAs each month (144/year) with a min. 2000 VP Standing Order OR
  • 20 CSAs each month (240/year) with a min. 3000 VP Standing Order

But CSAs for Standing Orders is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are also 28 other ways to earn monthly CSAs!  Go now to our new CSA Rewards Ledger for the complete list here:



Each time you qualify for one or more CSAs from the CSA Rewards program, you’ll receive an alert on your Alerts Tab.  You’ll then need to visit the CSA Rewards Ledger to claim your CSA(s).  To claim CSA(s), simply click the “CLAIM” button.  Your request will immediately be queued and your CSA(s) will be added to your Genealogy as soon as new CSAs are available.  This will normally be within 24 hours.  CSAs that go unclaimed after 30 days are forfeited.

Check your Alerts Tab NOW to see if you have any CSAs to claim.  Then be sure to welcome them to your team and start working with them!

There is one exception on CSA claims: For the two CSAs that brand new affiliates receive upon initially achieving the rank of EA, claiming is not required.  Rather, for first-time EAs, the two CSAs will be awarded automatically.

Forum Discussion

DISCUSS IT!  Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

Major new program for sponsors

It’s a fact: One of the biggest frustrations for SFI sponsors is that many new affiliates become inactive shortly after signing up.  They seemingly log in and then vanish.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new promotion designed to directly address these issues.

We call it TCREDITS WELCOMES (TW). Put simply, you’ll now have the option to offer a small allotment of TCredits to new SFI registrants as an incentive to actively check out SFI and TripleClicks.

What’s distinctly different about TW is WHEN the offer occurs. Once you’ve signed up to participate in the TW program, your new PSAs will be presented with your gift in a fashion that can’t be missed and does not rely on an email being delivered, opened, and read!

Literally the instant that your new PSA has submitted his or her registration to join SFI, he/she will see a screen like this (featuring your photo).  The page is of course dynamic and will automatically reflect the number of TCredits you’re offering, the value of your offer, etc.


For those accepting the offer, we then let them know (on a second screen) the TCredits are in their account, ready for them to use immediately…and we provide them a link to the Mighty TCredit page as a jumping-off spot.

And you’ll like this: For any TCredits not redeemed within 24 hours, they are immediately returned to your account!


Getting set up to participate is super quick and easy. Just go to our new Special Promo Manager HERE and click the TW tab.

If you have TCredits on account, it will show how many you have (a link is also provided if you need to buy some TCredits). Next, you need to:

  1. Click the on/off switch to turn it ON.
  2. Choose if you wish to make an offer to ALL, 50%, or 25% of your registrants.
  3. Choose how many TCredits you wish to offer (choose 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9).
  4. Choose the maximum number of TCredits you’re willing to spend on the TW promo each day (your daily maximum limit).
  5. Choose whether to pause participation if your daily maximum limit is reached.
  6. Click the “Save” button

That’s it! The very next person you sign up will be offered the quantity of TCredits you’ve set up. And it’s just as easy to turn off whenever you want. Just return to the TW tab and turn the on/off switch to OFF.

TIP: Perhaps you want to be around so that you can immediately get in touch (e.g. SFI Instant Messaging) with those accepting your offer to maximize impact. Hence, you could turn participation ON when you’re at your computer, and off when you’re not.

You’ll also notice the STATISTICS section located on the right side on the TW tab page. In this area, we will provide real-time statistics so you can see how your campaign is doing minute by minute.

By the way, this is a good time to think about ROI (Return On Investment). Though you’ll know immediately when new affiliates have accepted your offer of TCredits, you may not know for at least a few days, and possibly weeks, if your investment is paying off with more active affiliates.

For example, are those receiving TCredits going further in the E365 contest? Going Fast-Track?  Are they becoming EAs, EA2s, or Team Leaders more frequently? Are they setting up Standing Orders? These and other metrics will be very important in determining your ROI. The simple stats on the TW tab will help you get a quick, general idea, but you’ll be pleased to know we’ve also added a new filter to the Genealogy. By selecting the new “Rec’d TCredits Welcome” filter, you can really “crunch the numbers” and compare all kinds of aspects vs. those who do not receive TCredits. This new filter is also great if you wish to send a mailing to this group (perhaps you want to “extol the virtues” of TCredits in general or give guidance on the best way to use the TCredits you’ve gifted to them).


Q: How does providing TCredits help get new affiliates engaged?
First of all, it’s a gift of real value…and no one wants to waste a valuable gift. Moreover, participating in Eager Zebra games, bidding in a Pricebenders auction, downloading music, etc. is the best possible way to get to know about some of the key elements of the SFI program. Getting people STARTED is the key. People that get started and get engaged with the system are about 20 times more likely to stay engaged and become active SFI affiliates.

Q: How is this better than just transferring TCredits via the Genealogy like has been available for years?
HUGE difference. There, you had to hope the recipient even knew about your gift. That is, they had to receive AND open AND read the email from you or us letting them know about the TCredits (or somehow otherwise notice the TCredits in their account at TripleClicks). Indeed, our research indicates that many people sign up in SFI using secondary email accounts they rarely if ever check. And many ISPs inadvertently/wrongly send our emails to junk folders where they’ll likely never be seen. So sending an email is often a COMPLETELY WASTED EFFORT. Recipients of your generosity also had to figure out what to do with those TCredits. AND, with the TW program, you get your TCredits returned to you if they are not used within 24 hours! And here is what is likely the biggest difference of all: The TW offer is made while they are still at our website–at the very moment they are at their highest interest level (they just submitted their registration a split second before) and the offer literally cannot be missed.

Q: Why do the TCredits have to expire so quickly?
By utilizing a short “time fuse,” recipients will be much less likely to procrastinate and, hence, be more likely to use them. The whole idea, of course, is to get them to use the TCredits. So it’s good for them, and it’s good for you. Note: To help, we send two emails reminding them of the expiration (one immediately upon accepting the offer, and another 16 hours later if the TCredits haven’t yet been used).

Q: How will I know that a new PSA has accepted the TW offer?
For starters, we’ve added a line to the New PSA Notification email you receive from us each time you have a new sign-up. We’ve also added a “TW” to the subject line for this email so you can know without even opening the email. We’ve also added a new “Rec’d TCredits Welcome” filter on the Genealogy. Use this filter to pull up all PSAs who have accepted your offer for special group mailings and/or to compare the activity of those who have and have not received TCredits from you.

Q: What if I change my mind and don’t want to participate in the TW program any longer?
You can turn it off any time you want by simply updating your preferences on the TW tab.

Q: Why on the TW tab do I have the option of making the offer to all or just some of my new sign-ups?
This is so you may do what is known as “A/B Split Testing” so you’re not “flying blind.”  That is, by choosing to award TCredits to some but not all, you can compare results, in the same time period, and determine if participating in the TW program works and makes sense for you.

Q: On the TW tab, I have the option of awarding 3-9 TCredits per person. Can I change this as needed to test different amounts?
Yes, plus we’ll be tracking the results companywide. When we’ve identified the “sweet spot” (the number of TCredits that statistically is proving to be most cost-effective), we’ll make this information available so you don’t have to spend more TCredits than is necessary.

Q: Hmmm. Even the minimum three TCredits, purchased at the lowest price of $.29 each, means an investment of $.87 in each person who accepts the offer.  How can I justify this extra cost?
You have to really look at the big picture here.  You’ve already invested in the advertising to get them signed up.  Will you make more in the long run by investing a little more now–while you have their attention?  Or will you make more hoping they’ll get active with SFI without you “sweetening the deal.”  We don’t know that today, but that’s why we’ve made the various tracking tools available to help you answer this question.  Tip: You may be able to significantly decrease your cost for the TCredits by winning them at Pricebenders.

Q: On the TW tab, I have the option of setting a maximum limit of TCredits for each day. What is the purpose of this?
This is simply a protection feature for you. TCredits are valuable of course. We would not want to you to wake up one morning and find out that more TCredits than you wanted to spend had been spent.

Q: On the TW tab, I have the option of having the system automatically pause my participation in the TW program if my daily maximum limit of TCredits is reached. What is the purpose of this?
This is for your protection. Even a nominal daily limit, if reached day after day after day, will add up. We want you to be aware so you do not receive an unpleasant surprise. Note that if you DO reach your daily limit and have your preferences set to pause participation, we will send you an email to alert you so that you can turn participation back on when you’re ready.

Q: I notice that the offer screen will feature my picture. Is a good picture important?
Absolutely. If you don’t have a good picture for your SFI account, replace it with one here! You should be smiling and look professional. The photo should also have good lighting and not be blurry. Details count; a poor image could cost you a LOT of money! You’ll increase your chances of engaging your new affiliates if your photo comes across as someone they would want to work with, so don’t overlook this small but very important element!

Q: What if recipients get confused and somehow lose the webpage to redeem their TCredits?
They’ll receive an immediate email from us reminding them of your gift and where to go to redeem their TCredits. We’ll also send them another reminder email after 16 hours of their acceptance of the offer (if they haven’t yet redeemed their TCredits). Additionally, at the Affiliate Center, on their Alerts page, they’ll see a special alert at the top of the page that reminds them and provides the link to redeem their TCredits.

Q: Could new affiliates get sidetracked by the TCredits offer and forget all about SFI?
Not likely. For starters, upon accepting the TW offer, the link they’re provided to redeem their TCredits opens in a new window, so their path to the SFI Affiliate Center remains in place, waiting for them. Also, all new affiliates receive an immediate “Welcome to SFI!” email from us and then a series of emails kick in on day two regarding LaunchPad, etc. It would be very difficult indeed to not be aware that they’ve just joined SFI. And this is all without whatever welcome letter you, as their sponsor, might send them, too!

Q: It would be nice to know, companywide, which amount of TCredits works the best. Can you provide this information?
Yes! We will be carefully tracking results. After a few weeks, once we have a decent-sized sample (a few thousand offers accepted), we’ll publish the results. We don’t want our affiliates spending more TCredits than is necessary any more than you do.

Q: What’s to stop people from signing up multiple times just to get free TCredits?
We automatically block any attempts at signing up with the same email address more than once. We also use other tools to monitor sign-ups. Beyond that, however, it’s mostly in your hands. You are responsible. That is, if you’re participating in the TW program, you definitely need to be diligently reviewing your daily sign-ups for anything that looks suspicious–especially if your sign-ups suddenly take a big jump up and there’s no other thing you’re doing that would cause it. By comparing names, email addresses, countries, registration times, etc., you will often be able to identify persons engaged in shenanigans. The preference options on the TW tab are also designed to help you in this area and we will develop additional tools should the program begin attracting unwelcome persons.

Q: What if someone who did not receive the offer learns that I gave TCredits to others but not him?
If this were to occur, and you wanted to give the person some TCredits, you always have the option of using the standard TCredits Transfer feature located in your Genealogy to transfer up to ten TCredits.

Q: Is the standard TCredits Transfer limit of ten per affiliates extended by the TW offer?
No. You are still limited to transferring no more than ten TCredits to any one affiliate.

Q: Can I get my TCredits back if I decide that I didn’t want a recipient to have received them?
Sorry, no. You are responsible of all TCredits you distribute while participating in the TW program.

Q: I’m not convinced that this new TW program will work for me.  Can I wait and see how it’s working for others before I start my participation?
Of course, yes.  We’ll be tracking results companywide and we’ll let everyone know how the program is working, so you can decide based on actual data.  And if you don’t ever want to participate, that’s fine, too; it’s a 100% optional program.

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