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PTP game is back!

i_contestsPTPWe are pleased today to announce that our popular PTP (Pick The Price) game is back at TripleClicks!  Not only is PTP back, but it’s been completely overhauled to make it more fun to play, fairer, and more rewarding, too!

The basic objective is still the same (predict the final price for an upcoming Pricebenders auction), but the main objective now is about scoring the highest point total for your prediction.  For example, pick the exact winning price and you’ll score 100 points.  For each cent you’re off on your prediction (either over OR under), subtract 1 point (maximum 100).


  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $10.00.  You score 100 points.
  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $9.90.  You score 90 points.
  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $10.50.  You score 50 points.
  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $9.05.  You score 5 points.
  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $9.00.  Zero points scored.


Boost your total score further by earning bonus points through Sidekicks.  There are six different Sidekicks available, which not only earn you bonus points to help you win, but make playing PTP more challenging and more fun!  Note that each activation of a Sidekick costs 1 TCredit.



The new PTP has also moved up from a daily Zackpot to a WEEKLY one! That means much bigger shares can be won!

To win a share of the new weekly Zackpot (minimum 1500 TCredits), just post a top 200 score sometime during the week (Monday-Sunday). Of the top 200 scores posted for the week, the top 10 scorers will receive 5 shares of the pot. The next 40 top scorers will receive 3 shares of the pot.  Each of the 150 other top scorers will receive 1 share. In the case of a tie, the entry with the earliest entry wins.

Enter as many auctions as you wish (minimum 1 TCredit per entry/auction) with no limit on how many Zackpot shares you can win!  Plus, each entry earns you 5 Member Rewards Points! No purchase necessary to play or win.

For ways to attain TCredits for free game entries, click HERE


  • To help you with your prediction, you’re provided the average winning price AND the average auction length (time) for the last five times the item was auctioned.
  • To prevent a previous form of exploits of PTP and make PTP fair for all, when you go to enter a game, you’ll be presented with a random auction starting soon. However, if you’re not interested in playing PTP for the auction selected at random for you, you will be allowed to skip it and get a different auction (skip up to three auctions a day).
  • The new PTP also brings back PRE-BIDDING for Pricebenders.  That is, a section of the new PTP entry page now includes a section to place pre-bids.  What’s pre-bidding?  You can use pre-bidding to win upcoming auctions that you can’t be present for.  You can set up bids to be placed on your behalf whenever you want (activated when the current auction price hits the amounts you designate). For each of your pre-bids, you’ll also instantly receive 1 VersaPoint as soon as the auction starts (a great way to grab some quick VP!). And, as a special bonus, for every 10 pre-bids, we’ll add a FREE BONUS VP! Example: Place 10 pre-bids and receive 11 VP. Place 20 pre-bids and receive 22 VP. Place 100 total pre-bids and receive 110 VP. And so on.
  • With PTP being a totally different game now, all existing scores are being RESET.  Everyone starts at zero today.  Tip: This is a great opportunity to grab a prestigious PTP Leaderboard badge!
  • Each PTP week runs Monday through Sunday.  Since all PTP entries must, necessarily, be upcoming auctions, this means that entries on Sundays may cross over into the next week’s contest and Zackpot.  For complete clarity and transparency on this, you will find a link on the entry confirmation screen to a ledger of ALL your entries with a designation for which week’s contest each belongs to.

Play PTP now here:


We hope you enjoy the new PTP!

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New Eager Zebra PTP Leaderboard and Badge!

Our popular Pick The Price (PTP) game now has its own leaderboard and a brand new Top PTP Picker badge!


The PTP leaderboard rankings are determined through a point system. The leaderboard keeps track of all top PTP winners in one column and the countries with the most accumulated points from PTP winning residents in the other column. Each PTP exact prediction gets 100 points, while the closest prediction (if no exact picks) gets 20 points.


You’ll also want to let the world know that you’re a top PTP player! That’s why the new PTP Leaderboard also comes with a great new badge:

  • Earn the basic TOP PTP PICKER badge by being in the top 500
  • Earn BRONZE trim by being in the top 200
  • Earn SILVER trim by being in the top 50
  • Earn GOLD trim by being in the top 10

And of course, this new badge counts toward your Badge Quest play, in which you can win prizes and recognition!


 Forum Discussion

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New PTP and Pricebenders features

For those who like to play the Eager Zebra game, Pick-The-Price (PTP), we’ve added a handy link to the winning price history of every product.  That is, you can now look back and see all of the item’s winning prices…to help you make your prediction.  Just click the Price History link:


We’ve also just added to the top of new Pricebenders auction index a cool little recap of your “bid rewards”  It looks like this:


The recap provides you with a count of your MRP and AVP earned with your bidding today.  It also lets you know if you’ve earned today’s Bonus AVP from your PB Tab at the Affiliate Center.  Last but not least, for our powerful Bid & Build program, it lets you know how many bids you need to earn another spin for a free PSA (one spin is earned for every 10 bids)!

Note that the labels are links to respective associated info and resources.

Special Note: AVP currently display “Pending” instead of an actual number.  However, we are almost finished with new programming that WILL allow us to display the current number here.  And, better yet, with the completion of this new programming–next week likely–we’ll be awarding you AVP as you earn it–instead of having to wait until the auction is over!

Forum Discussion

DISCUSS IT!  Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.


Three New Gateways added

Check out your SFI Gateway List at the Affiliate Resource Center for three, new Eager Zebra Gateways, as well as a refresher on all the other great SFI and TripleClicks Gateways available for you to use:


Introducing…Pick The Price 2.0!

logo-EagerZebraComPick The Price (PTP) is now a full-fledged Eager Zebra game.  Check out all these great improvements:

1. PTP now has its own daily Zackpot that, each day, starts at 500 TCredits and grows with game entries for a full 24 hours!

2. We’ve made it WAAAY easier to play PTP with a sweet new central entry page.  You can now enter up to 30 PTP contests at once.  And if you want to be reminded when to return to enter more, just select to receive a “remind me” email (located immediately above the Official Rules).

3. We’ve eliminated the the minimum $1.00 for a PTP contest to be consummated.  Now, no matter what price an auctions ends at, there will be a PTP winner!

4. Previously, if there was no exact pick, the winner was the entrant closest to the amount without going over.  It’s now just the closest.  You can be under or over the amount, with the closest pick winning.  Note: In the case of a tie, the earliest pick will be deemed the winner.

5. We’ve added–to the Pricebenders Latest Winners page–all of your picks.  That is, your PTP picks are now automatically recorded for easy referencing.  You’ll find your pick under the auctions winner’s name, under the gray box on the right side of the page.

6. PTP now has the Matching Zackpot bonus, too!  That is, like Time Machine, as a special bonus for SFI affiliates with a rank of at least EA2: If one of today’s PTP winners is one of your PSAs or PRMs–provided YOU have at least one PTP entry yourself today–you’ll automatically receive a 10% match of his or her winnings.  Example: Your PRM wins 200 TCredits, so you win 20 TCredits!

7. We’ve removed the win limit.  You can win as many times as you can each day!

8. Want to get an idea of what amount to predict?  With PTP 2.0, you can just click the “Price History” link located on each auction panel.  This will present you with a listing of recent auctions for this item (if any) and the winning price of each!

To start playing the new and improved PTP, head over to:


If you win, you’ll receive an email notification confirming the amount of TCredits won.  You will receive this email the day following the auction won.  And/or, you can confirm if you’ve won by checking the Pricebenders Latest Winners page as soon as an auction ends.

Reminder: We’re now awarding up to 200 Bonus AVP (Action VersaPoints) monthly for Eager Zebra game play.  With approximately 70 Pricebenders auctions now happening daily, there are LOTS of opportunities to grab all 200 points monthly while having the opportunity to win thousands of TCredits.

TIP: Be sure to click the TIPS button for special tips for winning PTP (and get in the habit of using this resource for ALL Eager Zebra games).

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