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Update for Localvantia merchant referrers

With Localvantia going live later today, we wanted to clarify and update some things pertaining to merchants that you’ve pre-registered:

1.  The “Close Letter” (as discussed here) that you’ll print out to begin the closing process is a key component.  To accommodate merchants around the world, we are developing versions of this letter in several popular languages.  We hope to make these available by the end of December.  Watch for the announcement.

2. Within a few days we will be making available versions of the recently-announced Localvantia brochure and Rewardical brochure…that you can print yourself from your own printer.  A little later, these will be made available in multiple languages, too.  These new, optional flyers can accompany the Close Letter to provide more information to your merchants on Localvantia and Rewardical.

3.  If you’ve wondered how merchants will learn how to get started and how the whole Localvantia and Rewardical programs work, we are pleased to let you know that, with today’s launch of Localvantia, we are also rolling out an extensive “getting started” guide for merchants.  Similar to LaunchPad’s role for SFI affiliates, the Localvantia Merchant Guide will provide complete information on all aspects of Localvantia and Rewardical so merchants can get started quickly and easily…and can maximize their participation in our program.  Additionally, we’ll be distributing regular updates, newsletters, tips, and more, via email, to all Localvantia merchants.

4. As discussed in this earlier announcement, we are developing a variety of promotional aids for merchants that they can use to attract new customers and and create new sales from existing customers.

We are developing signs, flyers, X-Cards, table tents, window stickers, and more.  Many will be customized for the merchant and the feature he/she might want to spotlight.  For example, merchants can get signs highlighting that their customers can now earn free rewards in the form of  Bitcoin with every purchase. All items will be available free to the merchant (pay only for shipping).  We will be advising all new merchants of the availability of these items, but you may wish to mention it too it if you are discussing the Localvantia with your merchants.  And, yes, we also plan to make signs, flyers, and more available that they can print themselves (making them 100% free and available instantly).  And, yes, we’ll make these items available in multiple languages, too.

That’s it for now.  Be watching for the official notification of Localvantia’s official launch later today…and then let’s get the party started!

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Rewardical X-Cards are here!

It’s time to start referring the first of millions of new Rewardical members!

To aid in this endeavor, we are pleased today to make available a slick new “X-Card” designed specifically for referring new Rewardical members.

Here’s what they look like:


Hand these cards to anyone and everyone you like—there is almost certainly something they will be interested in using their tokens toward.  Who wouldn’t like to receive free gift cards, free Bitcoin, free Silver Bullion, etc?!

These business-card-sized X-Cards sport a glossy, full-color front-side and are printed on heavy card stock. Side one of the card features an attractive, eye-catching design with the Rewardical logo and text referencing the “25 FREE Rewardical Reward Tokens” the card can be redeemed for.

Side two features the following ad text:

What’s a Rewardical?

Rewardicals are the amazing new digital tokens you can earn FREE when shopping at awesome local and online stores. Then redeem your tokens whenever you want for a variety of great goodies including:

* Free Gift Cards
* Free Bitcoin
* Free Silver Bullion
* Charitable Donations
* and more!

Sign up today with this card and get started with 25 FREE Rewardical Tokens!


How to use your Rewardical X-Cards:

Just print or stamp your promo code number (which you can get by clicking the refer a friend link at Rewardical.com) in the gray Promo Code box located on side two. Then distribute your cards to your friends, family, anyone you think who will like to get free stuff!

Recipients of your cards will go to the current Rewardical referrals landing page (easyrewards247.com), where they will be asked to enter the promo code. They will then gain access to the Rewardicals.com site where they can sign up for their free Rewardical membership (with you as their referrer) and grab their 25 free tokens.

You will receive an e-mail notification each time one of your cards generates a new member sign-up. And as their referrer, you’ll now be set to earn unlimited 10-1 referral tokens on every Rewardical they earn…for life!

Our new Rewardical Referral X-Cards are available for order now HERE for just $3.95 per pack of 50 cards.  Each pack also scores you 48 VersaPoints.

TCards Discontinued

With the arrival of our new Rewardical Referral X-Cards, we are discontinuing TCards (effective immediately).  Why?  For two primary reasons:

  1. Certain elements of the current TCards are in the process of being substantially changed, making the TCard offer obsolete soon.
  2. We firmly believe that gaining PRMs through the new Rewardical X-Cards will be much easier!  The Rewardical benefits are much clearer and easier for new persons to grasp, so they should produce better results.  We want our affiliates using the most effective marketing aids available!


Q: What is the benefit to me for referring a Rewardical member?
For every 10 Rewardicals earned by your referrals, you’ll earn one Rewardical.  This applies both to affiliates (your PSAs) AND non-affiliates (PRMs, that you’ll sign up using the new Rewardical X-Cards).

Example: Your PSAs and PRMs earn 50,000 Rewardicals in December shopping at Localvantia merchants. On January 1st, you’ll automatically be awarded 5,000 Rewardicals…that you can then exchange for whatever you want…VersaPoints, TCredits, CSAs, Bitcoin, etc. 

Q: If I use the new Rewardical X-Cards to generate new PRMs (Personally Referred Members), am I limited to the 10-1 referral tokens benefit…or can commissions also be earned?
Here’s how it will work: When you refer a new Rewardical member, they’ll be exclusively members of Rewardical initially.  However, all Rewardical members will be exposed to Pricebenders auctions, Eager Zebra games, Super Deals at TripleClicks, and so on.  And since login credentials for Rewardical are the same for TripleClicks, all of your referred Rewardical members will be de facto TC members too.  In short, your referred members may START with only the 10-1 referral tokens as the primary benefit for you, but plenty of commissions can be earned when they begin playing Eager Zebra games or bidding in Pricebenders auctions, for example, at TripleClicks.com.

Q: Where can I order Rewardical Referral X-Cards?
Order your Rewardical Referral X-Cards HERE for just $3.95 per pack of 50 cards.  Each pack also scores you 48 VersaPoints.

Q; Will there be digital marketing aids, such as web banners and splash pages, for Rewardical referrals made available?
Yes, these are in development.  Watch for announcements.

Q: There aren’t any online or offline stores yet where you can earn Rewardicals, so how are people who I give the card to supposed to earn Rewardicals?
Localvantia will be launching December 5th (less than a week from today), so there should be the merchants popping up all over the world very soon who will be awarding Rewardicals by the millions to their customers.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Rewardicals.  In 2018, we hope to sign up thousands of online sellers, businesses, and organizations, too, that will be dispensing millions of additional Rewardicals.  You may also soon be able to win Rewardicals at Eager Zebra games!  In short, it won’t be long until there are many, many places and ways for your referrals to earn and win Rewardicals!

Q: Who can I give Rewardical X-Cards to to create lots of new PRMs?
Start with giving cards to friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members.  But don’t stop there.  Also consider your mailman, delivery persons, the person who cuts your hair, taxi drivers, and so on.  Studies show that the average 21-year old already knows over 800 people!  You probably know even more! Check out this list for lots of ideas for who you can give cards to.

Q: What are some other ways to get my Rewardical X-Cards into the hands of prospects?
Here are nine ways (but use your creativity to come up with even more):

  1. Keep some cards with you at all times and throw in a card any time you give someone a tip.
  2. Put a card in every outgoing piece of mail you send out (like electric bills, water bills, NetFlix/Blockbuster DVD returns, etc.).
  3. Leave a card with your paid bill each time you dine out at a restaurant.
  4. Whenever you take a taxi or ride public transportation, “forget” a card on the seat before you exit.
  5. Contact companies who ship goods and arrange to have them put a card in every order they ship. Provide them with a supply of cards and agree to pay them three to ten cents for each card included in their packages.
  6. Contact direct mail companies and arrange to have them insert a card in every envelope/package they mail out. Provide them with a supply of cards and agree to pay them three to 10 cents for each card they mail out for you.
  7. Ask your local theatre to give out a card with every ticket sold.  Provide them with a supply of cards and agree to pay them three to 10 cents for each card they distribute.
  8. Contact owners of small retail stores and arrange to have them give a card to every customer with their purchase receipt when they check out. Provide them with a supply of cards and agree to pay them three to 10 cents for each card they distribute for you.
  9. Contact local restaurants that deliver food (pizza, Chinese food, sub sandwiches, etc.). Offer to pay them three to 10 cents for each card they distribute to customers for you with their deliveries.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In regards to #7, #8, and #9…an even better idea might be to sign them up as Localvantia merchants and they can distribute their own Rewardical referral X-Cards, at their own expense—while you get the benefit of earning 10-1 referral tokens on every Rewardical they dispense to their customers!  Learn about how to sign up merchants in Localvantia HERE.

Q: Will these new X-Cards get updated when new ways to earn Rewardicals are available?
When Rewardical tokens can be won playing games or earned for completing surveys, for example, yes, we’ll make an updated version available.  We may make other designs available as well.

Q: Is there a report (list) where I can see all of my Rewardical referrals?
Not exactly yet, but that’s on the way.  In the meantime, you will receive an email notification of each successful Rewardical referral.

Q: Will you be staying in touch with my referrals?
Yes!  They’ll automatically be notified (via email) of all new Localvantia merchants in their area, for example.  We’ll also keep them up to date on other ways they can earn Rewardicals, such as by playing online games.  And they’ll also be kept apprised of new developments with Rewardical in general as well.

Q: So I don’t have to follow-up with my Rewardical referrals, train them, etc.?
No, consider your job done once they’ve signed up as a member.

Q: There’s been a daily “DistribuSTAR” prize drawing for TCards.  Has this also been discontinued?
Yes, this drawing is being discontinued (last day is November 30th).  Note, however, that we may replace it at a later time with a contest/drawing pertaining to Rewardical referrals.

Q: What about the “DistribuSTAR” badges and leaderboard?
These will also be going away shortly.  However, we will be replacing them with new Rewardical referrer badges (that everyone can win) and a Rewardical referrals leaderboard and badge too.

Q: I’ve got some TCards in stock.  How long will they be accepted?
For both digital and physical TCards that you already have in your possession, we will continue to accept and fulfill redeemed cards for the foreseeable future.  However, a substitution of equal or better value will be incorporated when it becomes necessary.

Q: So I can just keep running online ads for the TCards offer of free TCredits and MRP?
No, you should discontinue your ads as soon as you can since fulfillment of TCredits and/or MRP may not be available in the future.  Replace them with our upcoming new ads offering free Rewardicals.

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We are very, very excited today to introduce REWARDICAL™, our powerful new loyalty program for businesses (and a crazy cool program for SFI affiliates)!


Participating businesses will be able to automatically award “Rewardical” reward tokens to their customers, that can then be redeemed for a variety of irresistible goodies at Rewardical.com, including:

  • VersaPoints
  • TCredits
  • CSAs
  • Pure silver bullion bars
  • Bitcoin
  • TripleClicks gift certificates (redeemable on any product at TripleClicks)
  • You can donate your Rewardicals (that is, we’ll convert them to cash and make a donation on your behalf to a charity of your choosing).
  • More items to come!

Also, for participating businesses, there’s no hardware to buy, no software to install, and no change to their normal checkout process is required. In other words, it’s 100% hassle-free!  Best of all, it’s one of the most inexpensive ways EVER to attract new customers and keep current customers coming back again and again!

Official reward token of Localvantia

Rewardical begins life today as the official rewards token for Localvantia and will likely be THE most important component of Localvantia, empowering it to attract millions of people in the months to come!screenshot_2699By simply enrolling in Localvantia, businesses will be able to immediately begin awarding Rewardicals to their customers.

Quick update on Localvantia pre-registrations: Rewardicals needed to be launched first…and now that it is, the stage is set for Localvantia’s official debut.  When Localvantia goes live, you’ll be equipped with an awesome free digital marketing system to begin closing your pre-registered merchants.  And, yes, the closing system will of course trumpet Rewardicals and its many exciting features.  So stay tuned for the Localvantia launch in November!

Powerful Referral Program

screenshot_3070Rewardical also has a very powerful, built-in referral program (get ready, SFI affiliates!). It works like this:  For every 10 Rewardicals earned by your PSAs and PRMs, you’ll earn one Rewardical.

Example: Your PSAs and PRMs earn 50,000 Rewardicals in December shopping at Localvantia merchants. On January 1st, you’ll automatically be awarded 5,000 Rewardicals…that you can then exchange for whatever you want…VersaPoints, TCredits, CSAs, Bitcoin, etc. 

And to really juice this part of the program, we’re making referring Rewardical members super easy and attractive.

Here’s how it works: At Rewardical, grab your referral link from the “Refer a Friend” page.  Share the link and promo code with friends using email, text, or social media (no spamming please!).  Every referral of yours who registers at Rewardical using your link will immediately earn 25 FREE Rewardicals…and you’ll now be set to earn unlimited 10-1 Rewardicals on every Rewardical they earn…for life!  Wow, right?!

By the way, if you’re pre-registering merchants for Localvantia, you’ve got even more potential Rewardicals coming your way.  That is, for every referred Localvantia merchant, for every 10 Rewardicals they dispense to their customers, YOU will earn one Rewardical!

Example: The Localvantia merchants you’ve referred dispense 100,000 Rewardicals to their customers during December. On January 1st, you’ll automatically be awarded 10,000 Rewardicals…that you can then exchange for whatever you want…VersaPoints, TCredits, CSAs, Bitcoin, etc.

WIN Rewardicals starting Nov. 1st

RewardicalsStackYou’ve already read about Rewardicals being what you’ll earn when you shop at Localvantia merchants, but that’s just one part of Rewardical.  Effective immediately, our popular SFI contest, Biz Quiz, now awards Rewardicals to its winners!

Yes, every day, we’ll now draw 50 names from the entrants that had the correct Biz Quiz answer and award them 50 Rewardicals! You heard right; instead of just ONE winner a day, there’s now 50 affiliates every day who will receive 50 of our awesome new Rewardical tokens!

And we don’t plan to stop there.  We are looking at awarding Rewardicals for other SFI and TripleClicks contests…and possibly at other places, too!  Stay tuned!

Free Rewardical membership for your PRMs

RewardicalsStackWe want to roll out Rewardicals and Localvantia in a truly BIG way.  That’s why every member of TripleClicks (i.e., all your PRMs) will be receiving a free Rewardical membership in November, including 25 FREE Rewardicals!

In the coming days we’ll be sending out a special email to let them know and to invite them to get active with our fabulous new rewards program!  Of course that means the potential for thousands of EVEN MORE Rewardicals for you every month!  

The Bitcoin element

As many of our affiliates already know, we’re big proponents of Bitcoin, the Internet’s digital version of gold and its top decentralized currency platform.

Bitcoin sign

Why do we like Bitcoin?  There are lots of reasons, but let’s start with this: If you had put your hands on just $100 in Bitcoin in 2009, it would be worth over $70 MILLION today!  In the last 12 months alone, Bitcoin has increased in value by more than 700%.  And now, thanks to Rewardical, every SFI affiliate (and every non-affiliate too) can be collecting FREE Bitcoin and getting in on the “internet of money” revolution too!

Important exchange rates notice

As we roll out Rewardical, every affiliate needs to be aware that the exchange rates will likely be adjusted, perhaps significantly, for some items.  For example, what might cost you 400 Rewardicals today might cost you 500 Rewardicals next week or next month.  Or, it could go the other direction; higher now, lower later.
The reason is that, being a brand new program, we have no good way of predicting what members are going to exchange their tokens for.  If a large portion of Rewardicals are being exchanged for items that have a higher cost to us—or to our affiliate base at large (e.g. VersaPoints and their role in the value of TripleClicks Executive Pool shares)—we will have to make adjustments so that the program can remain feasible for SFI corporate and our affiliates as well.
Note: The items that will likely change most frequently (literally minute to minute) will be for Bitcoin and silver bullion, as the price will necessarily be pegged to the actual global markets for these items.


Q: I’m an SFI affiliate.  What will I be able to exchange my Rewardicals for?
You can exchange your Rewardicals for:

  • VersaPoints
  • TCredits
  • CSAs
  • Pure silver bullion bars (coming soon)
  • Bitcoin (coming soon)
  • TripleClicks gift certificates (redeemable on any product at TripleClicks)
  • OR, you can donate your Rewardicals (that is, we’ll convert them to cash and make a donation on your behalf to a charity of your choosing).

And that’s just for now.  We hope to add a multitude of other great items!

Q: Will non-affiliates have the same choices?
Yes, except for VersaPoints and CSAs, since both of these items are only for SFI affiliates.

Q: Will Rewardical help the value of TripleClicks Executive Pool shares?
It should.  Especially for Rewardicals earned patronizing Localvantia merchants, we’re depositing roughly DOUBLE the amount into the pool that would normally be deposited for each VersaPoint earned.  Additionally, even when the member exchanges their Rewardicals for something other than VersaPoints, we’re depositing money into the Executive Pool!  As Localvantia and Rewardical grow, so should the value of TripleClicks Executive Pool shares!

Q: Is the correct name Rewardical or Rewardicals?
Rewardical (singular) is the official name of the program.  Rewardicals (plural) is more of a casual term we’ll often use when referring specifically to Rewardical tokens.  You can also use the abbreviation, RT, for short, for Rewardical Tokens if you like.

Q: What kinds of businesses can participate?
Rewardical is for businesses of every kind: online, offline, small, big, local, or international

Q: Why should businesses participate in a loyalty program like Rewardical?
There are many reasons why it’s imperative that businesses offer their customers a loyalty program.  See this terrific article.

Q: Wasn’t Localvantia supposed to launch in October?
Yes, that was the plan, but we developed Rewardical in the meantime and it became the “lynchpin” for Localvantia and needed to be launched first.  Localvantia’s official debut, however, is just around the corner!  We expect to be ready to go live with Localvantia during the first half of November.

Q: Will other items be added to the Rewardical exchange?
Yes, we have lots of ideas.  The more items you can exchange your tokens for, the more powerful Rewardical is of course…and we want Rewardical to be VERY powerful!

Q: How can I learn more about the Rewardical program?
Go to Rewardical.com and click on all the links and read all the information there.  Also, don’t miss the energetic and detailed discussions that will undoubtedly be breaking out shortly at the Forum (see the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section).  SFI founder Gery Carson will be on hand to personally answer your questions, too!

Q: I thought that Localvantia was going to offer VersaPoints for SFI affiliates and MRP for non-affiliates?
That was the original intention, but Rewardicals are of course MUCH better because we give everyone choices on what to redeem their earned tokens on.  Need VP? Exchange your Rewardicals for VP.  Need some TCredits?  Exchange for TCredits.  Love Bitcoin? Exchange for Bitcoin.  Want to add some new members to your team?  Exchange for CSAs.  And so on.

Q: The 10-1 Rewardicals I earn for referrals…when do I receive these?
On the first day of each month we’ll deposit into your Rewardical account all the Referral Rewardicals you earned during the prior month.  i.e., Every new month can start with a big, juicy endowment of fresh, new Rewardicals to redeem on whatever you want!  What a way to kick off each new month, eh?!

Q: I understand I can exchange my Rewardicals for a variety of items, but can I “mix and match?”
Though there are some minimums (e.g. Bitcoin), you can exchange a portion of your Rewardicals for one thing (e.g. VersaPoints), another portion for another item (e.g. CSAs), basically whatever your want.  “Your rewards, your choice!”

Q: There’s not a lot going on at the Rewardical.com website.  Is there more coming?
Yes.  Without Localvantia being live yet, much of the support info (such as a directory of where you can earn Rewardicals at) is missing.  When Localvantia goes live soon, Rewardical will “fill out” quite a lot.  We’ll incorporate other pieces in the weeks ahead.

Q: I can’t wait to start telling people about Rewardical so I can start earning oodles of the 10-1 referral tokens.  Will marketing aids be made available for this purpose?
There are no formal marketing aids for this available yet, but they’re coming!  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, you can of course still refer your friends, family, co-workers, etc. by using your Rewardical referral link.

Q: Do I earn referral Rewardicals when one of my PSAs or PRMs wins Rewardicals in a game or contest?
Yep!  For every 10 Rewardicals they win, you’ll earn 1 Rewardical, with no limits!

Q: Can anyone register at Rewardical and start referring other members and earn 10-1 referral Rewardicals…or do you have to be an SFI affiliate?
The new Rewardical referral program is open to everyone.

Q: I’m already an SFI affiliate.  Do I need to register at Rewardical.com?
No, all existing SFI affiliates have automatically already been given free memberships at Rewardical.

Q: How do I log in at Rewardical.com?
Because Rewardical is one of our web properties, use your SFI login (SFI ID and password).  Similarly, TripleClicks members will use their TC login.

Q: I LOVE that Biz Quiz will now award Rewardicals to the winners.  Why not give out Rewardicals for other contests and games, too?
We definitely hope to, but converting the programming and documentation for each contest/game takes time.  Plus, at this point, we don’t know how well received Rewardical will be (please let us know if you love it!).  We expect that the reception is going to be quite warm (what’s not to like?!)…but it’s best if we take our time so that the impact of the new program can be measured and so that the conversions can be executed with the least amount of disruption.  That said, stay tuned, because it’s very likely that we’ll be announcing another contest’s conversion soon…and more soon after that.

Q: I noticed that MRP is not one of the items I can exchange Rewardicals for.  Why?
Rewardicals are, in many ways, redundant of MRP, so there will likely be changes coming in the MRP program.  Watch for future announcements.

Q: Is Rewardical a “game-changer?”
We sure think so!  Rewardical likely exponentially increases the draw of Localvantia, for both customers and merchants themselves.  Think about it: Who wouldn’t want to patronize businesses that give them great, free, automatic rewards like Bitcoin, silver bullion, and much more!  And with the referral program, merchants can, while enjoying increased sales, also be “silently” referring hundreds of Rewardical members, allowing the merchant to earn large quantities of tokens for themselves when those customers shop any Localvantia merchants in the area (and later, online merchants too)!

Q: What would be a great way for a business to promote Rewardical to their customers and attract new customers?
They could advertise, for example, that their customers can earn free bitcoin with every purchase…whether they sell shoes, pizza, groceries, or gasoline!  Or, perhaps substitute free silver bullion if Bitcoin isn’t their thing.  In time, we hope to have a true multitude of exciting items on the Rewardical exchange that businesses can promote.

Q: Will you be providing merchants with signage, etc. so that their customers and potential customers passing by will know they offer Rewardicals?
Absolutely!  Customized Rewardical signage, table tents, window decals, web banners, and more will be available soon.  Available FREE to the merchant, pay only for shipping.

Q: Is Rewardical a game-changer for SFI?
Yes, yes, yes! We believe that Rewardicals has the potential to exponentially increase almost every activity related to SFI, TripleClicks, Pricebenders, Eager Zebra game, and more!

Q: Is there more to Rewardical than is being revealed today?
Yes!  We have lots of amazing ideas for this program…so stay tuned!

Q: We currently say that the TripleClicks Members we’ve referred are PRMs (Personally Referred Members).  Will there be a new term introduced for referred Rewardical members?
Nope.  The definition of PRM will now expand to include both TC members AND Rewardical members (as in most cases they will be members of both). Note, however, that there will likely be new reports introduced that will distinguish for you between TC PRMs and those who are purely just Rewardical PRMs.

Q: Why not offer other cryptocurrencies than just Bitcoin?
We might in the future, but the reality is that on just about every cryptocurrency exchange out there, you can already instantly exchange your Bitcoin for what ever “alt coin” you like.  In other words, earn your Bitcoin with us and then exchange it as desired.

Q: Can SFI affiliates receive their commissions in Rewardicals?
If enough affiliates are interested in this, we would definitely consider it.

Q: Could a Localvantia merchant I’ve registered generate a lot of Rewardical members?  And would this benefit me in some way?
Yes and yes!  Imagine you’ve registered Tom’s Pizza Place, a very popular restaurant that has hundreds of customers each month.  Tom puts up signs in his windows, table tents on the tables, puts fliers in all takeout orders, etc. that say, “Earn free Bitcoin with every pizza! Sign up free at <Tom’s referral link>.”  So, now it’s a few months later, Tom is doing bigger business than ever thanks to his Rewardical promotions, and he’s now dispensing 200,000 Rewardicals a month to all those people he has signed up.  As the person who registered his restaurant, you’re now earning an extra 20,000 Rewardicals a month, just for this ONE account!  So, yeah, if you haven’t yet start pre-registering merchants in your area, what are you waiting for?!  By the way, those signs and flyers described earlier…we’ll be making them available free, customized for your merchants, they need only pay for shipping.  We also hope to make digital versions available that can be printed locally (no shipping costs).

Q: Will Rewardical members be told about the SFI affiliate opportunity?
One of the things that is very intriguing to us about Rewardical is that it represents a MUCH simpler, more accessible, and more casual program for anyone to earn some extra money.  Indeed, every Rewardical member can earn money by taking some very simple actions.  But does this mean they’re SFI material?  Certainly not necessarily, and assuming so could result in negative consequences.  So just as when someone becomes a TC member, we’re NOT going to immediately start soliciting them about SFI.  However, what we may do, if we see a Rewardical member generating a lot of referrals, is send them some friendly, general information about SFI.  After all, such a person may very well be interested in “taking it to the next level” with the more serious earnings available as an SFI affiliate.  So, concentrate on referring Rewardical members and we’ll let them know about SFI “when the time is right.” And, yes of course, you’ll be recorded as their SFI sponsor should they choose to join SFI.

Icons of people with speech bubbles..Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

All-New WAVE3 is here!

W3LogoWe are excited today to unveil the all-new WAVE3 (W3) program!

Let’s start by reviewing what W3’s role has always been about–a program designed to incentivize TC members to spread the word about TripleClicks.  With the new W3, we’ve taken this objective and dramatically expanded it and made it more attractive than ever.  Indeed, we’ve just empowered our current 4 million+ TC members to help us grow to 400 million TC Members…and beyond!

Following are the new qualifications and benefits:


To become a W3 member, you now simply have to refer a new TripleClicks member.  Yes, W3 is now a 100% FREE program!  There is no kit to buy, no photo to upload, no monthly re-qualifications, etc.  Just refer a TC member and gain instant W3 membership!

Each new referral earns you a 120-days W3 membership (with the clock resetting to 120 days each time you make a new referral).  So, as long as you make at least one referral every 120 days, you’ll always be a W3 member and eligible for all W3 benefits.


  1. Exclusive W3 Member badge
  2. Free monthly Member Listing
  3. Free monthly download of the TC Song of the Month
  4. Additional 5% discount on any one day’s Deal-of-the-Day of your choice each month
  5. For each TCredit spent by referrals, you’ll earn a free bonus entry in the Daily Crown drawing for that day, for a full year (maximum 5 free bonus entries per day)
  6. Earn unlimited MRP Bounties: Earn MRP when referrals buy and win. Example: If you challenge a friend to play Card King and they post a top-50 score within 10 days, you automatically earn 300 MRP!  Note: Each POR (point of referral) may have different MRP amounts and/or qualifications for earning the MRP Bounty.
  7. Win unlimited TCredits!  Lifetime 10% Zackpot Matches of any Eager Zebra Zackpot winnings of your PRMs.  Qualifications:  Personal minimum $20 purchase at TripleClicks (cash purchase, no MPR or TCredits) AND played same game on same day or period as the winning PRM.
  8. Additional recognition (e.g. badges/leaderboard for active “wave makers”–those who refer lots of TC members)
  9. Free W3 promotional aids (banners for blogs, etc.)


A key element to understanding how the new W3 program works is understanding PORs (points of referral). PORs are now located throughout the TripleClicks.com site.  You’ll find PORs on:

  • All Product Details pages
  • All ECA TConnect pages
  • All TC Artist TConnect pages (coming soon)
  • All Auction Details pages
  • The Pricebenders Auction schedule
  • Eager Zebra “game over” recap pages
  • The TC Music Player
  • Banners (coming soon)
  • and more

So what is a POR?  A POR is simply a place at TripleClicks that includes a link any TC member can use to initiate invitations to friends.  Specifically, they are invitations to check out a particular TripleClicks product listing, an auction, an artist, a song, or a game.  There will also be invitations you can issue to friends who are musicians (to list their music on TripleClicks) and for friends who own businesses (to become ECAs).

On games, PORs will be presented as a “Friend Challenge.”  Here’s an example:


For products, music, auctions, and so forth, PORs will be presented as “Share & Win!” links.  Here’s an example:


When a TC member clicks on any POR link, they’ll see a pop-up panel like this (each is customized for whatever your invitation is about):


At the bottom of the panel, inside the white box, you’ll notice there is a unique URL.  Copy and paste the link on social media (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) or include in an email or wherever appropriate.  Note! You may use these links with people you know ONLY.  Spamming is strictly prohibited as always.

When your friends click on the link, they’ll see a specially customized page featuring your name (each is customized for whatever your invitation is about).  Here’s an example of a standard product share:


Here’s an example of what your friends will see when you’ve provided them with a Friend Challenge link:

Note that it includes your avatar, so you’ll want to make sure you have one uploaded and/or that it’s one you’re comfortable with your friends seeing.  Add/update your avatar HERE.



With the new W3, we’ve built into TripleClicks a powerful new tracking system.  Indeed, it’s one of the biggest reasons to get excited about W3!

From now on, any time one of your PRMs use one of the “Share & Win” or “Friend Challenge” invitation links, any resulting sign-ups will automatically become YOUR PRMs!  And this works infinitely deep!

Here’s an example to help you get excited:

1. You refer Alan to TripleClicks and he becomes your first PRM (“Alpha Alan”).

2. Alan wouldn’t mind scoring some free MRP, free TCredits, a free monthly Member Listing, a free monthly download of the song of the month, and all the rest of the W3 benefits, so he uses some of the new links to invite his friends, Bob, Charlie, Doris, Eddie, and Frank to check out some great TripleClicks products, songs, auctions, and/or games.

3. Charlie, Doris, and Frank accept Alan’s invitations and become TC members. Charlie, Doris, and Frank are now your PRMs with the opportunity to earn you handsome 45% CV Direct Commissions on all their purchases at TripleClicks for life!

4. Charlie, Doris, and Frank, incentivized by all the tasty W3 benefits, also start using Invitation Links on their Facebook pages, on Twitter, etc.  37 new TC members register from their efforts.  Charlie, Doris, and Frank are tickled because they’ve earned free MRP and other goodies.  And you now have 40 PRMs to earn lifetime Direct Commissions on!

5. From these 40 TC members, over the months to come, HUNDREDS, maybe even thousands, of additional TC members materialize…all of whom automatically become YOUR PRMs!  You now sit atop a vast, residual income-generating, sales network!  And this is JUST from what developed from Alan–the single TC member you initially personally referred.  Imagine how many PRMs you might have if you add several more Alpha Alans! 


W3 also now has its own nifty “central info page” located at:


It also works as an affiliate gateway.  That is, you can drop in your SFI ID number like this and use this page to attract TC members by trumpeting all the W3 benefits:


XXXX = your SFI ID


1. Friend Challenge links must be earned for games.  Following are the games and the requirements for earning a Friend Challenge link:

  • Gold Streak (must achieve minimum streak of 6)
  • Knockout Trivia (must make it to minimum round 5)
  • Card King (must score at least 610 points)
  • Time Machine (must win a share of the Time Machine Zackpot)
  • Pick The Price (must win a share of the PTP Zackpot)

2. To drive activity and help assure that all W3 members are taking advantage of all the W3 benefits (free monthly Member Listing, free monthly music download, special Deal-of-the-Day discount, etc.), all W3 members will receive a new W3 newsletter every month.  Included will be tips about how to refer TC members so that your PRMs continue to spread the word about TripleClicks so they can earn more and more goodies for themselves and create more and more PRMs for YOU!

3. We are grandfathering in as W3 members (for 120 days) every person who ever ordered the now-obsolete W3 kit.  So if you ordered the kit anytime in the past, you’re all set up as a W3 member for 120 days…and you can extend your membership indefinitely just by referring a new TC member at least once every 120 days going forward.


  1. Start using the new Invitation Links now located all over TripleClicks to generate new PRMs.  Create lots of Alphas!
  2. Make sure your current and future affiliates learn about W3, become members, and start using the W3 program to initiate sales and build a sales network through the powerful new element that can create endless PRMs.
  3. If you’re not already referring ECAs, review the ECA Referral program and it’s incredible lifetime royalties…and start talking to businesses about TripleClicks.  This is likely THE most important thing you can do to enhance the SFI opportunity for you, your entire downline, and nearly two million more of your SFI peers.  The more quality businesses that become ECAs, the better TripleClicks becomes, the more traffic TripleClicks will attract, and the more PRMs and subsequent Direct Commissions you’ll be earning.


Q: W3 sounds complicated.  Can you explain it in a short, simple way?
The new W3 program makes it easy to attract new PRMs and generate sales and commissions through special, personalized “invitation links” now located throughout TripleClicks.  Just share the links with your friends!  Plus, because W3 also gives all TC members great new incentives to spread the word about TripleClicks, every one of your PRMs is now a potential marketer for you,too, which can create even more PRMs, sales, and commissions for you.

Q: Why would a TC member tell his or her friends about TripleClicks?
LOTS of reasons.  For starters, we all naturally share things we like with our friends.  At TripleClicks, we’re of course talking about products, auctions, games, and music.  W3 makes it super simple to share these things with friends by just sharing a link.  W3 also offers numerous great benefits just for helping us spread the word about TripleClicks.  Review all these amazing benefits HERE.

Q: Is it possible for me to see what my friends will see if they click the Invitation Link I provide?
Yes, just take the URL that you were provided and visit that link with your web browser.  You’ll see exactly what your friends will see.  Important:  Make sure you are currently NOT logged in at TripleClicks.

Q: I’m an SFI affiliate.  Do I get all the W3 benefits PLUS all the SFI benefits too?
So long as you’re a W3 member yourself, yes, whenever you sign up a new PRM you’re eligible to earn all the W3 benefits (MRP Bounties, TCredits, Bonus Daily Crown entries, etc.) plus lifetime 45% CV Direct Commissions because you’re also an SFI affiliate.

Q: Can I earn W3 membership by signing up an SFI affiliate?
No, to earn a W3 membership, it is required that you refer a TC member (the easiest way now being to use one of the W3 Invitation Links).

Q: Do the activities of my SFI PSAs qualify me for the various W3 benefits?
No.  W3 benefits apply only to your PRMs.  Both new and existing PRMs, however, are included.

Q: How will all the millions of existing TC members know about the W3 program, the invitation links, etc.?
We’ll be promoting it heavily in the months to come through newsletters sent to all existing TC members, special banners at the site, etc.

Q; What if my W3 membership expires?
If you allow your W3 membership to expire by not making a TC member referral for more than 120 days, all W3 benefits are forfeited during the period you are not a W3 Member.  MRP Bounties, Bonus Daily Crown entries, Zackpot Matches, etc. that would have been received during the time of the membership lapse cannot be recouped. However, upon re-qualifying, any future benefits for all previously-referred TC members (PRMs) will resume.

Q: How will I know if someone signs up as a member after receiving one of my Invitation Links?
If you are just a TC member, you’ll receive an email notification any time you earn an MRP Bounty.  If you are an SFI affiliate, you’ll receive that MRP Bounty notification AND also an email notification of any new TC members you’ve referred, as usual.

Special note: If you put out a Friend Challenge and a friend accepts your challenge, you’ll also receive a special “Challenge Accepted” email–which can include comments from your friend.  This notification goes to both SFI affiliates and referring TC members as well.

Q: Which invitation links will be the most effective to use?
That’s difficult to say, but we believe that Friend Challenges could be very effective, if nothing else because they speak to fun and games (everyone likes playing games, especially when it’s free to play) instead of products and purchases.  And we have more games coming soon that will be even more natural for sharing and attracting friends to TripleClicks with.

Q: How does the “Share & Win” for Pricebenders auctions work?
From the Auction Schedule you can refer friends to upcoming auctions.  For example, let’s say you know a friend who’s in the market for a new tablet computer.  With just a click you can generate an Invitation Link that you can provide him/her for an upcoming auction for said item (you’ll earn 45% CV Direct Commissions on any TCredits he/she purchases for bidding in addition to potential W3 benefits).

From any live auction you’ll now see a Share & Win link in the sidebar that you can use.  Note: If your friend uses the link after the auction has ended, they’ll be directed to one of our standard Product Details pages–which includes a schedule of upcoming auctions for that item.

By far the best Pricebenders Invitation Link, however, is the link you’ll earn when you WIN a Pricebenders auction.  When you WIN an auction, the info your friends will see will not only mention your name but also trumpet the product you won, how much you paid for it (the winning price) and the percentage off of the retail price that you saved (e.g. 97%).  These invitations should be VERY compelling!

Special Note: Because Invitation Links are for prospective TC members, Invitation Links are NOT provided when winning SFI items (PSAs, CSA, gift cards, etc.) at Pricebenders.

Q: Are Friend Challenge links available on every game, every time I play?
No, Friend Challenge links must be EARNED.

  • For Gold Streak, you must achieve minimum streak of 6
  • For Knockout Trivia, you must make it to minimum round 5
  • For Card King, you must score at least 610 points
  • For Time Machine, you must win a share of the Time Machine Zackpot
  • For Pick The Price, you must win a share of the PTP Zackpot

Q: How were the requirements determined for earning Friend Challenge links?
For Gold Streak, Card King, and Knockout Trivia, we’re essentially requiring that you post an average to slightly-above average score to earn a link.  For Time Machine and Pick The Price, it was determined that requiring winning a share of the Zackpot was best.

Q: So I can’t refer someone to Time Machine, for example, if I don’t WIN Time Machine?
No.  As always, you can refer anyone to any page at TripleClicks at any time by simply inserting your SFI ID number into the URL (after TripleClicks.com).  The link you provide is just not going to generate the special page that references your name, avatar, etc.

Q: Where will I get the invitation links for Time Machine and Pick The Price since we can’t know if we’ve won until after the entry period has ended?
The Invitation Links (Friend Challenge links) will be located in the emails you receive that confirm winning entries.  Just copy and paste from these emails the links to social media, etc.  This will also apply to winning Pricebenders auctions.  That is, you will receive the special “I won!” Invitation Links in emails we’ll send you to confirm your wins.

Q: I used to get five free TCredits and 50 free MPR every month for being a W3 member.  Do I still get that?
No.  The benefits list has changed.  See: http://www.tripleclicks.com/wave.

Q: What should I do with the W3 decal I have on my car?
That’s up to you.  You can take it off or you may want to keep it on as a conversation-starter for both SFI and TripleClicks.

Q: What if one of my PRMs wants to become an SFI affiliate and earn the Direct Commissions for themselves?
That’s up to you. We essentially don’t ever mention SFI to TC members.  But if you want one of your PRMs to become an affiliate, if they want to be an affiliate, you need only to refer them to www.sfimg.com/convert.  All they have to do is log in using their existing TripleClicks login info and they’ll instantly have SFI affiliate status with all the benefits that come with that.

Q: If a PRM becomes an SFI affiliate, what about any TC members they’ve referred prior to becoming an affiliate?
They remain your PRMs, they do not transfer.  SFI Direct Commissions, etc. will start with NEW referrals they make.

Q: How long are the invitation links good for?
Friend Challenge links (for games) are good for 10 days and then expire.  All other invitation links are good for one year and will reset for another year each time someone signs up from one of these links.

Q: If an invitation link has expired, where would a person using the link wind up?
For expired links, the landing page will be the TripleClicks.com homepage.  From here you would of course still be credited if they become a member, make a purchase, etc.

Q: The 10% Zackpot Match used to be tied to being an EA2.  Has that changed?
Yes, the Zackpot Match is now a benefit exclusively for W3 members.  Your SFI rank no longer qualifies you for this, you must be a W3 member and matches will be earned on your PRMs only.

Q: W3 invitation links are for use with friends only, right?…so what if I want to promote TripleClicks to people who aren’t my friends?
For this, use our standard affiliate links/gateways for TripleClicks.  See marketing methods HERE.  See gateways HERE.

Q: Will there be new marketing aids for the new W3?
Yes, we’ve got a variety of new banners, fliers, etc. coming soon.  Also a brand new X-Card.  Watch for the announcements on these new items.

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New ECA Referral Gateway!

We’re pleased today to announce a brand new gateway for signing up ECAs.


Check it out at:

http://www.tripleclicks.com/XXXXX/ECA        XXXXX = your SFI ID number

Refer companies that sell products to your ECA Gateway.  For each ECA approved, you’ll earn an immediate 100 VP when that ECA lists their first product AND up to 10% of the CV (Commission Volume) on ALL of their sales at TripleClicks–for life! 

For more ECA marketing aids, see:


Learn more about the ECA program at:


For numerous ECA referral tips and ideas, see:


Today’s gateway is just the beginning of numerous improvements and additional marketing aids we’ll be introducing over the coming months.


Forum DiscussionLog in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.