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PTP game is back!

i_contestsPTPWe are pleased today to announce that our popular PTP (Pick The Price) game is back at TripleClicks!  Not only is PTP back, but it’s been completely overhauled to make it more fun to play, fairer, and more rewarding, too!

The basic objective is still the same (predict the final price for an upcoming Pricebenders auction), but the main objective now is about scoring the highest point total for your prediction.  For example, pick the exact winning price and you’ll score 300 points. For each cent you’re off on your prediction (either over OR under), subtract 3 points (maximum 300).


  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $10.00.  You score 300 points.
  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $9.90.  You score 270 points.
  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $10.50.  You score 150 points.
  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $9.05.  You score 15 points.
  • Winning price is $10.00.  You predicted $9.00.  Zero points scored.


Boost your total score further by earning bonus points through Sidekicks.  There are six different Sidekicks available, which not only earn you bonus points to help you win, but make playing PTP more challenging and more fun!  Note that each activation of a Sidekick costs 1 TCredit.


The new PTP has also moved up from a daily Zackpot to a WEEKLY one! That means much bigger shares can be won!

To win a share of the big weekly PTP Zackpot (minimum 1500 TCredits), just post a top 200 score sometime during the week (Monday through Sunday).

  • Of the top 200 scores posted for the week, the top 10 scorers will receive 5 shares of the pot.
  • Entrants with the the next 40 highest scores will receive 3 shares of the pot.
  • Entrants with the 150 next highest scores will receive 1 share.
  • In the case of a tie, the entry with the earliest entry wins.

Note: Having the highest score for an individual auction does NOT assure winning a share of the Zackpot.  It is only the entrants with the top 200 scores overall for the week that qualify for a share of the Zackpot.

Enter as many auctions as you wish (minimum 1 TCredit per entry/auction) with no limit on how many Zackpot shares you can win!  Plus, each entry earns you 5 Member Rewards Points! No purchase necessary to play or win.

For ways to attain TCredits for free game entries, click HERE


  • To help you with your prediction, you’re provided the average winning price AND the average auction length (time) for the last five times the item was auctioned.
  • To prevent a previous form of exploits of PTP and make PTP fair for all, when you go to enter a game, you’ll be presented with a random auction starting soon. However, if you’re not interested in playing PTP for the auction selected at random for you, you will be allowed to skip it and get a different auction (skip up to three auctions a day).
  • The new PTP also brings back PRE-BIDDING for Pricebenders.  That is, a section of the new PTP entry page now includes a section to place pre-bids.  What’s pre-bidding?  You can use pre-bidding to win upcoming auctions that you can’t be present for.  You can set up bids to be placed on your behalf whenever you want (activated when the current auction price hits the amounts you designate). For each of your pre-bids, you’ll also instantly receive 1 VersaPoint as soon as the auction starts (a great way to grab some quick VP!). And, as a special bonus, for every 10 pre-bids, we’ll add a FREE BONUS VP! Example: Place 10 pre-bids and receive 11 VP. Place 20 pre-bids and receive 22 VP. Place 100 total pre-bids and receive 110 VP. And so on.
  • With PTP being a totally different game now, all existing scores are being RESET.  Everyone starts at zero today.  Tip: This is a great opportunity to grab a prestigious PTP Leaderboard badge!
  • Each PTP week runs Monday through Sunday.  Since all PTP entries must, necessarily, be upcoming auctions, this means that entries on Sundays may cross over into the next week’s contest and Zackpot.  For complete clarity and transparency on this, you will find a link on the entry confirmation screen to a ledger of ALL your entries with a designation for which week’s contest each belongs to.

Play PTP now here:


We hope you enjoy the new PTP!

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Gold Streak is back!

h-goldstreak-2We’re happy to announce that our popular Eager Zebra game, Gold Streak, has returned.  You can play Gold Streak now (first two game FREE) at:


Of course, the reason Gold Streak was temporarily offline was because of the recent discovery that one or more persons had cataloged all the winning answers and were selling this information–allowing numerous people to readily cheat and to be essentially unbeatable.

Because there’s no reasonable way to combat cataloging now or in the future, we have been compelled to eliminate the TCredits Zackpot from Gold Streak.  Because there should be little if any interest in cheating to win a game that does not have a financial prize, this levels the playing field–giving everyone the opportunity to win the game, so we hope everyone will try the game again now.

Speaking of winning, we’re now recognizing the top TEN streaks each day (ties included), so you’ll have an even greater opportunity to win now!  Win badges, bragging rights, and compete for the top spots on the three Gold Streak leaderboards:

Also, for each TCredit spent playing Gold Streak, you’ll earn 5 MRP (Member Rewards Points) and one Action VP for each entry where a TCredits is spent (up to 200 AVP monthly for all Eager Zebra games).

Special Note:  For those who had a Streakasphere streak busted when the game was taken offline, your streak has been restored!  You’ll just need to reach the Streakasphere at least once today to maintain your streak.

We realize that many of our Gold Streak fans are disappointed that a Zackpot will no longer be one of the prizes.  We hate it too, but it’s really the only feasible option to keep the game available for play and FAIR for all.  The good news, is we’re getting very close to debuting our latest and greatest new Eager Zebra games.  So, if Gold Streak has lost its allure with you, that’s okay, because multiple new games you’re sure to love are on the horizon!

One more thing:  Since Gold Streak’s debut in September 2014, some have struggled to understand that it is a game about guessing how other people think, and NOT a game based on facts.  To enjoy the game, it’s vital that you understand this distinguishing characteristic.  Also, before playing, we also STRONGLY recommend you review our “tips for winning” article here:


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More winners for Gold Streak!

h-goldstreak-2Effective today, so there can be more daily winners, we are now awarding shares of the Gold Streak daily Zackpot to the top EIGHT longest streaks.

  • All contest entrants with the longest streak for the day will receive 8 shares of the day’s Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the second-longest streak will receive 5 shares of the Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the third-longest streak will receive 4 shares of the Zackpot. 
  • All entrants with the fourth-longest streak will receive 3 shares of the Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the fifth-longest streak will receive 2 share of the Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the sixth– through eighth-longest streak will receive 1 share of the Zackpot.

If you haven’t played our popular Gold Streak game yet, check it out HERE.  Tip: Each play earns you 5 MRP and 1 Action VersaPoint (200 max. Game Action VP/month).  One play of Gold Streak also gets you an entry in new DAILY CROWN drawing.  Each day we draw 152 winners for over $1700 in prizes!

Knockout Trivia’s new daily Zackpot

So that there can be bigger payouts for Knockout Trivia, we’ve made it so there’s now one big daily Zackpot for every winner to share in.

Each Knockout Trivia match winner will receive one share of the daily Zackpot for free entry contests; or two shares of the Zackpot for standard contests; or four shares of the Zackpot for Big Dog contests.  All shares of the daily Zackpot will be awarded shortly after midnight each day.

You’ll also notice a few other changes, such as…

  1. A new, more fun background
  2. A new and improved “Double Down” feature which allows you to double the shares of the Zackpot you’ll receive if you win. Double down for just five TCredits.
  3. Runner-ups now win our new EZ Express tokens instead of TCredits.  Each Knockout Trivia match runner-up will receive two EZ Express tokens for free entry contests; or four EZ Express tokens for standard contests; or eight EZ Express tokens for Big Dog contests.
  4. 30 minutes between games.  We know, for those who want to play often, it seems like a long time, but allowing a few more minutes between games also increases winnings.  Tip: While you’re waiting, play a few games of Gold Streak (or one of the other great games we’ve got coming later this year).

Also, to eliminate a serious exploit–persons recording every question and answer before entering games–questions and answers will now only be revealed to those playing…and those knocked out but who’ve made it to at least the 8th round.

We hope you like the new modifications and be watching for the announcement of another great new Eager Zebra game in a few weeks.

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